June 30, 2008

Evening flashes..

I know.. I know.. It's like a week since I've update.

Seriously, these few days have killed my mood for blogging. I know nobody believes me, but I have been studying a lot the past few days, I even sacrificed my weekends for revision. Call me paranoid or whatever, but I really just don't want to retain again. Oh and it's up to you to believe whether I did study or not.. Though I still need help for Humanities, which is currently my lousiest subject now, and then Science.

So back to today..

Some of the buses I see, changed. My usual 131 bus which had a lot of seats and was hardly filled up, was all diminished. The new damn design actually takes up more unnecessary space and offers very little seats. And this morning's bus was filled up fast, screw you bus designers. I have to admit, it looks spacious and neat, but capacity-wise? Epic failure. 139 was still normal, lucky me..

The Monday English programme was delayed. We were asked to go back up to class since the teachers had to have their meeting in the AVA room.. Wasn't there already a meeting or conference room specially for teachers only? So we went back up to class and got taught by an obese teacher whom I do not recognize.. So people were like comparing me and him, we are brothers? Haha, don't make me laugh..

History was next.. I have no comments for this. Honestly speaking, whatever Ms Foo or Mr Leong teaches, I just could not digest it. Maybe I lost interest in the subject already. The school really needs Mr Gary Lam! He's the only one who could make History very interesting and worth studying. I really hate it when teachers go by the book, except Science and Maths. Was bored throughout the whole lesson..

PE was next! It's been a month ever since I joined in for PE.. Last term, we're always training for NAFA (Can't remember the correct abbreviations) and never had the chance to play a bit of sports. This term, it's all the same again.. We are training for cross country, the annual school event which happens every year. So we ran 3 rounds around Tiong Bahru Park, got entertained by two lovely *chicks* (Lol) and had to skip 200 times because I failed to attend TAF for 200 times? (No idea about this..) And that Hock Zheng, my poor dick got freaking rammed by him. Can you say, "OWWWWWWWWWWIEE!". I was like feeling the stinging pain for 3 minutes at most, gosh I almost cried.. Women, remember, men's private part are really part of their life. Lol. I brought home.. Again, another souvenir.. A cramped knee from all the skipping madness..

Oh and I'm glad that I lost 2 kg! All the work in the 1st holiday week sure helped me out!

Maths was next. We revised on Angle Bisector and Perpendicular Bisector. I'm sure that everyone finds those topics easy right? No problems? Got a problem, please look for me! I'm good at Geometry (Maybe because of D&T.. Lol) and a total noob at Algebra. Did a revision paper on Standard Form.. It was practically easy, although some mishaps here and there but still steady at pace! *screams~*

English was next but Mr Sandhu wasn't around because he had to rush over to Clementi Town Secondary for their oral examinations. Hence, Ms Chong took over our class as relief. The whole half hour, I was doing nothing.. Walking here and there.. Zzz. Oh and thanks Chungaik for sending me those two Crystal Method songs. Thanks a lot!

At 2pm, the class have to head over to the Computer lab 2 for the CRPP survey. Ugh, there's a lot of personal questions.. And when I finished the survey, we were supposed to play a building strategy game. I thought the game was like Age of Empires or something to do with building.. It was kinda fun though, I only earned like 280k and got senior builder for my rank. And oh my goodness, Swee Hong got 400k+ for his asset points! ZOMG, Swee Hong is haxing lar duhz! Rofl..

And finally, a video.. On the Godfather of Trance/Techno. Introducing, DJ TIESTO! Enjoy tha beatz!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

June 23, 2008

First day of school.

So I've finally posted. Lol.

Anyway, good evening! Today's the first day of a very stressful term, since August holds our Preliminary examinations and September with our N level examinations. Be prepared to be stressed out by teachers!

