January 12, 2009



It's almost midnight now.. It's been days since I updated. I'm kinda losing my mood to blog nowadays. I always lose interest after typing a few paragraphs. Examination sickness? Nah, that can't be.. O levels are like 8 months away. Fuck, can't be too complacent now..

Today was the O levels results release. I was glad to hear that CLB had 100% passes! Which means, I'm definitely taking only 5 subjects this year! The part of the release which scares me a little is the duration you have to wait before the release. I don't know why we have to wait so long, it's like Cambridge is playing mind games with us. People cried, acting all paranoid and just plain depressed.

Congratulations to all who obtained wonderful results, and to those aren't satisfied with theirs, good luck, hopefully there's a course in Polytechnics eligible for you. Never give up! Now it's my.. oops, our turn to make history. I hope so, I'm wishing for 100% pass in English!

Also.. Today was Boys' Brigade day, the underrated uniform group in the school. Don't judge them by their cover, I just felt they could pack a punch if they trained more in their footdrill (Sigh, reminiscing the days I suffered punishments during footdrill trainings in Scouts). Zhao Liang was lucky to escape pledge taking today, lmao. I was never lucky in the past 2 years, having taken the pledge 3 times already.. Rofl.

Surprisingly, the pledge taking today was pretty loud. While it's not an official *inserts uniform group name here* Day, everyone seems to tone down. How ironic.

So the whole day was boring, since the main highlight for today is the O levels results release. One more thing, I hate groupwork. Mr Leong teaches well, I have to admit. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't get a Grade 5 for Combined Humanities. All is well except him organising groupwork. Our class is notorious for talkers, and grouping a group of close friends would invite chit-chat. As much as I hate doing groupwork, I have no choice, he's the teacher, I'm the student and I respect authority rights.

I'm done for the night.. I'm dead beat.
Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

*seriously? don't wait. take the initiative!*

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