September 6, 2009

Worst Sunday evar.

My maid had to attend the church today.. So I was busy doing household chores.

Only then I realize after I finished all my chores how lonely I am. I tried sleeping, but couldn't. I tried playing computer games, but lost my interest soon after. It was so darn boring, with no one to talk to. I logged into MSN, but I couldn't find a person to chat with. So far, the best chat I had was with Muhib, because he's a gamer and I'm one too so there's that common topic to chat about.

The next thing I did was read blogs. Most were dead, most were not interesting and only a handful were engaging. Gosh, that can't even occupy my afternoon. So I started studying, and again, stopped. I have no interest in studying now because I told myself, that I'll start when Monday arrives. I was bored, for the whole afternoon. Then I decided to mod my game, which is The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion, but the download speeds for the mods were so crappy, I jizzed.

This had to be one of my most bored Sundays ever.. I tried calling some friends. Erin had to go out with her boyfriend. Justin had to repair his XBOX 360 at some distant shop.. I logged into Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare's multiplayer, and I got owned like crazy. I even went to search for more household chores to perform but can't find any. MMORPGs.. Argh, don't even talk about them, they had never made my day ever since extremists started popping out from nowhere.

I gave up and just went down to chill out. Gosh, what's happening to me?

I thought about lots of stuff. I still owe Mum $80 for buying Diskeeper (A defragment program for computers) and $20 for Atlantica Online (I bought it for fun). I have $50 with me now, I still have to trim my hair for $7 at the neighborhood barber. I think I'll return her money at the end of this month. I thought about love (Lol, seriously). I seriously think I'm desperate for love (Not sex). I just want to love someone, care for someone and buy gifts for her. But before that, I think there's is something wrong with me.. Maybe that thick tyre and a pair of male boobs? LOL.

Then I thought about Prom Night. The thought about attending a formal occasion sends shivers down my spine. I don't know what to wear! I wanted to wear a pair of dark jeans, a dark shirt with sleeves and white leather shoes. I have to purchase a belt as well.. It sucks when you don't go out often and always wearing the same sets everytime. If only secondary school here is like high school in the US. That would totally rock.

After all that thoughts.. I just walked around. Nothing much, no clouds, nothing. It was so damp and cold that it seemed like I'm in a post-apocalyptic age. Talk about Fallout 3.. Damn, I hope our future isn't like that.. I walked up thinking how my maid would be doing. She's still so weak, yet she has to send money to her family in Manila and then attend church. She went home early, feeling dizzy as usual. But she's stronger than ever!

Facebook is also rather boring now.. That's nothing much to do though.. Doing quizzes most of the time, posting my status (And nobody really gives a damn..) and accepting friend requests. I logged into Friendster, and it's pretty much dead. Then now, I'm watching Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle on Channel 5, which I watched like umpteen times..

MAN.. The most boring Sunday I ever had.

Good night and peace out!

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