August 25, 2009

Oral, oral, oral, ORAL! POPSICLE!

Please don't mind that.. POPSICLE on my blog title. It's there to bring in the blizzard.

Okay, whatever. The emphasis today, you might have guessed, is the O level Oral examinations! It's fucking O level, so why the hell would I not be nervous? It's not like Mother Tongue, where you're allowed a second chance (Shit like this don't come by easily, so cherish it). There were mock Oral examination stations during the 4 periods of English. Really, IT HELPED MANY PEOPLE. The class should thank Mr Siew for helping us in any ways possible, and the two teachers who came, Mr Lam and Mrs Roy. If not for them, I would be dripping balls during the examination..

As for the Oral and all that jazz, it was pretty difficult. Compared to the past 5 days' topics, today was definitely way more difficult. The picture was hard to describe.. Conversation, I probably gonna score really low for it. STILL, WHATEVER IT IS.. I tried my best. I kept my cool, prevented myself from being shaky and nervous. You know, I think I did a pretty good job. But results talk louder than predictions.

So.. I have to just suck it up, like a real man. It's over, dude. The next obstacle is the D&T O level submission, which is THIS FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! WHAT THE FUCK! There's some touching up left.. Binding the folio and stuff will be on Thursday.. Gosh gosh..

*headbangs with a bolster to the maximum!*

Good night and peace out!

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