August 15, 2009

Very humid.

It's been rather humid nowadays. I even thought I'm the only one who feels warm. Well, judging from my temperatures, my average would probably be 37.1+. To add-on, I'm living at the highest storey of my flat, which means my flat is closer to the sun. Yes, it's so damn hot. With my fan turned on the highest speed, I'm still perspiring all over.

This morning, my maid was pouting. One of my neighbors scolded her for placing a broken chair outside. I was the one who placed it outside. Well, my old chair broke and I was awaiting a new one to arrive. The neighbor stated that if the chair catches fire, we will all die. Like seriously? I'm sure the fumes will float upwards, and not downwards eh. But who the hell dies from a burning chair? If you smell the fumes, don't tell me you're gonna sniff all of it and just die like that? That's bullshit! It's not a plastic chair, it's a chair made of black leather, that's all. Like H1N1 isn't enough, people had to get all paranoid over a damn chair. -.-"

I have no idea what's happening in my neighborhood. In the dead of the night, the flat below mine was drilling! For what? I have no idea! It was like 12 midnight! Can't he drill in the morning or something? Why must he drill in midnight? Lmao. He was drilling for 10 minutes straight, and my mum couldn't sleep at all. The next morning, when I went down, I saw black paint smeared all over the driller's flat. Well, someone had to do it after all.. Crazy fella.

My next door neighbor's wife had breast cancer. The thing is, she's pinning all her hopes of getting money for her treatment into 4D lottery. She's outrageous at times, fancy spending $44 on 4D during National Day. I don't know how I can help.. I have my own financial issues, my mum have hers, and my maid too. She's losing so much hair that I almost could not recognize her. Sigh.. I can only just cross my fingers and really pray for her safety.

Money is such a bitch. Saving lives should be priority fucking number 1, not asking for a bunch of notes.. Seriously, fuck doctors who only think of money.

Good day, and peace out!

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