January 25, 2007

Today's exceptional..
Usually i would blog on Wednesdays and Saturdays..

Oh well, it's because this Saturday, i'll be duty PL for the scout meeting.
It's my first time, and i'm kind of scared..
Scared that i'll screw up..
Scared that i'll ruin everyone's life..

That's why i posting this to make myself feel better.. Hopefully i'll do a good job. Before Saturday, i still have to do lotsa things.. Build flagstaff, abseiling wall, zipline and so much more.. Man, tomorrow's gonna be a tiring day..

I hope i'll get all the support i need.. Including the PLs..

Please, i know i did not help much.. In fact, you are the guys with the experience that i do not possess.. So please, guide me along (:

Hope this Saturday works well with me..

Seeya.. I'm going to bed early today..

Nitey-nite (((:

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