August 31, 2008

For the first time..

Good morning y'all! It's over 12 midnight!
..and it's my first post ever done over 12 midnight. (There might be.. I think)

Yep. I'm actually following a friend's style of studying. He studied from 12 midnight onwards all the way to 5am in the late morning. Now let's see whether I could digest more in the wee hours than in the afternoons. Somehow I'm quite sleepy now.. Who knows, I may fall asleep suddenly.


Mr Abraham Joseph called me yesterday afternoon (It's 31st August already, mind you). God knows why he called my house. Apparently, my mum was out at work and she can't speak English for nuts. I did not ask for his purpose upon calling me, since I ALREADY knew the answer. It's either about my results (My current results only earned me rights to ITE, not Secondary 5) or some problems regarding myself. Right now, I'm feeling rather irked at the fact that he called. Somehow, I'm already mentally prepared for ITE. But I don't want to go there.. I don't know why. That's why I'm mugging like crazy now!

I still want to be with my beloved friends!
I still want to fulfill Suying's wish for me to pass the O levels!
I still want to enter a polytechnic!

I seriously wish that appealing for Secondary 5 is applicable. I'm like so gonna kneel down at Mr Giam's office, knock my head on the floor 1 gazillion times (You didn't think I was gonna do that, eh?). But yeah, I'm gonna beg him for my advancement to Secondary 5 if my results can't earn me the rights. I'm gonna act all dramatic, all horny and whatever! I MUST FUCKING GET INTO SECONDARY 5!

This might be my last blog entry before the examinations.. So, I wanna wish everyone the best for their examinations. Don't give up so easily! Try your best!

(I might update once in a while, to rant, or reply tags.)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 29, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day!

Good evening y'all.

Yes. It's Teacher's day today! I was especially happy today. Because I dreamed of Suying last night, I remembered how we enjoyed our moments together, not a single sorrow. And yes, this dream is trying to tell me something.. I must be optimistic, not pessimistic. I must always look on the bright side of life. Thus, I'm quite happy today!

This post is specially for me to thank the people around me!

I want to thank the class for participating in the skipping competition. You guys pushed yourselves to do at least 2-3 rounds, while other classes had more people. You guys rock!

I want to thank everyone who helped to decorate the leaves and fold the windmill. There are two people I wanna thank the most, Boon Keat and Kaijie! You guys helped to fold the windmill despite not having a pair of scissors! I must say, it's still a job well done! Thank you guys!

I want to thank Miss Pang for enduring our nonsense since the day one you stepped into 3D! I have to admit, there are ups and downs. People hate you sometimes for you nagging. But you'll always be our dear, form coach! Keep smiling and don't always keep a frown on your face! You'll grow wrinkles! Heh!

I want to thank Mr Joseph, our buddy-form coach as well, for enduring our nonsense for SS lessons. Although your lessons are kind of boring, I still managed to digest and still get 21/50 for SS. Thank you!

I want to thank Mr Kung, for your motivational speeches and your never-say-die attitude! You are by far, the best teacher whom ever taught me for Maths. Because of you, my Maths which was hopeless, and now, I'm passing my Maths all the time! Mr Kung! We love you, and we hope you'll stay with us again next year for Secondary 5! But still, I hate Algebra..

I want to thank Mr Chan, for your detention classes and awesome attitude! I'm sorry for quitting Scouts. I know it's a very harsh decision, but I had to do it. I'll always look upon you as a role model, and thanks for everything in PLC 05/06! And because of your detention classes, I woke up my idea and decided to study. Really, thank you!

I want to thank Ms Mah, for enduring our nonsense and still kept on teaching! I love the never-say-die attitude of teachers! And again, because of you, my Chemistry gradually improved and thus, I finally passed my Chemistry paper for the prelims! Thank you!

I want to thank Ms Foo and Mr Leong, for the History lessons. Although I hate your lessons a lot, there's perseverance in you guys. You guys never fail to nag at us. Which is why, we NEED TO WAKE UP! I'm gonna freaking pass the History papers, you'll see. Thank you! HAHAHA!

