February 5, 2007

These few days i've spent..
Have been the worst of the worse..

My father went to jail two days ago for god knows what..
Logging competition is just a few days away and Felix aint turning up for practices..
Scouts attendance is like shit..
Unable to finish my homework on time due to lack of study time..
Cannot concentrate in Social Studies and History lessons.. How to pass Humanities?
Maths so poor..
Headache and muscle aches aint recovering..
My hands got blisters..
My eyes are always sore..
I got a freaking damn flu and a fucking running nose..
And my scout patrol members KEEP ON PON SCOUTS..

And i get all the freaking punishment..

C'mon la.. I know life's unfair.. Must it be unfair till that extend?

Man, i feel like i can die anytime..

My head is now spinning and spinning..

One word to describe this..


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