February 15, 2007

Bleh, today's Total Defense Day. Sian-ed.

Went to school this morning in home clothes cos` i'll be doing a skit. In case you didn't noticed, i'm the guy in full white when the skit was playing. Anyway, i didn't do much. Then after the skit, i went to the toilet to change back into Scout Full-U. Walao, i was like hot and i'm even hotter in my Scout Full-U.

Went back to class and resumed English test in the later periods. I just don't get it. I always get asleep when there is a test going on. I think there's something wrong with me!

And there's a fire drill around English period too. Kinda tiring. We, guys poor thing sia. Sit on the field then butt like khaki colour. Eeeyuck. Lucky, my pants can camouflage the grass colour.

Went to Singapore Polytechnic after school for a seminar on D&T. Kinda boring and interesting at the same time. Me and my D&T classmates were more like into the speaker's voice instead of the seminar. He speaks kind of weird. Product pronounce as Prodook. LOL!

One last thing, i do not favour ANONYMOUS tags. Either you are trying get my attention or you are just messing around in people's blogs. I've banned you. I would rather you go to a LAN shop or your friend's computer to tell me your true identity. Be it spamming my tagbox or scolding me with my friend's names, i can always make a tagbox. But of course, i would advice you not to do, cos you'll be in deep shit. Period.


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