I want to thank Mr Teo, for being our caring PE teacher and allowing us to play our own sports! You really got the traits of a body-builder, maybe you should go lift weights! HAHAHA! Thank you!

Finally, I want to thank Mr Kwan, for assisting me in my project work and teaching for 3 years! I'll always remember the way you treated me in front of the girls during Secondary 1. HAHA! Unforgettable moments.. Thank you!

And to every teachers out there, THANK YOU FOR TEACHING IN GAN ENG SENG! YOU GUYS ROCK!


Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 28, 2008

Just a summary..

Good evening y'all.

Just for my own preference.. I'll put up my preliminary results and compare it with my Mid-Year results. The differences are so huge!

Mid-Year: Red / Prelims: Blue
English: 56/100 - 65/100 (Improvement of 9 marks!)
Maths: 55/100 - 57/100 (Slight improvement..)
Comb. Humanities: 16/100 - 28/100 (Improvement of 12 marks!)
Comb. Science: 32/100 - 48/100 (Improvement of 16 marks!)
D&T: 33/100 - 59/100 (Improvement of 26 marks!)

Overall, I'm not satisfied with my marks at all. The minimum requirement for Secondary 5 is at least 10 points of below for the best three subjects. Right now, my best are English, Maths and D&T and it only total up to 13 (English: B3, Maths: C5, D&T: C5). So, in actual fact, I'm heading into ITE if I gotten this kind of results for the actual N level examinations. But I love that all my subjects are improving! Some other people are improving in an inverse proportion, haha!

Well for English, it might be better if I leave it alone for now. For me, B3 is a pretty good achievement! I do need to improve my Maths and reach the B3 mark! Likewise for D&T as well, my project folio is set, I can pass already, but the rest of my marks depends all on the theory paper. I failed my Comb. Science by 2 marks, so I get those 2 marks, with a multiplier of 10x! Lastly, for Humanities.. I think I'm gonna revise on this after the N levels, meaning that I'm going to only study 4 subjects, leaving my Humanities alone. I need more time to catch up with everybody. Oh yeah, thank you Shuting for lending me your SS textbook! I need it so badly, haha.

My blog song:

Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane

If I had to
I would put myself right beside you
So let me ask
Would you like that?
Would you like that?

And I don't mind
If you say this love is the last time
So now I'll ask
Do you like that?
Do you like that?


Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
So tell me how it should be.

Try to find out what makes you tick.
As I lie down
Sore and sick.
Do you like that?
Do you like that?

There's a fine line between love and hate.
And I don't mind.
Just let me say that
I like that
I like that

Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
As I burn another page,
As I look the other way.
I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
So tell me how it should be.

Desperate, I will crawl
Waiting for so long
No love, there is no love.
Die for anyone
What have I become?

Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
As I burn another page,
As I look the other way.
I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane.


Tags reply:

AP: Haha! I'm just having some physical problems! Oh and thanks for your kindness! And I bought chocolates for you tomorrow as a teacher's day gift! =D

Chungaik: HAHA! Okay lah, I will do it, happy? Hah! I posted the lyrics as you requested, but alternatively, you can search under Google! Who say you can't do it? YOU CAN DO IT, cus' Nike says so. Buahahaha!


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August 27, 2008

What a painful day.

Good evening y'all.

I had a really eff-ed up day. My back's aching. I had leg cramps. I had a terrible headache. And for the past few days, I have been drowning myself in cold water. I don't know why I refused to use the water heater. Great, John, you're making yourself look like a complete fool here. Somehow, it's hard to live life with the way I am right now. You guys should understand my feelings, if not, the least you guys could do is put yourself in my shoes.

