January 31, 2007

Today's a real havoc day at the last few periods. Derrick and Mun Tat were like wrestling the hell out of each other, Jasper was filming some Death Note movies, Hsien Jen was going around collecting money, a lot of people were bullying Colambus. Lol..

We were supposed to collect our Maths Test results today but those two absentees came.. Ah screw them, another day without knowing the Maths mark got me stressed for another 24 hours..
I doubt i'll even pass thou.. Immediately after the Maths test, i forgotten every single question in the test paper and people started the paranoia of getting the questions right or wrong.. And ya, i was nervous.. I have this hunch that Mr Kung will SCREAM at the class just because there are a handful of failures.. Well, enough of that (:

The notice board ain't up yet.. I'm like dying to see it! Seeing all those designs, i think the class will clinch the notice board prize..

I kinda hate it when student leaders come up to the stage and say out the announcements.. Well, it's either good or bad. You can't blame those leaders who can't speak well, they have their own rights too.. It's still best for Mr Mui to say out the announcements.

I can't clarify whether if it is a must to have a CCA.. I was like duped in Sec 1 when someone told me that joining a Uniform Group is compulsory.. Can't blame myself, I was gullible and pure.. Anyway, scouts did gave me a good life.. To those who dont have a CCA, be prepared to meet Mr Goh.. I know some of you all don't give a fuck.. But FTW, you will regret it in the future.. Peace man (:

Gotta go now. Seeya!

January 27, 2007

Today was super tiring for me.. Got all timings wrong and stuff..
I'm talking about Saturday Scout Meeting!
Walao.. I screw up big time..
Luckily, Bin Ming came..
Haha.. He's the best~

Anyway, too tired to blog..

January 25, 2007

Today's exceptional..
Usually i would blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays..

Oh well, it's because this Saturday, i'll be duty PL for the scout meeting.
It's my first time, and i'm kind of scared..
Scared that i'll screw up..
Scared that i'll ruin everyone's life..

That's why i posting this to make myself feel better.. Hopefully i'll do a good job. Before Saturday, i still have to do lotsa things.. Build flagstaff, abseiling wall, zipline and so much more.. Man, tomorrow's gonna be a tiring day..

I hope i'll get all the support i need.. Including the PLs..

Please, i know i did not help much.. In fact, you are the guys with the experience that i do not possess.. So please, guide me along (:

Hope this Saturday works well with me..

Seeya.. I'm going to bed early today..

Nitey-nite (((:

January 24, 2007


Why the hell am i talking to myself.. Lol..
Yeah, i turned 16 today.. Haha..
Just wanna thank all the people who wished me a Happy Birthday (:

Yeah, i kinda received quite a lot of presents..
Like 16 punches on my left and right arm..

*Well, it's the thought that counts! =P

Mum gave me $50 to spend on..

Yeah, overall.. I'm quite happy la..
Finally, i can watch NC16 movies..
My birthday wish is to study hard and pass my EOY Examinations this year (:

Once again,
Happy birthday to meeeeeee!

January 20, 2007

Woah.. Wtf man.. I'm so damn tired..
Just reached home after a 14 hour long NPC practice for scouts..
My feet hurt, my body is aching, my arms are numb and i'm DRENCHED IN RAIN WATER..

Once again, the sky had done me a great "favour"..

Oh well..

Today was kinda fun despite the fact that it is very fast paced and sorta "tekan-ing".. Well, i was in charge of logging.. Logging is a event in NPC (National Pioneering Competition) that is about chopping wood into half.. Something like Axemanship i would say..

I would like to give a hell trucklotsa thanks to Ganesh for buying that humongous axe at $48 and another 2 at $18+ each. Ganesh, you rock lah!

FYI, Ganesh is a relief teacher in school. So some of you might know him.

I'm kinda sick of the rain..

- It RAINS when i'm going for tuition.
- It RAINS when i'm having NPC practice in school.
- It RAINS when i'm playing basketball in a community center.

... and



Anyway, gotta sleep now..
Before that, i must apply ointment on my whole body..
Eh no, it would burn my body..
Argh, whatever man..!

Thanks for visiting my blog..
..and may God bless you!

