January 28, 2009



Chinese New Year is over, or NOT. Yeah, I heard the it has a duration of a week before it ends, so.. it's not over! The past few days, to be honest, I'm quite anti-social, like what Chester said. I always place myself into Weihong's room and just surf the internet. I always refused to interact with others. Yep, once again, it's that language barrier. I'm bad in Chinese and unable to speak any of their languages. I can speak a few Chinese lines, but not fluently. I'm only good in English..

Hopefully in the next year, I could put in some effort into polishing up my Chinese, since most of my relatives are Chinese. It would be a disgrace if I, myself as a Chinese, cannot speak fluently. I'll fucking tolerate any comments about my Chinese, used to it but still adds on to my bottle of frustration. Enough of that..

For the past two days, I have accumulated $400+ from all the red packets I've opened. It's a whole damn lot more compared to last year's. I decided to deposit $200 into my bank account, $100 to my mother (I owed her money, lol) and the rest to myself to settle! Might purchase some clothes, a game and most importantly, get a new pair of spectacles. YES, my spectacles are 3 years old and the nose supports are falling apart, lenses are loose and scratches here and there. I might purchase a medium-thick frame pair..

Today's school was truly, a bore.

The only period I enjoyed today was Physics and least enjoyable was CD. Now, I have to say that practically every CD period, ended up in failures. Occasionally, it ends happily, but frequently, angrily. I'm pretty sure there's a reason why we pay attention in Mr Kung's, Mr Chan's, Mr Tan's periods. They love to add humour at a time of seriousness. Nothing more than a joke to liven up the workaholic mood during their periods.

Ironically, Ms Pang's, Mr Leong's periods are more of negative lectures, scoldings etc. Most would probably think that they are loudmouths (something like nagging etc). I partially agree. In my honest opinions, sensitivity is a big issue. Minimal comments while teaching is alright I suppose. I know that most teachers want their students to be compassionate, to be in their shoes and understand what's going on. I feel that while teaching, if people aren't paying any attention to your lesson, just ignore them. Eventually, they'll get bored and sleep, and on the plus side, you still can continue teaching those who are interested. Reprimanding the whole class is a big no-no, it injects more hatred into them and uninvited comments may start pouring in.

Those are my 2 cents.

To end it off.. The History AP today, was a bore.. bore.. bore.. BORE. I can't believe I patiently waited after school all the way till 3.50 pm for this P.O.S. Alright, sorry for the harsh comments, but frankly speaking, I want Mr Gary Lam back, sounds impossible. He's the only History teacher whom I can depend on. He only taught me for a year and left the school already.

Well, I'm done for today.. Dead tired.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Good afternoon!

I'm currently at my cousin's house and using his computer! Man, this afternoon, I'm really, really, full. I ate lots of noodles, drumsticks and drank lots of green tea. I'm feeling kinda bloated now..

I have received lots of red packets as well, it seems that I received more than the past few years. Everyone in Toa Payoh (the first meeting place) were lively and friendly. I don't know why they treated me so nicely, but whatever it is, they have good hospitality. I always felt welcomed, but somehow, I always hold back to their kindness.. No idea why.

I have no idea why I always felt nervous and sweat a lot, but I guess it's my bad habit. Old habits die hard, I guess. I had a friend once who sweat at ROOM TEMPERATURE. I have no idea, and occasionally, he sweats profusely at air-conditioned rooms. I remembed calling him "horse" because he looks like one, hahaha!

I guess that's it for today. It's around 4.30pm now, and tomorrow I have to visit another relative's house. So much for holidays huh..

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 24, 2009


Just wanna thank everyone who wrote birthday comments on Friendster and Facebook, Tajinder, Vera, Fengying, Juihao!

..everyone who wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 23th! Asha, Siraj, Hock Zheng, Zhixun and forgotten who else.. Sorry!

..everyone who SMSed me! Hock Zheng, Justin, Winston and Jiemin!

..everyone who gave me presents, Mum, Dad, Fengying's Mum, Rachel, Hock Zheng, Chungaik, Mengci! (I think that's all, if your name was supposed to be here, please acknowledge!)