So back to today..
It was really a bad idea to quarantine those boys with unacceptable hair from us. I mean, administration matters are too important to be missed, such as new time tables. Too bad, they served their punishment in the arena, under the sun and they still need to turn up for detention class. Ouch, man.. Totally no freedom on the first day of school. As a result, our class got reduced to only 8 PEOPLE! Yes, quite possibly the least people who turned up for the records.

There were new teachers and two that I recognized, Ms Saw and Mr Chua, my former POA and English teacher respectively. Yeah, I took POA before I entered 3D, it was a compulsory subject for me that time. And nothing much already, we went up to the hall for some repetitive issues like discipline and late coming rates. After that, two police officers were giving us a talk on theft, imprison consequences and much more.. We even saw a nude buttock of a male's, showing the aftermath of being caned 5-6 times.. It was truly an ugly sight and I definitely do not want that, I wonder how he pass motion.. Lol.

So we went back to class and dang, I missed the smell of a classroom, I don't know, call me mad whatever, lol. 8 people in the classroom seemed way awkward, even Ms Pang couldn't get used to it. We did a survey, typical Ms Pang, lol. After that, two teachers came to relief our class since Mr Kung had to *entertain* his guests under the sun, lol. Mr Chua and some teacher named Ms Irene *something* (If memory serves me correctly, it's Chong). The boys chatted with Mr Chua and the girls chatted with Ms Irene.. After that, Mr Sandhu came, with Ms Irene sitting at the back, and we did some oral practices.

Went back home in the bus ride of dreams.. Rofl.


Hmmm, about the holidays..
I learned so much about the world out there, definitely not my studies.

Well here are some of the things I experienced.

- I worked for a week, washing cars with my other friends and earned $300-400.

- I played NetoverlordsMS (MapleStory private server) and saw the extreme ugly side of Maplers. Non-stop KS, especially from Mages and Bishops, with their uber screen skill. There are a lot of immature players, I mean A LOT. I even argued with a man in his 20s over a Steely, seriously. There are rarely any kind Maplers in there, but those RARE Maplers are really kind, I met one, and she's not from Singapore, she's Korean. Cool right?

- I heard a theory about the world ending at 21 December 2012, where mother nature starts to destroy the world with her disasters. Some said it's a pole reversal, causing it to encounter conflicts, I'm not too sure since it's a geographical study. It's related to some Mayan calendar or something. If you wanna read a similar story, go watch or read Noah's Ark, which is a story from the bible (God asked Noah to create an Ark, a ship that will protect the people from the disasters). It could be true and yet false too, but we'll never know.. I chose not to believe it. =D

*SPOILER* I'm going into NS in the year 2012. ROFL.

- I met an ex-Primary school friend of mine, who's turned into a hooligan. I feel quite sad for him, he was a cool guy and was in EM2 as well, but in a better class. He's in Express (I knew because after the PSLE results was released, he was happy like hell). I saw him smoking and hanging out with his friends at the void deck. Kinda sad..

- I watched Kungfu Panda with my friends. It's a movie that makes me feel good! Why? Because I have a belly similar to Po's! LOL.

Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th, the unlucky day.

Hey hey! The inactive guy is ACTIVE AGAIN! Maybe for awhile..

Anyway, I changed my song again. This time, I heard the song from a Channel 5 commercial and I feel that it's really soothing! Here are the lyrics..

Head underwater
And they tell me
To breathe easy for a while
But breathing gets harder, even I know that
Made room for me; it's too soon to see
If I'm happy in your hands
I'm unusually hard to hold on to

Blank stares at blank pages
No easy way to say this
You mean well, but you make this hard on me

I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's
Make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leavin',
Imma need a better reason
To write you a love song today, today, yea

I learned the hard way
That they all say
Things you want to hear
And my heavy heart sinks deep down under you and
Your twisted words,
Your help just hurts
You are not what I thought you were
Hello to high and dry

Convince me to please you
Made me think that I need this too
I'm trying to let you hear me as I am

I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's
Make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leavin',
Imma need a better reason
To write you a love song today

Promise me that you'll leave the light on
To help me see with daylight, my guide, gone
'cause I believe there's a way you can love me
Because I say
I won't write you a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see

I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's make or break in this
Is that why you wanted a love song
'cause you asked for it
'cause you need one, you see
I'm not gonna write you a love song
'cause you tell me it's make or break in this
If you're on your way
I'm not gonna write you to stay
If your heart is nowhere in it
I don't want it for a minute
Babe, I'll walk the seven seas when I believe that
There's a reason to
Write you a love song today (today)yea
yeah yeah yeah


That's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

June 3, 2008

Another quick update.

