February 26, 2007

Kinda woke up early today. Around 4.30am.. Don't know why thou..
So i just switched on my computer.. And listen music..
Waited for bus at 6am+ and reached school by 6.30am..
What the fark man, why am i doing things faster today?

Assembly started. The parade commander, Kaiyuan, super suave. His commands and his speech while reading out the announcements were very clear.. Thermometer check again. Luckily, i brought mine..

Chinese; the only slack period of mine.
Fark, the teacher wouldn't let me sit down under the fan and do my stuff. If i'm doing my homework, will i even distract the other person? Man, pissed.. FYI, i'm in CLB =PP

Physics; the lesson with no gratitude.
Miss Tay is like, gonna leave the class and let the new teacher take over.. Her name is Miss Leng.. She looks like someone who gets bullied easily.. Think of it for awhile, our class DO get all the best teachers, it's just that you don't treasure them and they feel lousy!

Maths; the doomsday for many.
I got 5/10.. What a close shave.. I went through my paper and i'm suppose to get 3/10. Mr Kung said that he will give marks for minor mistakes like not putting the negative sign etc..

To those who failed the test:
Please do not give up! Don't walk in my footsteps.. I kinda neglected Maths for 3/4 of the year and failed terribly for EOY last year. Mr Kung is a great teacher but you still must endure his scoldings. It's also for your own good yeah. Always learn from mistakes! Correct them and make sure you do not commit the same mistakes again!

Social Studies; the most neglected subject ever.
I guess i'll have to do self-study on my own for SS. The teacher doesn't seem to give me any knowledge of SS..

Recess; the daily routine!
Played basketball with Hock Zheng, Peng Zhen and many others. Sweat like mad yeah. Very fun indeed! =D

English; the most interesting of them all.
Fark this man, Mr Tan is leaving us too. Fark fark fark.. He's like, the best English teacher i have ever had. Miss Edna Yap was also one of my fave English teachers but she's out of school.. Fark man, why the class don't want to treasure Mr Tan.. I just don't get it..

Reading; havoc time!
Well, needless to say. It's really pointless to have a reading period. Well, i do read my novels at home. Many people during reading periods are basically just slacking their asses and playing around. I wish this period can be removed and put other subjects in it. I rather improve on my studies than improve in my speech yeah.

Went home straight away after i eaten lunch.

My mother had bought me the mp3 and a new watch!
Yeah, i loved her very much..
Ever since my father left me when i'm young, she's the only person i ever doted on.

Anyway, i've to go now.

All the best for tomorrow's REAL Maths test!
I'm also studying right now! =DD


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