..everyone who was present when I was getting mashed.. LOL. Mun Tat (Mastermind!), Beng Shiang, Kenneth, Kai Jie, Tajinder and anybody who was at the toilet that time! I smelled like rotten cheese.. Eeew.

..everyone who commented on my 24th Jan post! Shunhui and some person named PINNG, no idea who, no blog as well, but I appreciate it!

..everyone who gave me presents and greetings in Granado Espada! Erin, Melvin, Weiyang and Justin again! (100m z0mgwtfuxx)

Once again, THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING. Every single little thing counts!

Till then, enjoy your Chinese New Year, hope you'll receive lots of red packets and may God bless you!

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to..


I'm quite busy today, cleaning with houses, helping my mum, collecting overseas parcels.

Please post your birthday comments!


January 20, 2009

Fly me to the moon..

Good evening.

Such a warm day.. I kept sneezing throughout the day, annoying as hell. The irony is that I don't get all these symptoms at home, but at school only. It all seems as if the school is bugged or something..

To start it off.. It seems that I love taking bus rides, might be because of her. Yeah, talking about her.. She stood next to me again. Jeez, I was damn nervous. It was one of the occasional moments when she was literally CLOSE to me. Nervous as hell, I clutched onto my bag tightly and started blushing, wishing that she wasn't looking at my pathetic situation. Fuck, I'm such a weakling when it comes to women.. *sweats*

The occasional crescent shaped moon, in the school arena.

Although it wasn't a shooting star, I wished for something. That me and the girl I met in the bus would enter the same Polytechnic after I graduated. *crosses fingers*

The English lecture, was alright. Lots of useful information.

Mun Tat didn't came to school today.. So I was damn bored during D&T, with no one to talk to. At least, Zul made everyone laugh with something he said, haha.

The rest of the day were plain boring. I would rather take down notes.. Then having to listen someone talk for 2 periods straight.

After I went home, went with my maid to purchase groceries. Damn, I was carrying 4 bags of necessities and a sack of 10kg rice on my shoulders. Seriously, if I ran everyday with 2 sacks of 10kg rice on my shoulders, I'll slim down within a month, and maybe carry 2 girls on my shoulders like Hulk Hogan, ROFLMAO.

And Katherine bought me and my family DONUTS!

New box design.


Well, that's all for today.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 19, 2009

Tiring day.

I felt rather forgetful at times, like for example, today. I collected the maths books from Mr Kung's locker, and ran back. Somehow, I can't think properly. My mind was filled with other thoughts.. I ended up getting a bit embarrassed in class, but I still kept a smile!

I honestly hate infatuation.. But, I got infatuated once again. There was this girl who had been taking the same bus with me for 2 years straight. Guess what, she's from St Margarets as well (Same school as her.. Oh well). She looked pretty ordinary, with her hair tied up and still looking pretty. There's something about her which attracts me though.. She just looks cool. Heh, weird huh? She wears this black jacket on her everyday, carries her books with both of her arms. I don't know why, when she looked at me in my face, I just blushed. Luckily, I didn't show my chili red cheeks.. Nowadays, I just looked away to another direction when she's standing next to me.

Still, infatuation is bad.. It leads to unwanted hatred. I guess all I can wish for is her to be happy, because she looks pretty depressed nowadays. I guess she's taking her O levels this year too, because she was holding some O level textbooks. We might meet again someday, just that now, I hadn't acquired enough courage and confidence to court her. Besides, I'm taking my O levels this year, so I should devote my time to revision. Love can start in Polytechnic :)

I hope that even this big fat ogre still gets some love from others, haha!

Speaking about studies..
So far, I have failed the current English comprehension, 10/25. I was bad in the comprehension from the start, so no doubt about that. I excel in Paper 1, which is Composition and Situational Writing. Somehow, I have a gut feeling that I'll fail the Paper 1 too. The topics were just perculiar, I racked my brains on which topic to attempt for well around 15 minutes. I just detest wasting time..

Also, I'm only going for Humanties and Maths AP (Hopefully, I need to buck up for Maths). I have no problems in Science already, been studying it during the holidays too. Practicals are kinda easy, so no problem on that. I just need to speak more English, write more and revise on my tenses, nouns etc. I have no more CLB this year, thus I can devote more time into perfecting my English.