I wish I could be a wandering spirit, hovering every street, every estate and everywhere. I just want to protect my loved ones without them knowing that I existed. Mum's pretty sick now. This morning, she was coughing non-stop, but she still had to work day to night. And the amount of medicine I saw on her table, I felt like crying. I thought it was just a common flu, but there were really a lot of tablet packs and bottle of tincture. And no doubt, she's turning 60 soon and she will be retiring. I can't possibly let her rot at home while I'm serving my National Service. I wish I could find my faithful companion right now, and she could take care of my mum. That was what I thought before until she left the world. It's just so hard to let nature take its course, I just have to use my own hands and speed it up.

Some of you guys may wonder, why am I caring so much for my mum? My mum works everyday, from day to night. Everyday, she reached home with a smile, when in fact, she's feeling so tired inside that she could ask for a holiday immediately. My mum loves me for whoever I am. Although my mum is a bit gullible at times, I recognized her kind intentions but it makes me upset sometimes, haha. Without my mum, I wouldn't be what I am today.

So guys, give each of your parent a big, cuddly hug. Make them feel happy every single day, and most importantly, make them feel that we are one, big, happy family!

Lastly, for my beloved class of 4D and as well as 4E, please work hard for your actual N level examinations next week. We only have a few days left, make this days worthwhile. A few days could easily make a difference out of you. All you have to do is believe, and have faith in yourselves that you CAN DO IT! Good luck everyone!


Tags reply:

Chungaik: Haha, it's okay. Anyway, it doesn't matter whether I get A1 for English. I'll be realistic for once that I can never get an A1 in my whole Secondary life, the least would at least B3. But I always say, I'll try my best. Whether my "best" would earn me the A1 depends totally on my own hands and brain. I hope you will do well for your English. Work hard, man! You can do it!

Timmy: Wowz0rz! Spoken like by true expert (Not professional hahah!). Yeah, I saw your blog and the picture posted was nice! I compared the reflections with Justin's and yours, yours is definitely better. And nope, he wasn't using a tripod. He's merely using his hands to support. He's quite an amateur in photography. Heh. Oh and I linked you, because your blog seems very interesting, hahah. Hope you don't mind eh?

Justin: Don't "Rofl" like me please! Nah, kidding. I thought you were interested in photography? Or is it something else. Lemme see, prawn0graphy eh? HAHA!

Rachel: It's good evening to me, my pretty lady. And good morning to you! Haha! Whew, you can read my mind virtually? Or is there a spycam somewhere.. And NO! I don't want a spank from you, it hurts.. virtually. Heh!

Boon Keat: Hey man! Thanks! Just a little correction. It's spelled as "Continue", not "Contince". Work hard okay? You must pass your English! If you need any spelling tests or whatever, please do look for me or the English pro, Jiemin! Haha! Good luck!


That's all for today!
It's pretty chilly tonight, so I would probably sleep late again. Oh well, it's *winter* anyway.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 26, 2008

So much close calls..

Good evening y'all.

I just had a pretty fucked up day.. Not to mention, I slept at 2am last night because I was feeling really cold. My body got penetrated with chills to the max!

First of all, I received all my marks for the preliminary examinations.. I wouldn't say that it's a good effort, but the improvement is visible. Compared to the Mid-Year results, the preliminaries are definitely better.

My English definitely improved. Before then, I always failed my Paper 2, because of the summary. But now, I'm getting like 13/20 for summary and 10/15 for cloze passage, which is pretty good. The only downside is the letter writing, which was my worst. Hopefully I get a B3 or above for this.

Maths too, improved, not slightly but tremendously. Still, Algebra is my main problem. I did get some Algebra questions correct, but it's probably luck. Overall, I did really well but I need to get closer to the B3 mark!

Science likewise. I failed Science by 2 marks, which WAS A CLOSE CALL! I'm gonna make a little more effort. An effort which is worth 2 marks! NO! It must be worth 20 marks man!

Humanities.. Needless to say, it sucked. I only improved in my Social Studies but not in History. Oh! ANYONE KIND ENOUGH TO LOAN ME A SECONDARY 3 SS TEXTBOOK? Please make sure that you do not need it or you have an extra before loaning. I'll be gladly appreciated by your kind deed! I may even buy chocolates for you! =D

And finally, D&T. My core subject. Passed and happy!

