August 29, 2009

Be satisfied.

Be satisfied that you are spending money while others can't.
Be satisfied that you are able to eat while others can't.
Be satisfied that you are able to see a doctor while others can't.
Be satisfied that you gotten good grades while others struggle.
Be satisfied that you are able to use all of your five senses while others can't.
Be satisfied that you can travel while others can't.
Be satisfied with your looks because others can't wish for their looks.

And most importantly..
Be satisfied that you are alive because there are others suffering out there..

In short..
Too much of a good thing isn't good.
Be satisfied with what you have now and quit whining.

And. No. I'm not pointing this out to anyone. I just feel that we.. the people need to be more compassionate..


August 27, 2009

Interesting day.

As September is approaching.. I shall post my September wallpaper now!

I found it be really cool. A blue DNA ribbon, it just looks so fluffy.

Anyway, back to today.

This morning, someone was really elated. He told me something, and then I understood. How fun life can be! Haha!

I was literally, rushing my D&T folio. I was too anxious that I even forgot to bring along my phone cable for transferring pictures. I had to instead ask Jiemin to bring a spare for me (Thanks Jiemin!). My folio was almost done. It was a rushed effort, which would end up messy and with occasional mistakes. But well, I have to suck it up, because the deadline is so near.

The Science teachers kept reminding us of the practicals. Mr Chan gave us some "useful" hints, Ms Mah had a change of mood today. Seriously, I'm sure someone do noticed Ms Mah's change in attitude today. It was so obvious. Maybe she prefer teaching a hyperactive class? I heard she used to teach a class like us as well. What a change.. If she's happy, all is well.

D&T was up. Rushin' and gushin'..

After D&T was assembly. It was probably our last. I found the skit rather boring. Maybe because I was sitting next the entrance, I don't know. I'm pretty sure I didn't laugh most of the time. Or maybe I watched too much Shane Dawson videos. *grins*

The English workshop was next. As usual, she was funny as hell. Yep, Mrs Benjamin. This workshop should have been English SSP all along. Rather than doing all the boring, generic stuff, we were given fully detailed explanations by Mrs Benjamin herself and I'm able to understand it. Seriously, she should just spread her skills around. Everyone in Singapore might pass, rofl. But honestly, she's that damn good. Anyone beg to differ?

I felt I shouldn't post this.. But maybe it's just for laughs..
I was at the bus stop, standing with my folio and listening to music. Then this girl came along and stood around me. She went back and forth, and was standing REALLY close to me. Gosh. You know, I'm really shy towards girls. So.. I was perspiring all over and my heart beated real fast! I was like, "OMG. Am I gonna die or something?". Finally, she boarded a bus. Woah, this is one experience I'll never forget. And.. I had better get over my weakness against girls otherwise, I'm not gonna make any new friends in Poly.. *bangs wall..*

Well.. I'm tired and I'm gonna sleep.

Good night and peace out!

August 25, 2009

Oral, oral, oral, ORAL! POPSICLE!

Please don't mind that.. POPSICLE on my blog title. It's there to bring in the blizzard.

Okay, whatever. The emphasis today, you might have guessed, is the O level Oral examinations! It's fucking O level, so why the hell would I not be nervous? It's not like Mother Tongue, where you're allowed a second chance (Shit like this don't come by easily, so cherish it). There were mock Oral examination stations during the 4 periods of English. Really, IT HELPED MANY PEOPLE. The class should thank Mr Siew for helping us in any ways possible, and the two teachers who came, Mr Lam and Mrs Roy. If not for them, I would be dripping balls during the examination..

As for the Oral and all that jazz, it was pretty difficult. Compared to the past 5 days' topics, today was definitely way more difficult. The picture was hard to describe.. Conversation, I probably gonna score really low for it. STILL, WHATEVER IT IS.. I tried my best. I kept my cool, prevented myself from being shaky and nervous. You know, I think I did a pretty good job. But results talk louder than predictions.

So.. I have to just suck it up, like a real man. It's over, dude. The next obstacle is the D&T O level submission, which is THIS FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! WHAT THE FUCK! There's some touching up left.. Binding the folio and stuff will be on Thursday.. Gosh gosh..

*headbangs with a bolster to the maximum!*

Good night and peace out!

August 22, 2009

Awesome day.

I went to school for an English workshop. It was just awesome. To those who went there, don't you wish you had her as an English teacher? I personally would want that.. She jokes frequently to keep us alive, and she speaks fluently.

After that, I went to Tiong Bahru's KFC with Derrick and Hock Zheng. They were speaking so much Chinese, that I felt left out! I just listened to my MP3.. Haha.

