September 30, 2009


Hey you readers! I apologise for taking a break from blogging..

Well, there's not much to say.. Mainly, life after the holidays was pretty much, crazy. After much meddling with Facebook, I found out truly, who are my friends and who are not. It was disheartening but I had to do it. You know, it doesn't really pay to be kind. You get all these shitty returns for what you have done for them. The worst thing is, they don't recognise your efforts. I'm not saying that we should be recognised for every single deed we done, but the least they could do is at least stop being ignorant. I also hate it when people do not say, "Thank you" or whatever after you helped them. It's a simple thing really, but still, basic manners!

4 weeks to sacrifice, and I'll have 3-4 months of gaming! Isn't that awesome? I finally stopped gaming today. Yesterday, I was still playing, and I thought, "I must be out of my mind..". So I started compiling all my notes, so that I'll have an easier time! It sucks to live so far away from school, I wanted to stay at school longer, but 5 pm onwards, buses get really crammed.

Tomorrow's October already. How time flies..

I learned a new quote from a friend of mine!

"Before you start whining about your problem, think of compassion." - Erin Lau

She was rather angry today.. Cus her boyfriend was complaining of the food in a particular restaurant. I guess that's how she came up with the quote.. Haha! Chill Erin!

Well, I'm done!
Good night and peace out!

September 29, 2009

Reopening soon.

Gonna open the blog again after a few more days!

September 9, 2009


Blog on hiatus until further notice.
Might be the last.. I don't know.


September 6, 2009

Worst Sunday evar.

My maid had to attend the church today.. So I was busy doing household chores.

Only then I realize after I finished all my chores how lonely I am. I tried sleeping, but couldn't. I tried playing computer games, but lost my interest soon after. It was so darn boring, with no one to talk to. I logged into MSN, but I couldn't find a person to chat with. So far, the best chat I had was with Muhib, because he's a gamer and I'm one too so there's that common topic to chat about.

The next thing I did was read blogs. Most were dead, most were not interesting and only a handful were engaging. Gosh, that can't even occupy my afternoon. So I started studying, and again, stopped. I have no interest in studying now because I told myself, that I'll start when Monday arrives. I was bored, for the whole afternoon. Then I decided to mod my game, which is The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion, but the download speeds for the mods were so crappy, I jizzed.

This had to be one of my most bored Sundays ever.. I tried calling some friends. Erin had to go out with her boyfriend. Justin had to repair his XBOX 360 at some distant shop.. I logged into Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare's multiplayer, and I got owned like crazy. I even went to search for more household chores to perform but can't find any. MMORPGs.. Argh, don't even talk about them, they had never made my day ever since extremists started popping out from nowhere.

I gave up and just went down to chill out. Gosh, what's happening to me?

I thought about lots of stuff. I still owe Mum $80 for buying Diskeeper (A defragment program for computers) and $20 for Atlantica Online (I bought it for fun). I have $50 with me now, I still have to trim my hair for $7 at the neighborhood barber. I think I'll return her money at the end of this month. I thought about love (Lol, seriously). I seriously think I'm desperate for love (Not sex). I just want to love someone, care for someone and buy gifts for her. But before that, I think there's is something wrong with me.. Maybe that thick tyre and a pair of male boobs? LOL.

Then I thought about Prom Night. The thought about attending a formal occasion sends shivers down my spine. I don't know what to wear! I wanted to wear a pair of dark jeans, a dark shirt with sleeves and white leather shoes. I have to purchase a belt as well.. It sucks when you don't go out often and always wearing the same sets everytime. If only secondary school here is like high school in the US. That would totally rock.

After all that thoughts.. I just walked around. Nothing much, no clouds, nothing. It was so damp and cold that it seemed like I'm in a post-apocalyptic age. Talk about Fallout 3.. Damn, I hope our future isn't like that.. I walked up thinking how my maid would be doing. She's still so weak, yet she has to send money to her family in Manila and then attend church. She went home early, feeling dizzy as usual. But she's stronger than ever!

Facebook is also rather boring now.. That's nothing much to do though.. Doing quizzes most of the time, posting my status (And nobody really gives a damn..) and accepting friend requests. I logged into Friendster, and it's pretty much dead. Then now, I'm watching Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle on Channel 5, which I watched like umpteen times..

MAN.. The most boring Sunday I ever had.

Good night and peace out!

September 5, 2009

Can't sleep.

Yeah, I can't sleep.
A lot's been bugging me lately.
I shall use this September holiday to regain my composure.
Heh heh.