Good evening everybody!
I have not died yet.. I know you want me dead.. *roar*

Anyway.. Just to bring up my checklist..
1) Getting my Fujin character to 105 ASAP.
2) Exercise one hour a day, from 6am to 7am.
3) Finish all my mock exams.
4) Go out at least once. Hopefully to be occupied the whole day! Need to chill..
5) Extreme revision for Physics. (Cos of the mock exam Mr Chan's gonna give after the holidays)
6) Finishing my D&T folio for N level marking, artifact and presentation boards, during the second week of June.
7) Revamp my room.
8) Revise for other subjects, i.e Maths, Science and English.

Before I do anything else.. Here's my June wallpaper!

Cool eh?

And yes! My Fujin character in 12Sky is finally 105! Been a month since.. Some screenshots, though some people will not be interested at all. Btw, Fujins = Ninjas, so hence the dark suits and fierce eyes. I like it.

Me with my new armor and orange blades. (Anyone good in Chinese to describe what my flag is saying? Thank you!)

Nice view of the snowy fortress, Padsong.

Another view.. Not as nice..

Normal stance.

Me, standing with Rachel's AFK shop. She's at work, meh. WAHAHA.

Well, that's all for today. I'll be returning to school tomorrow for D&T. I doubt I'll be going for the SS remedial, because there will be a clash in time. Sorry AJ :(

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And I'm not replying tags again.. Cuz I'm lazy!

June 1, 2008

Quick update. Another quiz..

Tagged by Feng Ying and Zhengyee (Looks like it?)

1. What disappoints you the most?
People who failed to understand me.

2. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
USA, Canada.

3. What's your favourite thing to do?
Playing 12Sky!

4. Do you think money can buy happiness?
It can, but it leads to greed.

5. If you were given one dream to come true, what would it be?
Going back to the past.

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?

7. What is your favourite line?
Don't trust anybody.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Spend 500k on necessary stuff, the other 500k will be stored in the bank to be used for a rainy day.

9. Is there anything that you did and regretted now?
Not studying in the past, and thus, retained.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
We don't talk much, unfortunately. But my first impressions are, pretty, cheerful and always smiling.

11. What makes you happy?
Family, friends and sometimes, acquaintances.. Lawl.

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
Number 1 most hated -> Short tempered, zero tolerance kind of person. (Fuck whoever this is)
Number 2 most hated -> Demanding, orders people like a dog. (Again, fuck this nubcake)

13. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
Married hopefully, and leading a great life. (I doubt it..)

14. If you could possess a superpower, what would it be?
Going back to time, definitely.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Ditto. Cherish everyday like it's your last.

16. What do you do when you're alone?
Playing 12Sky, watching TV. Basically, no life.

17. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
It's for others to comment and judge, and then I'll change. I have no say in this at all.

18. What do you think is the most important in a relationship?
Commitment to each other and willingness to sacrifice in times of need. (I said it before..)

19. What was the most unforgettable experience in school?
Too much.. In short, everyday is an unforgettable day in school.

20.What is my lovely nickname~? (Remove this!)
Ugh, I hate this question.. (You guys should know..)

21. Would you live in a palace or an ordinary flat. State your reason. (Add this as question 20)
IMO, an ordinary flat. Too much space kinda gives you partial depression >_>

Instructions: Remove 1 qns from above and add in your personal qns,make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.Notify them in their chatbox that she has/he has been tagged.

Whoever wants to do this.