And to those who are having problems with their subjects.. Remember that English is a major subject. Without it, you are basically nothing. You guys know who you are! BUCK UP MAN!


Tags reply:

Fengying: Yeah! The fireworks was downright awesome!

Juihao: Thanks! My keyboard where got nice? Haha! Good luck for your O levels!

Jiemin: Aiyo, I'm not that total noob in Chinese lah! All must study hard! Yeah man!

Rachel: You, another sarcastic person! I'm gonna whack you virtually.. Wahahaha!

Shuting: Woah.. Third person liao. You are so sarcastic! Somemore all caps..

Chungaik: I used toilet papers.. not tissue papers! WAHAHAHA, I owned you! =P

Mengci: Eeeee.. Sweet couple? 2 men? Walao eh. I wanna vomit liao..

Derrick: LOL HAHA! I remember! But that was so long ago.. Kinda embarrassing haha!

Hock Zheng: Yes! But I hate cleaning up the keyboard so thoroughly like that.. So troublesome. >_>

Justin: Yes! Wanna see? HAHAHA!


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 25, 2008



I can't sleep.
It's so cold.
My hairs are standing.
My body is shivering.
My hands are trembling.
My foot are shaking.
My balls are dingling.

But.. Somehow.

I love this *winter* season!

HAHA. Sorry, too random.
Anyway, everyone! HAVE A NICE DAY TOMORROW!
(It's exactly 11.59pm now!)

May God bless everyone!

August 24, 2008

Housekeeping Day!

Good afternoon y'all. (FINALLY, an afternoon post!)

Well. I just finished my housekeeping chores. It was damn tiring, because my body is still aching from yesterday's birthday celebrations. As usual, I threw out lots of rubbish. One thing in particular, my keyboard, which is not cleaned for years.. Quite possibly the worst pile of dust and dirt I seen in my whole life. Just two pictures of my 2 year old keyboard.

See the keyboard? Yeah, I kinda plucked out every single key to wipe them out of dirt completely. It was seriously a tedious job, and plucking them out was like hell. I do not have a special keyboard duster, but I doubt that duster would do much at all. I was using a sort of traditional method used by Justin.. I used two unused toothbrushes, one damp and one dry. So I scrub in between the key holes and dust would stick onto the bristles. Trust me, the dust and dirt accumulated on the bristles were absolutely disgusting. I almost felt like vomiting.. Yuck.

I also used q-tips (Aka cotton buds) and clean the keys with ordinary toilet paper. Didn't want to use tissue papers cus' they cost a lot. It's just too tedious.. Not to mention, there were even strands of hair too! Oh my God, sorry keyboard, I'll take good care of my hair from now onwards.

And here's a closer view of the number keypad. Disgusting isn't it? There were like dust and dirt stuck onto the key holes. Be glad that I didn't show you the QWERTY keypad. You would be surprised by the piles of dust and dirt everywhere.

Anyway, it was difficult to remove the harder-to-reach areas like the corners and the insides of the key holes.

Well, enough of all that dust madness. At least now, my room is fresh and tidy again, or rather, spick and span. I'm left with only a week to study for my N levels. I'm definitely gonna study well, since my room is so fresh! All thanks to myself! xD


Oh and some fireworks display from the Singapore Fireworks Festival. I wasn't there, Justin was. He sent me these few pictures to mesmerize..

The Singapore Flyer is so pretty at night!

..the river looks so calm too.


...and more.

This was my absolute favorite!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Tags reply:

Mengci: HAHAHA! Fire? No need liao. Yesterday you are so wet! HAHAH! Haha, hope you enjoyed yesterday's celebration!

Jiemin: Haha, yes! This skin rocks! And yesterday rocks! Wooooot!