My new targets!
  • English - A2
  • Maths - A1
  • Science - A2
  • Humanites - B4 or C5
  • D&T - A1 or A2
So totaling it up, it would be a range from 10-12 points. It will be hard, definitely. I'm gonna attend more AP if needed. Don't hate me when I get silent on you, it's just that I'm concentrating since I can't multi-task.

And finally.. My birthday. To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to my birthday. I just had to wash more clothes on the 23rd. Since I reached the age of 18, people will mostly be using me to buy alcohol, oh well.

Alright, I'm done blogging.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 18, 2009

I'm getting better..

Good afternoon!

I'm finally getting better! I feel that I could do so much things.. I guess runny nose really drains your energy by a lot. I finished all my homework, and pimped up my desktop as usual..

Paramore <3

See the icons bar? The long stretchy bar which contains all the icons horizontally? It's called RocketDock, a free utility for easy 1-click-execute to programs. It allows you to flaunt your desktop and of course, make it look more neat.

For those who wants to try it out, here's the website -> Click!

It's recommended for faster and stable computers. It worked on my 512MB RAM and Intel Extreme Graphics Card CPU, so most likely, it should work flawlessly on 512MB RAM computers. It's no spyware or virus, completely free software. Enjoy :)

I think I'm done for today.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

January 15, 2009


Emphasis = CRAZY.

Yeah, the past 2 days were crazy. Crazily fun, crazily horrible.

First off, this picture pretty much sums up how bad my runny nose is. Might visit a doctor during weekends.. It's really damn annoying.

A day's consumption. Rofl.

I don't know whether.. I should apply for a CCA again. Of course, I won't go back to Scouts.. Would probably join Volleyball or Badminton, since I'm only good at those sports. Basketball too, but I guess it's rather late for me to join and besides, I'm fat and less agile than other seasoned players. I'll see about it.. The extra CCA points would help me a lot.

Today was a bore, seriously, especially the assembly talk.
Haven't the school heard enough of the word, "Discipline" already?

Then came the emergency evacuation plan, thermometer reminders.. Just when we thought it's ending, Mr Auyong came and gave a rather boring lecture.. I felt really sleepy, because most of the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. Ironically, if Mrs Tan came and gave us a lecture, I would be paying attention because she's a really good talker. Went home after all that.

Yesterday's Physics lesson was simply, one of the best lessons I ever had. Although we were sweating under the hot, scorching sun, it was kinda fun to burn dried leaves with convex lens. Then ran up to the laboratory because Mr Chan would've add 30 minutes extra for those attending the CDC if they were behind him, haha.

Well, I'm done for today.

Just feeling rather sad nowadays. I know I'm fat, big and stuffs like that, but did they have to treat me like toxic? It's like if they touch my shirt, they would get blasted into kingdom come or if they breathe the same air as me, they would die of poison gas. What's wrong with people nowadays, do I look like I'll bite, crunch, scratch or bark?

Pretty much, it sucks to be John, and you do not want to be like him. Ever. Especially with his runny nose which makes you spray fluid from your nose..

I need to sleep now, I'm tired from all the sneezing and ugh..

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 12, 2009



It's almost midnight now.. It's been days since I updated. I'm kinda losing my mood to blog nowadays. I always lose interest after typing a few paragraphs. Examination sickness? Nah, that can't be.. O levels are like 8 months away. Fuck, can't be too complacent now..

Today was the O levels results release. I was glad to hear that CLB had 100% passes! Which means, I'm definitely taking only 5 subjects this year! The part of the release which scares me a little is the duration you have to wait before the release. I don't know why we have to wait so long, it's like Cambridge is playing mind games with us. People cried, acting all paranoid and just plain depressed.

Congratulations to all who obtained wonderful results, and to those aren't satisfied with theirs, good luck, hopefully there's a course in Polytechnics eligible for you. Never give up! Now it's my.. oops, our turn to make history. I hope so, I'm wishing for 100% pass in English!

Also.. Today was Boys' Brigade day, the underrated uniform group in the school. Don't judge them by their cover, I just felt they could pack a punch if they trained more in their footdrill (Sigh, reminiscing the days I suffered punishments during footdrill trainings in Scouts). Zhao Liang was lucky to escape pledge taking today, lmao. I was never lucky in the past 2 years, having taken the pledge 3 times already.. Rofl.