After I reached home, I took a seat at the park and just gazed at the greenery. I kept thinking. I'm a tad too serious nowadays. My maid's surgery wasn't a life threatening one, yet I panicked so much. It was successful, and probably be discharged after a few more days. She had Appendicitis and Diabetes which she hid from me for quite a while. I'm bottling up my personal feelings, day by day, and it's probably filled to the rim already. Lol. I had to spill it one day.. Maybe I shall wait for the time to be ripe.

To Chungaik, I apologize if I failed to understand you. I tried too hard. But if you need a listening ear, there's always one here. I hope you'll solve your problem soon.

I PUT ON THE BIGGEST SMILE TODAY. And I'm elated all over.
I'm stressed no more.. Awesome, now I can focus on my studies.

Good night and peace out!

August 20, 2009

I'm sad.

My maid was admitted into the hospital this morning. I was devastated. She vomited this morning, but I couldn't help her up because I had to attend school. I called my mother when school was almost finishing and she said she had some problems in her appendix area. Probably near the stomach area.

Some of my friends may think.. She's only your maid.

She's not just A maid. She's been with me ever since I was born. She had been taking care of me, enduring all my nonsense and so much more. She's a one of a kind, because I have been hearing bad news about maids in the past years. A maid is still HUMAN, and for that, treat her like one.

I'm sad because.. she had to undergo a surgery when she's already in her 50s. I'm afraid.. I need a listening ear so much.. I don't know. I'm totally distracted now.. I can't even do my D&T folio properly.. O level submission date is just next week.. I can't believe this is happening..

Please get well, Aunt. (I called her Aunt because I accepted her as part of my family)

May God bless you.

August 17, 2009


This morning, I heard from Zhao Liang that Amritpal passed away. From what I heard, it was due to a blood vessel which burst, probably in his vital organs. I wished it wasn't true. At first, I really thought he was joking. It's supposedly real. Even Asha comfirmed it too. Sigh. I still remembered when he kept calling me "Rambo! Rambo!" like mad! HAHA! He even whacked me a couple of times. I got to know him through Scouts, and then again through Karim (Lol).

As an aquaintance of his, I would like to send my condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in peace, Amritpal.

August 15, 2009

Very humid.

It's been rather humid nowadays. I even thought I'm the only one who feels warm. Well, judging from my temperatures, my average would probably be 37.1+. To add-on, I'm living at the highest storey of my flat, which means my flat is closer to the sun. Yes, it's so damn hot. With my fan turned on the highest speed, I'm still perspiring all over.

This morning, my maid was pouting. One of my neighbors scolded her for placing a broken chair outside. I was the one who placed it outside. Well, my old chair broke and I was awaiting a new one to arrive. The neighbor stated that if the chair catches fire, we will all die. Like seriously? I'm sure the fumes will float upwards, and not downwards eh. But who the hell dies from a burning chair? If you smell the fumes, don't tell me you're gonna sniff all of it and just die like that? That's bullshit! It's not a plastic chair, it's a chair made of black leather, that's all. Like H1N1 isn't enough, people had to get all paranoid over a damn chair. -.-"

I have no idea what's happening in my neighborhood. In the dead of the night, the flat below mine was drilling! For what? I have no idea! It was like 12 midnight! Can't he drill in the morning or something? Why must he drill in midnight? Lmao. He was drilling for 10 minutes straight, and my mum couldn't sleep at all. The next morning, when I went down, I saw black paint smeared all over the driller's flat. Well, someone had to do it after all.. Crazy fella.

My next door neighbor's wife had breast cancer. The thing is, she's pinning all her hopes of getting money for her treatment into 4D lottery. She's outrageous at times, fancy spending $44 on 4D during National Day. I don't know how I can help.. I have my own financial issues, my mum have hers, and my maid too. She's losing so much hair that I almost could not recognize her. Sigh.. I can only just cross my fingers and really pray for her safety.

Money is such a bitch. Saving lives should be priority fucking number 1, not asking for a bunch of notes.. Seriously, fuck doctors who only think of money.

Good day, and peace out!

August 14, 2009

No time for regrets.

What a bad day. I gotten 14/30 for my English situational writing and 21/50 for the common test, I have to go for Oral practice, I got one of the lowest marks for Oral and I can't even recall what essay types are there. Is this what people call reversed psychology? I focused too much on Maths, D&T and Science that my English deteriorated.. It's bad, cus English is very important.