January 17, 2007

It had been great this week. As always, i will blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So much for blogging everyday (:

I don't like to dwell on the past and so i shall just talk about today.
Well, i kind of liked today. It didn't rain today. Okay, that's one. I just feel happy all over. I dont know why, maybe i drank happy juice this morning. At least it didn't rain, otherwise i'll be listening "Cry Me A River" again. Another thing is that my clothes aint drying and i really NEED the sun!

Back to today, as always, i came to school very early. Damn bored, so i played Scrabble on my phone. Then more people came and they came with a FOOTBALL! Yeah, long time never play. So we played, and we played, and we played until Mr Mui came to the "stage". Lol~

Had D&T as the first period. Luckily, Mr Kung appeared in front of me. Well, i explained to him why i never came yesterday for some Maths thingy. Bleh, he scolded me and i quite expected that (:

One more thing, he said, "Lucky you come tell me before lesson, or else i will be very angry!". Kinda pleased.

... ran for 5 rounds around the arena during recess. Yaya, daily routine yeah.

History started. Mr Edwin Lim gave the class good and bad news.. Good news = Test?!? Until that i found out that the first History test will be on my birthday! 24th January! I was like !@#$!

Last few periods, CME. But something happened today, a girl in my class scolded "Chao Ah Beng" at someone i dont know but i guess he looks like one? Then someone told me that the so-called Chao Ah Beng scolded some sort of dirty stuff at her and she got furious. I guess it cant be tolerated. If i were her, i woulda taken my claws and paw his face. Meow~

After school, went to take a dump. Feel relived. Why the !@#$ am i saying this..?

Then, went to do some Scout stuffs. Pass up consent forms etc.

Finally bought half of my books. I'm left with History and Social Studies. Zzz..

And.. I went home!

Rest easy dude (:

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

January 12, 2007

what's up with me..

I feel that i am sad..
I'm just being happy so as to not show others that i'm sad..
But, i really dont know what happened to me..
No no.. It isn't the retained crap..
It's just that i feel lousy every single day that passes..
I feel that i cant fight..
I feel weak..
I feel that every single thing is on my head..

What is this am i feeling..
I dont know..
Hopefully, i'll find it out..

I do feel that my other friends are drawing further and further..
What did i do wrong..
Or maybe, i did a lot of bad things..
But what are they..

Argh, i cant figure it out..
I just feel that life ain't going well for me..
I could just hope for the best..

And one more thing,

Happy Birthday Mateen~!

Well, gotta go now..
Goodnite all.

January 6, 2007

the past few days..

Yeah.. I changed my blogskin again..
But this time, it's much more simple and easier to look at.
I kinda like it =P

Anyway, back to the subject. My first few days in school were great despite the fact that i retained. I was glad to see that my class were a bunch of friendly guys, or maybe not. Honestly, i really enjoyed the first 3 days of school. Of course, i made some new friends, which was expected. Little did they know, i'm a very boring guy. I don't talk much like the others. Maybe because i lived a life full of solitude, which makes me a quiet person. But of course, i will still stay with my old friends =P.

Sec 1 orientation was a success. At first, i thought the roman catapult was a goner. It kept on failing. It failed to throw forward. It always throw backwards.. Zzz.. Until the SAMARITANS came! Shi Wei and Ken went to help us. Man, they are really that damn good. It's like in the middle of the field all the way over the soccer field fence. I was told that it's was not the FURTHEST! I was like !@#$%? It was so godamn far and it's not the furthest? Well, i shall see the godly catapult then =P Credits goes to Bin Ming, Shang Xuan, Shi Wei, Ken and myself =P

But one more thing, Mr Kung is now giving me some tightness.. He said that all Mathematics Textbooks must be brought everyday without fail. Failure to do so will result in screaming and whining. Oh Mai Gawd la.. I didn't even receive the booklist for Sec 3 last year and i didn't even know that there WAS A NEW SYLLABUS FOR ALL BOOKS! Man, this is some fucked up shit.. Which means my old books from last year can be thrown away.. Zzz.. I hope that Mr Logan will have stock by next week. Or else i'll be in for some SCREAMING MASSACRE..!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

Seeya (:

January 1, 2007

Welcome to the year 2007!!