Surprisingly, the pledge taking today was pretty loud. While it's not an official *inserts uniform group name here* Day, everyone seems to tone down. How ironic.

So the whole day was boring, since the main highlight for today is the O levels results release. One more thing, I hate groupwork. Mr Leong teaches well, I have to admit. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't get a Grade 5 for Combined Humanities. All is well except him organising groupwork. Our class is notorious for talkers, and grouping a group of close friends would invite chit-chat. As much as I hate doing groupwork, I have no choice, he's the teacher, I'm the student and I respect authority rights.

I'm done for the night.. I'm dead beat.
Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

*seriously? don't wait. take the initiative!*

January 8, 2009

Runny nose.

I had a runny nose. It's pretty annoying. You're blowing fluid out of your nose, like a buffalo. Then, your nose gets sore and itchy. I just took two tabs of Panadol Cold and hopefully by tomorrow, all will be well..

Since I need to sleep soon.. I shall post some Celestial Destroyer screenies. Advertisements of this game were shown on TV.


Beautiful lake and sky!

More sceneries.


This double-bladed weapon is the reason I joined the Ghost Lord clan!

Enjoying the scene.

I'm done for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

January 7, 2009

Oh Snap!

Just as I was heading home after a ride in bus 131, I forgotten to bring the Maths exercise books into Mr Kung's locker. Oh Snap! I'm rather forgetful nowadays.. Fortunately, Mr Kung isn't teaching for the next two days or so. He claimed that he's having an ACE camp, with God-knows-who. I guess I'll bring the books over to his locker, ASAP during recess..

I haven't had homework (Except for the English holiday homework, which I would not count) for the past 4 days, including today. The students from 5A already had quite a pile. I don't know what is this feeling that urks me.. My computer addiction is lessening unexpectedly. I even started reading up (Or rather.. catching up, because of the holidays) all of the past year's studies. Maybe I'm paranoid, I don't know. This might actually be a good thing!

I need to jog too.. The school shirt is getting tighter, and it feels uncomfortable. I definitely do not want to run during recess, it tires me out and I'm afraid it might affect me during the periods after it. I might jog in the evening, before I sleep, and feel the cool evening breeze.. Phew.

I'm also beginning to talk lesser.. During the period when Ms Pang reallocated our seats via height differences, I wanted to sit near the windows on the left. It seemed like a rather popular seat for some people.. All I wanted to do is just daze at the clouds, like the boring person I am. Well, clouds reminds of someone too.. Unfortunately, I did not get the seat, oh well.

A video to make you laugh. (Bruce Almighty scene, LOL)

I'm done for today..
Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day. Sometimes, I just prefer to be left alone :)

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 6, 2009

A day gone horribly wrong?

Well, a day gone horribly wrong. Why? To start it off, my first two periods was English. This year, Tuesday's English lessons (I think?) are to be conducted in the AVA room, as a lecture. So, we do not need to bring our books for class. It started well, with Mr Siew lecturing us. He's quite a cool guy actually, though can be rather firm verbally at times. It was all well, until at the midst of the lesson ending, some dude willingly added a "NOT" into "I CAN''.

When that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse.

Mr Siew got frustrated, not through his appearance. He looks quite calm, but we know he's fuming inside. That culprit did not own up his mistake, which made the whole class a ghost town. Great, just when I was enjoying the lecture.. I mean, what's wrong with owning up. It's an act of honesty, it doesn't brings you to hell and even get praised for being honest (EVEN though you done something wrong). I doubt that culprit went to look for Mr Tan today. I'll see what happens tomorrow then. They might let go of this matter, I think..

Still, what a bad way to start the morning.

With that done, we still had 15-20 minutes of English left. We ended up returning to our classrooms instead of continuing the lecture. We might not even get a lecture in the future, thanks to that whoever. Mr Tan took over English and requested the culprit to own up to him after school, which I doubt he will.

