January 2, 2009

First day of school.

Good evening! It's a wonderful day right?

I purchased a new computer. It's rocking hard now! Just a preview of it..

Lawl, widescreen pwns.

Anyway.. About today, there isn't much to do. We were supposed to create a PLACE (Positive Learning And *something*), so much shortforms nowadays..

So.. I volunteered for the Maths representative role, since I was one for Mr Kung last year.

Yeah, I'm finally in Secondary 5, after retaining in Secondary 3 and going against most obstacles. I even managed to pass my Humanities! How awesome yo. Right now, my class is a merged group consisting of students from my class and 4E. The class size got bigger, some may think that a bigger class size would lessen concentration for those who want to study. I don't know yet, I shall see in the upcoming week.

I was expecting lots of AP too, but the time table didn't show much.

*crosses my fingers, hoping that my class would maneuver smoothly to the O levels!*

Well, I'm done for today. Back to playing more Atlantica, might post a video of the gameplay soon!

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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