But.. Don't you think that for the rest of our lives, we'll be packed with work all day long? Think about it, if you're a male, you have to be the sole breadwinner of the family and work your butt off every single day and maybe spend the weekend with your family. If you're a female, you either work or care. Unless you have a child, you'll be working as well. So it's likewise for male and female. So the only period where we can enjoy life to the fullest is after our retirement. Life is weird, really.

Still, you have to be happy with what you are doing. As long as you love your job, nothing matters right? Haha..

I always wonder what the future holds for me.. Will we be living in a robotic and futuristic world, where traditions are vanished, humans evolved into cyborgs. I do not want that kind of life. Somehow, I feel that technology is advancing way too fast. I would rather stick to traditions, than rely on robots all day long. The fruits of hardwork is always sweet!

I have yet to travel.. I want to explore mother nature and its beautiful landscapes.. One day, maybe..

Oh if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do.. It's below.

Good morning (Haha..) and peace out.

September 4, 2009

Stressful week ahead!

So.. Term 3 has ended. I never expected it to be so soon. I'm finally gonna take my O levels in a month's time. Time had been a bitch. Simply put, time was insufficient. I have yet to brush up on my Humanities, Maths and Chemistry. I have no problems with the rest, just those 3. Gonna exercise as well, to try and lose as much pounds I can before the prom night. Btw, I know it's unusual of me to say this, but if anyone needs a studying partner (Although I'm not much of a help, cus I suck at those 3), please hit me up. Preferably afternoon till night. I'm a quiet guy so you can ensure silence. (Of course, if you have no interest in revision, don't bother asking me out)

Alright. Enough of that.

I had my English papers today. Paper 1 was so-so. The questions were suitable for my current situation, and I chose question 1, which was a personal recount (One of my favorite questions). I had a lot to write for this question, which resulted me writing 679 words. It's my first time writing and exceeding the word count range. I don't know whether I'll get penalized for it but I certainly put in my 100%. Situational writing was a change.. The format was in speech form. I was glad, because I was left with so little time and my hands were aching badly. I managed to finish both sections in time, I did a word count but did not have enough time to scan for errors. Oh well..

Headed up to the library for a lil chill out session, only to realised that I was a few minutes late for the next paper. I'm sure I was not informed that the paper will start at 10.20am, maybe I was sleeping. Paper 2 was a pain in the ass. I managed to answer all the questions, but I'm certain I'll fail paper 2 ONCE AGAIN. I wrote my summary, in a rather robotic response. Once again and again, insufficient time for checking right after I finished my summary. Sucks to be me, right?

Went back home for a lil afternoon nap. I remembered what Mrs Benjamin told the class during the workshop. That if you took afternoon naps, you're most likely to fall asleep during that period of time. Having heard that, I took my final afternoon nap. I decided, NO AFTERNOON NAPS THIS HOLIDAY! I hope to abide by it.. Sheesh.

I'm done here.

Good night and peace out!

September 3, 2009

Lucky? Or not lucky?

Happy Birthday Jiemin! Best wishes and best of luck for your O levels!

Anyway.. Back to today.

I was waiting for a bus for like 20 minutes. It was really long and the bus stop was accumulating numbers. The first bus came, and guess what. I was left behind! I have no choice, because if I waited for another bus to arrive, it would be 10 pm already. As you see, taking buses isn't easy, and there's only like a 20% chance that you'll be left behind (Like me). I had to take a cab instead. The cab fare costs a whooping $9, inclusive of some peak hour charges, and it should be around $10. Seriously, I should start taking the MRT whenever there's a time constrain. And great, there goes my weekly pocket money. Oh well, life's like that. But on the bright side, I had a great chat with the cab uncle and he gave me some encouragement for my upcoming examinations! How nice!

Today was my combined science practical. I have to admit, it was pretty hard. The Physics practical was a bit tough to understood at first, and I took quite a while. It has a similar concept to what I done in the past, with some alterations. I already lost a mark, because I forgotten to leave my recordings in 3 significant figures. I might get dissed by Mr Chan again, who knows, like that time during the single period Physics, I got dissed because I drew the wrong axis. It was embarrassing and not to mention, people around me were laughing. It's probably a tactic used so that you'll never commit the same mistake again. Somehow, I did it again. >_>

Chemistry practical was alright. It's straightforward, it's only that I can't answer the theory questions. Other than that, it was fine. I went out of the lab looking like some guy who failed his O levels.. Rofl.

Went for the English workshop after my lunch. Communication failure, because some people told me it was 12 noon, and some 12.30 pm. As usual, her lesson was awesome. This is what life should be about, fun and laughter. But I was so tired after that. Maybe the laughter was too epic for me..

Went home after that.

Alright, I'm done!

Good night and peace out!