After all that, me and Mun Tat headed for the D&T room. The whole 3 periods were just full of slack in between. The O level project theme has yet to arrive, so we can't continue. We just had some theory lessons. To be honest, theory lessons are just boring. I don't like it when teachers just read everything from a textbook and expect every student to be absorb the facts. Some practicals would be fine, but no. Especially if the teacher speaks in a monotone, it makes you sleepy. An alternative for sleeping pills huh?

After D&T was Maths! <- Yep, an exclaimation mark for KUDOS!
Mr Kung was awesome, seriously. At least, we started work already. I can't stand slacking around, doing nothing and waiting for the day to end. I need some homework! I need some stress! 9 months is all I have, and it's way too short. Other people may think otherwise, but I still feel that having your own opinion is the way to go.

I recall Mr Kung saying that a individual cannot survive alone. I have to agree with that. Teamwork might seem a bit vague for 5B. The class, 5B is more of a spilted class than a merged one. Since it's only the third of school, we might need some time to get along. But my gut feeling tells me that more bad events will happen in the future.. Screw you, gut feelings.

Recess was next. Boring shit.

The next 3 periods were pathetic. Plain pathetic. Old habits die hard eh? Even without Ms Foo, the class still seems as "lively" as ever. I seriously need to pass Humanities. Grade 5 for N level for me is bad. It might be a fluke. With no choices left, group studies or self studies might the way to go. Oh those goddamn mouths keep opening.

After school, our seating arrangement changed. Well, if we were to keep to our arrangements, it could be a miracle. This time, maybe. The new arrangement seems promising enough. As for me, I'll always be the same. Whichever seat I'm at, I'll stay with it till it gets changed.

That's me.

Woah, this might be the longest post I written in a long time. That's Mr Typealot for you!

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

January 4, 2009

Before I sleep..

Well, good evening!

First off, I apologize for not replying tags. It's just a part of me which is lazy. I'll TRY to be active in replying..

I have trouble sleeping, I hope I'm not having insomnia or something.. So I decided to blog.

The weekend was fun, I was playing with Justin and some of his friends in Call of Duty 4's Multiplayer. It was truly fun, reminiscing the Tuesdays in LAN shops with Derrick, Kenneth and Mun Tat (Occasionally, Hock Zheng and Chungaik tagged too *grins*). For the first time, I played a Shipment FFA (Free-For-All, exactly like Deathmatch) in a full room! It was fun fragging each other's butts and I'm the top fragger! Old days are so fun..

Of course, I need to play less and work more. O levels, dude, O LEVELS. That one ticket to the Polytechnic of my dreams, training for Games/Graphic design.. I wish the days would past by quickly. I just detest having to sit for written examinations all over again.

Everyone has changed.. A new year, a new game? LOL. Maybe everyone matured, yeah, that could be it. Ah well, it has to happen one day right? To think that I was still thinking of the past, thinking of the unity we had! Man, those days were the best. Still, all good things come to an end. Whatever it is, I hope everyone carries their memories wherever you go. High School a.k.a Secondary, like most people said, carries our most precious and unforgettable memories. Believe it or not.

My only wish for this year, is to get good quality grades to enter my design course, have an informal class photo shoot for keepsake and attend graduation night, where we all bid our goodbyes and adios to each other. Simple but fascinating.

Ah, all these words are making me sleep! Maybe a new way for me to get sleepy? Haha!

Alright then, till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

January 2, 2009

First day of school.

Good evening! It's a wonderful day right?

I purchased a new computer. It's rocking hard now! Just a preview of it..

Lawl, widescreen pwns.

Anyway.. About today, there isn't much to do. We were supposed to create a PLACE (Positive Learning And *something*), so much shortforms nowadays..

So.. I volunteered for the Maths representative role, since I was one for Mr Kung last year.

Yeah, I'm finally in Secondary 5, after retaining in Secondary 3 and going against most obstacles. I even managed to pass my Humanities! How awesome yo. Right now, my class is a merged group consisting of students from my class and 4E. The class size got bigger, some may think that a bigger class size would lessen concentration for those who want to study. I don't know yet, I shall see in the upcoming week.

I was expecting lots of AP too, but the time table didn't show much.

*crosses my fingers, hoping that my class would maneuver smoothly to the O levels!*

Well, I'm done for today. Back to playing more Atlantica, might post a video of the gameplay soon!

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!