January 12, 2007

what's up with me..

I feel that i am sad..
I'm just being happy so as to not show others that i'm sad..
But, i really dont know what happened to me..
No no.. It isn't the retained crap..
It's just that i feel lousy every single day that passes..
I feel that i cant fight..
I feel weak..
I feel that every single thing is on my head..

What is this am i feeling..
I dont know..
Hopefully, i'll find it out..

I do feel that my other friends are drawing further and further..
What did i do wrong..
Or maybe, i did a lot of bad things..
But what are they..

Argh, i cant figure it out..
I just feel that life ain't going well for me..
I could just hope for the best..

And one more thing,

Happy Birthday Mateen~!

Well, gotta go now..
Goodnite all.

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