September 30, 2009


Hey you readers! I apologise for taking a break from blogging..

Well, there's not much to say.. Mainly, life after the holidays was pretty much, crazy. After much meddling with Facebook, I found out truly, who are my friends and who are not. It was disheartening but I had to do it. You know, it doesn't really pay to be kind. You get all these shitty returns for what you have done for them. The worst thing is, they don't recognise your efforts. I'm not saying that we should be recognised for every single deed we done, but the least they could do is at least stop being ignorant. I also hate it when people do not say, "Thank you" or whatever after you helped them. It's a simple thing really, but still, basic manners!

4 weeks to sacrifice, and I'll have 3-4 months of gaming! Isn't that awesome? I finally stopped gaming today. Yesterday, I was still playing, and I thought, "I must be out of my mind..". So I started compiling all my notes, so that I'll have an easier time! It sucks to live so far away from school, I wanted to stay at school longer, but 5 pm onwards, buses get really crammed.

Tomorrow's October already. How time flies..

I learned a new quote from a friend of mine!

"Before you start whining about your problem, think of compassion." - Erin Lau

She was rather angry today.. Cus her boyfriend was complaining of the food in a particular restaurant. I guess that's how she came up with the quote.. Haha! Chill Erin!

Well, I'm done!
Good night and peace out!

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