Chungaik: Haha, maybe after the N levels then you teach me GunZ. And don't tag for the sake of tagging!

Shuting: I won't be disheartened! Good luck for you O level prelims and don't grow fat! Hahaha!

Derrick: I see.. Anyway, I changed the skin!

Boon Keat: YEAH! The more I should go to Secondary 5! And you are so evil yesterday! Hahaha! Fancy putting cake onto Mengci's face.. Rofl!

Charlene: Hello Charlene! You take care too! And good luck for your O levels!

Hock Zheng: LOL! I think Boon Keat will say, "Aw.. You smell so sweet..". Hahaha!


That's all for today! Revision starts tomorrow! MUG HARD!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Mengci!

Good evening y'all.

As title states..


生日快乐! *rofl*

..and today was lots of fun!

Definitely one of the best birthday celebrations, despite the rain while BBQ-ing.

We had our own indoor BBQ, thanks to Chungaik's magnificent mother!

We played with foam, soft drinks and plain old water! We were drenched like hell!

And for the finale, headed into Mengci's condominium.

..and birthday girl got her face dirtied by Hock Zheng and Boon Keat! Haha!

After everything, I decided to head home, as I could not continue further.

But at least..

I brought home something.

Body, head, arms and foot aches. xD

I think I'm gonna sleep early today. My eyes are closing..

Well then. Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 22, 2008

Free me.

Can we start appreciating and loving our environments starting from tomorrow?
: )

August 21, 2008

What a turnabout of events.

Good evening y'all.

Man.. I had such a bad day at school, although mine's nothing compared to those who already failed so much. Those who failed one or more of their subjects, don't give up! I may seem that I gave up but I did not. I was merely just tired..

So yeah. I passed D&T and Maths currently. I failed Social Studies. The rest of the papers either have not been marked or needs to be combined. My English.. Hmmm, I guess it was badly done. After all, Mr Sandhu gave that extremely discouraging gesture in front of my face (A thumbs down, repeatedly), so I pretty much know what's the outcome. He did said I passed, but probably a borderline pass. For History, there's not a glimmer of hope left, I don't see why I should elaborate more on this. Chemistry and Physics.. Seemed pretty bad for me. Well, I tried my best, and managed to only get 3 passes, which is enough for Secondary 5 but not O levels.

YUP. Time to get down to even more serious business. I think I may even burn midnight oil.

One week is all we got left. After next week, the N levels will officially begin. Work hard guys. Sacrifice everything for the examinations! Suffer bitterly for now and enjoy the sweet fruits of success at the end. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


Tags reply:

Rachel: Man.. I hate Hangmans.. Lemme see. Can I buy a vowel? LOL.

Jiemin: Yeah man. After the N levels, I gonna get berserk! You also jiayou! Haha!

Chungaik: Haha, talking about GunZ. Felt like playing it back, but it's so tedious to master the skills. I feel more stressful in GunZ then in other games, rofl.

Derrick: Rofl, please elaborate on what you are saying. Word = which words? content? tagboard? And try not to use vulgarities at my blog.. as you might have noticed. Well, Chungaik isn't the only one would say that.. If it was Rachel, you would be damned, rofl..


That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 20, 2008

Finally it's over, and it's a boring day.

Good evening y'all.

When will I say "Good afternoon y'all" eh? We'll see about that.

Anyway, back to what the title says. My preliminary examinations are finally over! We can jump for joy, hop around like little bunnies.. BUT WAIT! Today's the end, tomorrow's the day we'll be getting back our results! So much for celebrations..

Besides, it's just the preliminaries. It's not the actual examination! So my next concern, in fact, BIGGEST concern is my N level examinations. After I get back my papers, I'm gonna rectify every kind of mistake I made, and make sure I'll never, ever commit them again. I'm that crazy now I guess.

Oh and guys, don't procrastinate! I read a newspaper article about studying tips, by radio DJ Utt. Anyone who has this week's Monday newspapers, read the "IN" magazine and you'll find it. I found it rather useful and gonna use it to my advantage.

