January 28, 2009



Chinese New Year is over, or NOT. Yeah, I heard the it has a duration of a week before it ends, so.. it's not over! The past few days, to be honest, I'm quite anti-social, like what Chester said. I always place myself into Weihong's room and just surf the internet. I always refused to interact with others. Yep, once again, it's that language barrier. I'm bad in Chinese and unable to speak any of their languages. I can speak a few Chinese lines, but not fluently. I'm only good in English..

Hopefully in the next year, I could put in some effort into polishing up my Chinese, since most of my relatives are Chinese. It would be a disgrace if I, myself as a Chinese, cannot speak fluently. I'll fucking tolerate any comments about my Chinese, used to it but still adds on to my bottle of frustration. Enough of that..

For the past two days, I have accumulated $400+ from all the red packets I've opened. It's a whole damn lot more compared to last year's. I decided to deposit $200 into my bank account, $100 to my mother (I owed her money, lol) and the rest to myself to settle! Might purchase some clothes, a game and most importantly, get a new pair of spectacles. YES, my spectacles are 3 years old and the nose supports are falling apart, lenses are loose and scratches here and there. I might purchase a medium-thick frame pair..

Today's school was truly, a bore.

The only period I enjoyed today was Physics and least enjoyable was CD. Now, I have to say that practically every CD period, ended up in failures. Occasionally, it ends happily, but frequently, angrily. I'm pretty sure there's a reason why we pay attention in Mr Kung's, Mr Chan's, Mr Tan's periods. They love to add humour at a time of seriousness. Nothing more than a joke to liven up the workaholic mood during their periods.

Ironically, Ms Pang's, Mr Leong's periods are more of negative lectures, scoldings etc. Most would probably think that they are loudmouths (something like nagging etc). I partially agree. In my honest opinions, sensitivity is a big issue. Minimal comments while teaching is alright I suppose. I know that most teachers want their students to be compassionate, to be in their shoes and understand what's going on. I feel that while teaching, if people aren't paying any attention to your lesson, just ignore them. Eventually, they'll get bored and sleep, and on the plus side, you still can continue teaching those who are interested. Reprimanding the whole class is a big no-no, it injects more hatred into them and uninvited comments may start pouring in.

Those are my 2 cents.

To end it off.. The History AP today, was a bore.. bore.. bore.. BORE. I can't believe I patiently waited after school all the way till 3.50 pm for this P.O.S. Alright, sorry for the harsh comments, but frankly speaking, I want Mr Gary Lam back, sounds impossible. He's the only History teacher whom I can depend on. He only taught me for a year and left the school already.

Well, I'm done for today.. Dead tired.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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  1. hey john! jiayou for school!!! history can be interesting too! :P

    and how's lesson today? i think i missed very important lessons.. =(