September 3, 2009

Lucky? Or not lucky?

Happy Birthday Jiemin! Best wishes and best of luck for your O levels!

Anyway.. Back to today.

I was waiting for a bus for like 20 minutes. It was really long and the bus stop was accumulating numbers. The first bus came, and guess what. I was left behind! I have no choice, because if I waited for another bus to arrive, it would be 10 pm already. As you see, taking buses isn't easy, and there's only like a 20% chance that you'll be left behind (Like me). I had to take a cab instead. The cab fare costs a whooping $9, inclusive of some peak hour charges, and it should be around $10. Seriously, I should start taking the MRT whenever there's a time constrain. And great, there goes my weekly pocket money. Oh well, life's like that. But on the bright side, I had a great chat with the cab uncle and he gave me some encouragement for my upcoming examinations! How nice!

Today was my combined science practical. I have to admit, it was pretty hard. The Physics practical was a bit tough to understood at first, and I took quite a while. It has a similar concept to what I done in the past, with some alterations. I already lost a mark, because I forgotten to leave my recordings in 3 significant figures. I might get dissed by Mr Chan again, who knows, like that time during the single period Physics, I got dissed because I drew the wrong axis. It was embarrassing and not to mention, people around me were laughing. It's probably a tactic used so that you'll never commit the same mistake again. Somehow, I did it again. >_>

Chemistry practical was alright. It's straightforward, it's only that I can't answer the theory questions. Other than that, it was fine. I went out of the lab looking like some guy who failed his O levels.. Rofl.

Went for the English workshop after my lunch. Communication failure, because some people told me it was 12 noon, and some 12.30 pm. As usual, her lesson was awesome. This is what life should be about, fun and laughter. But I was so tired after that. Maybe the laughter was too epic for me..

Went home after that.

Alright, I'm done!

Good night and peace out!

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