Well so, after the D&T paper (which was freaking difficult), I went into the gym to do nothing. Around 11.15 am, we headed to the Henderson Market bus stop to hitch a ride to SAFRA. SAFRA's arcade was not open until around 1pm. I guess that the lady had some sort of a date, or maybe not.. The CS session was pretty boring.. The first map we played was fy_poolday. Total boreness, weapons scattered all over the floor, people practically just spraying with their weapons. The next map was de_ratz. It was okay, although my biggest weakness is dealing with AWP-ers. I was aiming for headshots all the time, failed a lot though. They had only played for an hour, where initially we agreed on 2 hours play time. I guess it's because of that lady's punctuality problem.. In the end, me and Chungaik were left behind with 1 hour left of play time. We just played CS together, with bots added.. Bored.

Chungaik and the others left for IMM (I think that's what he said) while I went home. Took a 1 hour ride from SAFRA's bus stop straight to my home's bus stop. Very boring.. I decided not to go home for awhile, and walked around my neighborhood. The breeze was very refreshing and the clouds were very fluffy. Gonna chill out sometimes at the beach with Justin and gang, maybe do some crapping, sharing dirty jokes and most probably, our daily outdoor routine, evening basketball.

Oh and I despise people who always think that they are right, when they are in the wrong initially. Encountered some pesky adults who are fighting over rights. Very childish of them to misbehave in public, people were like glaring at them, wondering whether their brains are pure peas or just pure brainless.

I reached home and stretched myself on my comfy bed. There's no place better than home!

Having finished the examinations, I reached out for my computer and starting listening music. I was also searching for some new MMOs to try out. Nowadays, all MMORPGs are practically the same. You grind, you level, you upgrade, you PvP, there's no end to it! But one MMORPG which I find very special and unique, is none other than Granado Espada. With it's Multi Character Control (MCC) system, you could train 3 characters at once, rather than one character in other games. Its skills are beautiful, wonderfully performed and huge AoEs to spam on creeps. With the added Trance, Rock and Instrumental music ambience, it just creates a whole new atmosphere and new experience to the world of MMORPGs. I would glue myself to Granado Espada for awhile, until a different kind of MMO gets released.


Tags reply:

Chungaik: Man, you sounded sick. Unfortunately, there's no waiting period, rofl. Results are get gonna released by this week or so. *grins*

Rachel: Hey sis. I'm coping well. I'm looking forward to the game which you have bought for me. Sucks to wait for two days for it to arrive.. Glad to have you as a friend, at least I know that I'm never alone. I will definitely visit you when the time comes. Yeah, I like Final Fantasy! But their wallpapers are a little influenced with Hentai. And your last post, ROFL. =D

Passerby: Hi, I don't know you. But when I visited your blog, yeah, I see that you're a polytechnic student and a pretty good person. And your English writing skills are superb! I'm gonna read your blog daily, for new English words!

Hock Zheng: I prefer the old court.. Too much memories. I hate it when new stuff develops out of nowhere.. Zzz.

Fengying: Haha, it's okay. You did nothing wrong. =D

Mengci: Also never invite me. Invite me at the last minute I also won't go lah. xD


That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 19, 2008

Physics and Maths.

Good evening y'all.

Today's papers were HARD! From school to home, I felt negative. Thinking how will I fare for the preliminary examinations. You know what, I rather not think about it.. Being complacent sucks, cus' you'll never know your results until the day arrives. Well then, I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope everything's fine. I can picture myself grieving over the N levels already..

Tomorrow's the last paper! We can celebrate already! But when I heard that the D&T paper has a totally new syllabus, I don't know how I could pass. 3-4 essay questions, choose 2 out of it, seems like a Humanities duplicate to me. Whatever it is, I had better give it my best. And after that, I'll be joining my friends for a game session on Counter Strike. It's been months since I ever played it, I hope that my skills have not turned rusty yet.