I also gotten a 3/15 for my Physics practical. Damn, double blow much? I can't believe I actually plotted on the wrong axis. I never really committed this mistake before, this was the first. As a result, my calculations were wrong, I don't even get an extra mark for stating the Gradient formula! It's that bad.. For the rest of the day, I had this gloomy expression on my face. The CD lesson did make me relax a lil, cus Miss Pang was naturally humoring us with her sudden high intonations! A good way to end the day, and it's good to see that she doesn't really nag at us anymore.

Also, no time for regrets. I can't be thinking about heading into ITE after O levels.. But it always seem to get stuck in my head. 2 months left for O levels, 1 month left for Preliminaires. 2 weeks left for D&T Folio O levels submission, 1 week left for O level English oral and to be honest, I feel that I should just attend all 4 days of SSP, I kinda deserve it. I'm sure this is what the veterans state as last minute anxiety. I'm feeling it already, even though it's 2 months away.

Well, I'm done here. And remember to mug mug mug! John, you can do it!

Good night and peace out!

August 13, 2009

Awesome song.

I love this song so much! Please enjoy!

Band - Less Than Jake
Track - For The Rest of My Life


I fell asleep last Saturday
Underneath polluted skies
I walked alone in those Jersey nights
And I
Saw the board walk start to fall
The emptiness starts to drown
The quiet corners of this town tonight

Late last night I made my plans
It was the only thing I felt I could do
Said goodbye to my best friend
Sometimes there's no one left to tell you the truth

It's gonna kill me the rest of my life
Let me apologize while I'm still alive
I know it's time to face
All of my past mistakes
It's gonna kill me for the rest of my life

This is my all time low
Somehow it feels so familiar
Somehow it seems so familiar
I feel like letting go
And every second that goes by
I'm screaming out for second tries

Said goodbye to my best friend
Sometimes there’s no one left to tell me the truth

It's gonna kill me the rest of my life
Let me apologize while I'm still alive
I know it's time to face
All of my past mistakes
I've got to live with them the rest of my life

This is the mess I've made
These are the words I can't erase
This is my life support
Shutting down
For the final time
And it twists like a blade
And kills me for the rest of my life

If you won't forgive me the rest of my life
Let me apologize while I’m still alive
I know it's time to face
All of my past mistakes
It's gonna kill me for the rest of my life

It's gonna kill me for the rest of my life [x2]


August 11, 2009

Past Screenshots of favorite games.

The reason I'm posting past screenshots is because today will be the day I'll stop gaming. THIS IS FOR REAL, mark my words. But in the first place, I have no chance to play anyway. I start gaming again after the Os. Time for reminiscence! It will be a boring post for those who doesn't really like online gaming. Oh well!

Twelve Sky 2:

90% Weapon and Armor <3

Granado Espada:

Graphically beautiful game!

Atlantica Online:

Most challenging game I ever played.

World of Kung Fu:

Love my phoenix and my green claws!

That's all.

I'm going to study now. PEACE OUT!

August 9, 2009

What a night.

My apologies for having such a long holiday away from blogging..

I went out with my guild mates today! Went to Erin's house's void deck to play with sparklers with 2 other mates. Zzz, I sorta sparked my own thumb. It wasn't too serious, but it hurts when I touch it. There's this white liquid oozing out of my thumb. Eeeyuck.

Haven't played with sparklers for quite long..

Anyway, watched the National Day Parade at her house too. The march-in was so awesome. Those guys and their white uniforms, it's just so cool. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a ticket because the prices were way too high. Sigh.

Enough with NDP.. About Sports' Fiesta..

It was a disappointment though. It lasted only 3 hours, but somehow, it didn't felt like 3 hours at all. To add-on, there were so much clashes with events that almost everyone was unable to adhere to the plan. I was supposed to play badminton, but Zhi Xun wants to win, so I had to give up my place for Jerome, who was way better than me. I dragged Chungaik along, but in the end, he did not participate much. Sorry dude.

Badminton was awesome, Zhi Xun won his singles, Jerome & Vishnu won their mixed doubles, we lost our female singles (No idea where the girls went, probably floorball) but Zhi Xun is able to enter the finals. Kudos! Sigh but how ironic. I've been waiting for years to get inside a badminton CCA, and all the time, my requests were ignored. Talk about helping me to get a CCA.. Utter bullshit.

I think 5B will not be able to win this year.. The enthusiasm is so low. Floorball won I think, judging from Zhao Feng's facebook profile. Awesome.. But I wonder what is the sports class of the year's criteria. *crosses fingers*

What's more interesting is.. I never experienced class teamwork before in my whole life in GESS.. It's like I'm jinxed or something. I was in 1B, 2B and 3B, then after I retained, the class got so united with each other, that I'm jealous. Seriously, maybe I'm really jinxed. Who cares anyway..

