January 19, 2009

Tiring day.

I felt rather forgetful at times, like for example, today. I collected the maths books from Mr Kung's locker, and ran back. Somehow, I can't think properly. My mind was filled with other thoughts.. I ended up getting a bit embarrassed in class, but I still kept a smile!

I honestly hate infatuation.. But, I got infatuated once again. There was this girl who had been taking the same bus with me for 2 years straight. Guess what, she's from St Margarets as well (Same school as her.. Oh well). She looked pretty ordinary, with her hair tied up and still looking pretty. There's something about her which attracts me though.. She just looks cool. Heh, weird huh? She wears this black jacket on her everyday, carries her books with both of her arms. I don't know why, when she looked at me in my face, I just blushed. Luckily, I didn't show my chili red cheeks.. Nowadays, I just looked away to another direction when she's standing next to me.

Still, infatuation is bad.. It leads to unwanted hatred. I guess all I can wish for is her to be happy, because she looks pretty depressed nowadays. I guess she's taking her O levels this year too, because she was holding some O level textbooks. We might meet again someday, just that now, I hadn't acquired enough courage and confidence to court her. Besides, I'm taking my O levels this year, so I should devote my time to revision. Love can start in Polytechnic :)

I hope that even this big fat ogre still gets some love from others, haha!

Speaking about studies..
So far, I have failed the current English comprehension, 10/25. I was bad in the comprehension from the start, so no doubt about that. I excel in Paper 1, which is Composition and Situational Writing. Somehow, I have a gut feeling that I'll fail the Paper 1 too. The topics were just perculiar, I racked my brains on which topic to attempt for well around 15 minutes. I just detest wasting time..

Also, I'm only going for Humanties and Maths AP (Hopefully, I need to buck up for Maths). I have no problems in Science already, been studying it during the holidays too. Practicals are kinda easy, so no problem on that. I just need to speak more English, write more and revise on my tenses, nouns etc. I have no more CLB this year, thus I can devote more time into perfecting my English.

My new targets!
  • English - A2
  • Maths - A1
  • Science - A2
  • Humanites - B4 or C5
  • D&T - A1 or A2
So totaling it up, it would be a range from 10-12 points. It will be hard, definitely. I'm gonna attend more AP if needed. Don't hate me when I get silent on you, it's just that I'm concentrating since I can't multi-task.

And finally.. My birthday. To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to my birthday. I just had to wash more clothes on the 23rd. Since I reached the age of 18, people will mostly be using me to buy alcohol, oh well.

Alright, I'm done blogging.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.


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  2. where did your freaking tagboard go?