Dad gave me a call just now. He was talking to me about Suying. He told me that I'll find a better girlfriend than her.. Honestly, there's no girlfriend nor female friend I had that could match up to her. In fact, she was extraordinary. She's the type who goes for the heart, caring, encouraging, does not criticize and especially, humorous. And that she's gone, I can't find a way to make my day. I arrived at school, and first thing I hear, is nonsense. I went back home, and just sleep in the afternoon which I usually don't. So Dad, if Feng Ying is delivering the message to you, I just wanna say that.. It takes a lifetime to forget someone. It's really hard, but hopefully I'll find another girl like her.. Or rather, I'll just let nature takes its course. Oh yeah, don't tag about this in tagboard. Just want my tagboard freed of distress. If you want to show your concern, please email me at my Yahoo! mail, Google mail or MSN mail. I visit Yahoo! more often, but it's your choice. =P

Yahoo! - (Mail)
Google - (Alternate Mail)
MSN - (Chat)
I'm gonna put it up somewhere on my left panel.

Well.. Enough of emotional distress, once again.

I just don't understand why students in my school are abusing toilet papers. I went to school yesterday morning, while my friends are at the hall having their examinations, I was in the toilet, looking for toilet papers. It's really damn irksome, when you're passing motion and there isn't any paper around. I had to use my own tissue papers. I hope the toilet paper abusers gets screwed over. Seriously, nothing else to do but just wetting toilet paper into a pulp and toss it at the ceiling? That's very childish of them. And meddling with the hand dryer, until the livewire is exposed? They must be mad.. Any unlucky soul who touches the hand dryer accidentally will have an electric shock. I don't know what people are up to these days. Is vandalism a trend? Is it so fun to destroy and break stuff? Complicating life as usual I guess..

And I'm just as worried for the Indoor Sports Hall, which is in development stage right now. Are students gonna abuse the beautiful surroundings inside the hall? I don't know.. The school paid money for these and they have to pay for repair costs every now and then? Now I truly understand why our school is government-aided and not independent, like SJI and RI. I honestly think that the principal could just forget about the dream of our school being independent status. Ruckus, vandals and havoc here and there, I can't even see a slight chance. Good luck, Gan Eng Seng school..

Life just gets more complicated day by day.. Worried for the future.


AP: Does that mean you are our form teacher next year as well? *grins*

Boon Keat: Please elaborate on your "lol". No emotions, no punctuations, no situation, no understand you. >_>

Mengci: You first time know me? Chinah Hotdog! LOL.

Chungaik: It's easy peasy lemon squeezy.. Not lissy. Heard it from Timmy before, rofl.

Jiemin: Just face it, you love my blog. LULZ. Just kiddin'.


That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 18, 2008

Examinations are coming to an end!

Good evening y'all.

Man, these past few days have been raining. Someone's been crying and stopping frequently, I presume? Anyway, the preliminary examinations are coming to an end this Wednesday, with D&T being my last paper. I can finally rest in peace and laughter, man!

So back to today..

I went to school despite having only one paper at 12 pm. I hate staying at home, cus' the computer distracts me from studying. The school starts at 8.45 am, which means I have to assemble on the arena alone. Seemed pretty weird, and friends from 4F said that I'm a one man army, rofl. Anyway, gonna skip the rest of the morning as it's just pure studying.

Physics paper was hard! The thing I'm happy about is that I'm able to finish the paper, except for one question on frequency. Compared to last time, where I did not finish it at all, gave up and slept on the table. Just hoping for a pass, perhaps around 25-27? I'm not setting a high target for Science anyway..

Tomorrow's the Chemistry and Maths paper 2. Let's all hope that the papers are easy! Good luck everyone!


Tags reply:

Hock Zheng: Unfortunately, I can't find a cool looking Ichigo hollow wallpaper.. Ichigo's hollow mask is so cool that it's scares me sometimes. ROFL!

