August 20, 2009

I'm sad.

My maid was admitted into the hospital this morning. I was devastated. She vomited this morning, but I couldn't help her up because I had to attend school. I called my mother when school was almost finishing and she said she had some problems in her appendix area. Probably near the stomach area.

Some of my friends may think.. She's only your maid.

She's not just A maid. She's been with me ever since I was born. She had been taking care of me, enduring all my nonsense and so much more. She's a one of a kind, because I have been hearing bad news about maids in the past years. A maid is still HUMAN, and for that, treat her like one.

I'm sad because.. she had to undergo a surgery when she's already in her 50s. I'm afraid.. I need a listening ear so much.. I don't know. I'm totally distracted now.. I can't even do my D&T folio properly.. O level submission date is just next week.. I can't believe this is happening..

Please get well, Aunt. (I called her Aunt because I accepted her as part of my family)

May God bless you.

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