January 7, 2009

Oh Snap!

Just as I was heading home after a ride in bus 131, I forgotten to bring the Maths exercise books into Mr Kung's locker. Oh Snap! I'm rather forgetful nowadays.. Fortunately, Mr Kung isn't teaching for the next two days or so. He claimed that he's having an ACE camp, with God-knows-who. I guess I'll bring the books over to his locker, ASAP during recess..

I haven't had homework (Except for the English holiday homework, which I would not count) for the past 4 days, including today. The students from 5A already had quite a pile. I don't know what is this feeling that urks me.. My computer addiction is lessening unexpectedly. I even started reading up (Or rather.. catching up, because of the holidays) all of the past year's studies. Maybe I'm paranoid, I don't know. This might actually be a good thing!

I need to jog too.. The school shirt is getting tighter, and it feels uncomfortable. I definitely do not want to run during recess, it tires me out and I'm afraid it might affect me during the periods after it. I might jog in the evening, before I sleep, and feel the cool evening breeze.. Phew.

I'm also beginning to talk lesser.. During the period when Ms Pang reallocated our seats via height differences, I wanted to sit near the windows on the left. It seemed like a rather popular seat for some people.. All I wanted to do is just daze at the clouds, like the boring person I am. Well, clouds reminds of someone too.. Unfortunately, I did not get the seat, oh well.

A video to make you laugh. (Bruce Almighty scene, LOL)

I'm done for today..
Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day. Sometimes, I just prefer to be left alone :)

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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