Happy Birthday Singapore! 44th huh, hope Singapore truimphs for life!

Good night and peace out.

August 4, 2009


Beautiful but bone-chilling tune.

If only a Xenogears novel was adopted, it would sell like hot cakes. The story was magnificent, almost flawless and bone-chilling at the same time. Even thought it was birthed for the Playstation, despite pixelated graphics, it's breath-taking. Just wished there was a Xenogears remake for the modern consoles..

Whatever, back to topic..

I'm so sleepy today. I can't believe it, really. I slept at 9 am yesterday, but I'm still yawning so much. Ironic thing is, I slept at 11 am, which is much later, and I'm way more awake and attentive. Gosh. That's it, I'm sleeping at 11.

Tuesday. Well..

Short day.. HELL NO. Alright it was rather short, because I finished my Maths classwork during SSP today. I did it rather fast.. I had to start from scratch because I left my work at home. When I finished my work, I had a rather long chat with Mr Kung. It's been a while eh.

He asked me to aim for A2 for O level Maths, which seems ALMOST impossible for me. Look at me, my Algebra sucked MAJOR balls, my only strong topics are Trigo, Mensuration, Data Analysis and just about anything to do with shapes. My initial aim was B3/4, then he gave me that look. LOL. I was trying to convince him that getting A2 isn't my forté. People like Hock Zheng or Beng Shiang could attain an A2 easily, but me? Hell no. In the end, I just said that I'll try my best. Sigh, that A2 is rather tempting though.. But I still have to concentrate on my Humanities..

He also asked whether I missed Scouts. Hell yeah I missed Scouts. I missed carrying staves, sharpening my axe, punishments, marching and especially group cheers, which actually destresses me completely. I quited because I didn't want to do another year of PLC and still attend meetings like normal while seeing my old PLC mates going for venture lessons.. The feeling is very disheartening really. Makes you feel damn low. Even if I returned, not everyone will welcome me with open hands. Black faces, you name them. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Yeah, I still have that Scout in me, but I'm not recognized as one now anyway. Enough with this..

I was smiling while walking home today. I even thought I was crazy. The sky is so blue. It's so damn clear. I just wished I could lie down on a field and just gaze at the skies. Reminiscence much? Yeah, totally. I missed her so much. I just smiled all the way, while listening to Ingrid Michael's The Way I Am, which is what I would do to a girl.

Walked up, rushed into my room, and BAM! FACEPLANT on my own bed. Very comfy. Heh.

I'm done for tonight. Hands getting rather tired.

Good night and peace out!

August 3, 2009

Tired and stressed.

Well well, it's August. 2 more months left to O levels. It's pretty impossible to finish my homework because I reached home everyday at around 7 pm. By then, I'm already so tired. It sucks to live so far.. And to travel during peak hours is a pain in the ass. BUT. 2 months left. It's a struggle for survival. I'll survive this apocalypse. *lmao, sounds so darn epic*

August is here. I'm gonna show off my desktop again. *grins*


My absolute distraction. *runs*

I have another distraction though, though I'm not gonna say it. Don't scold me, lmao.

It's Monday.. And a pretty long day. I had a Chemistry test in the morning. I studied for 3 hours yesterday and then went to play some games. I forgotten everything again this morning and had to perform a last minute revision. Great, just great. I can't believe I forget the facts so easily. Brain power food much? Fish? Chicken Essence? o.O

History and it's boredom. It was a tad too boring today. A clip just doesn't cut it. It was filled with dialogues, faces and vintage music. Why even put the word "War" in Cold War when it isn't a war? Kinda defeats the purpose eh.. Although cold war in terms of English means giving a cold shoulder or something.

Next up was Maths. I have to be really honest about this.. Mr Kung looks rather dull nowadays. Maybe he's tired I don't know. But I feel he should at least make an effort to show a neutral expression or just smile. All of us are stressed. Mr Chui, on the other hand, brings a lil laughter in the middle to just perk up the class. It's a good thing really. Encouragements are a necessity too, not requirements/expectations (Like we haven't heard em' enough already). Kudos to both teachers for their hardwork. It can be seen through their sweaty shirts!

SS up. We were given a lot of answers for SS. It's gonna help a lot. Memorizing blues.. Sheesh.

PE was next. Played badminton for the whole PE lesson. In short, damn tired.

Took a bus and walked home.

That's all. I'm tired!

Good night and peace out!