January 31, 2007

Today's a real havoc day at the last few periods. Derrick and Mun Tat were like wrestling the hell out of each other, Jasper was filming some Death Note movies, Hsien Jen was going around collecting money, a lot of people were bullying Colambus. Lol..

We were supposed to collect our Maths Test results today but those two absentees came.. Ah screw them, another day without knowing the Maths mark got me stressed for another 24 hours..
I doubt i'll even pass thou.. Immediately after the Maths test, i forgotten every single question in the test paper and people started the paranoia of getting the questions right or wrong.. And ya, i was nervous.. I have this hunch that Mr Kung will SCREAM at the class just because there are a handful of failures.. Well, enough of that (:

The notice board ain't up yet.. I'm like dying to see it! Seeing all those designs, i think the class will clinch the notice board prize..

I kinda hate it when student leaders come up to the stage and say out the announcements.. Well, it's either good or bad. You can't blame those leaders who can't speak well, they have their own rights too.. It's still best for Mr Mui to say out the announcements.

I can't clarify whether if it is a must to have a CCA.. I was like duped in Sec 1 when someone told me that joining a Uniform Group is compulsory.. Can't blame myself, I was gullible and pure.. Anyway, scouts did gave me a good life.. To those who dont have a CCA, be prepared to meet Mr Goh.. I know some of you all don't give a fuck.. But FTW, you will regret it in the future.. Peace man (:

Gotta go now. Seeya!

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