August 22, 2009

Awesome day.

I went to school for an English workshop. It was just awesome. To those who went there, don't you wish you had her as an English teacher? I personally would want that.. She jokes frequently to keep us alive, and she speaks fluently.

After that, I went to Tiong Bahru's KFC with Derrick and Hock Zheng. They were speaking so much Chinese, that I felt left out! I just listened to my MP3.. Haha.

After I reached home, I took a seat at the park and just gazed at the greenery. I kept thinking. I'm a tad too serious nowadays. My maid's surgery wasn't a life threatening one, yet I panicked so much. It was successful, and probably be discharged after a few more days. She had Appendicitis and Diabetes which she hid from me for quite a while. I'm bottling up my personal feelings, day by day, and it's probably filled to the rim already. Lol. I had to spill it one day.. Maybe I shall wait for the time to be ripe.

To Chungaik, I apologize if I failed to understand you. I tried too hard. But if you need a listening ear, there's always one here. I hope you'll solve your problem soon.

I PUT ON THE BIGGEST SMILE TODAY. And I'm elated all over.
I'm stressed no more.. Awesome, now I can focus on my studies.

Good night and peace out!

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