Chungaik: Spaghetti with Mozarella Cheese? CHEESY! I think I got the inequality question correct, thanks to you man! Teachers have high expectations for us, since we are the *destined* ones to go thru to Secondary 5. Quite expected though..

Mengci: LOL, little brother.. *got me thinking dirty for awhile* And thanks for the comment on my skin!

Jiemin: Thanks! I'll try my best to go into Secondary 5! You too!

Boon Keat: Maths paper 2 had better be easy! Maths paper 1 is quite hard man. Oh and today's Physics paper was hard, but mostly likely, I can guarantee a pass.. Probability 0.5. LOL!


That's all for today.
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August 17, 2008

Note to self.

Well.. Tomorrow's is rather weird. I need not attend the first two papers of tomorrow morning, therefore, I'm allowed to go to school at 12 pm. But, I want to study at school from morning until the Physics paper starts.

So anyone who isn't at the midst of any examination wanna join me for studying? Of course, except for those who are having normal lessons.. Besides, coming to school at 12 pm seems pretty weird. The whole examination time table had screwed me up and over.

Anyway, good luck to everyone taking 3 papers tomorrow, it's gonna be hard, I know. Do your best and enjoy later.

That's all.
This is a quick post, but I'm back to studying again. xD

August 15, 2008

History and Maths paper 1.

Good evening y'all.

Short update kay?

History paper is..
total fail,
epic fail,
absolute fail,
extreme fail.
In short, fail fail fail fail. xD

Maths paper 1 is..
maybe can pass..
maybe cannot pass..

Okay, that's all.
I need my weekend break.
See you next week!

Oh I'm in no mood to tag anyone, so don't get the wrong idea. I'm gonna study hard for my Maths paper 2 to fill up the gap!


Boon Keat: Can say next week the paper will be easy? Man, you said that today's paper will be hard, and it DID came out hard for us! Please say that next week's paper will be easy! =D

Derrick: Okay, thanks for correcting my mistake! Good luck for your prelims!

Shuting: Don't be so lazy! Laziness will give you extra fats! English must brush up! Algebra spelled as Alegraba.. Rofl. Hahahahahaha!


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August 14, 2008

Social Studies paper.

Good evening y'all.

Mr Sandhu said that a Formal format for yesterday's letter writing is ACCEPTABLE. People who are grieving over the format, you can ROAR FOR JOY NOW! Oh and he said that I written a bad piece of letter. Ouch. Arrow pierced through my heart much?

Today was the Social Studies paper. I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad. I finished the whole of SBQ and SEQ's first question. The time was insufficient! I did not managed to finish the SEQ's second question, I only wrote a few lines and that's it! All I'm aiming for is just 25/50. If I get those marks, it will be the greatest achievement I had so far! But now, it sounds almost like a dream..

After the paper, I went to Tiong's Subway with Chungaik, to study for 3 hours, until the Chinese students have ended their paper. Honestly, I had not visited Tiong Bahru Plaza for ages, hence I did not know that Subway and some other shops were implemented (I can't find a suitable word for this..). I guess I'm too old already, oh wait, I AM OLD. See, I have white hair! My body aches occasionally, like backbone or chest pains. Signs of ageing? LOL. Oh yeah, thanks Chungaik, for teaching me some Maths problems which I didn't understand.. Can you smell CHEESE? ROFL.

I went to buy a new set of headphones, cus' my old headphones got busted by either myself or someone. Not totally busted, but the hearing is only working at one headphone. Whatever. At least my new headphones play songs at a much higher volume, I LIKE! Oh yeah, thanks Chungaik for recommending me this set of headphones.. Why am I feeling so thankful? Rofl, reminds me of a song by Kelly Clarkson.

Anyway, tomorrow's papers are History and Maths paper 1. History is kinda like the grandparent of Social Studies.. Gonna get prepared for more essay spree. And Maths, I hope I'll have no problems in it. My target is at least, B3. Like 61 and above? Maybe.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Tags reply:

Shuting: I see.. One complicated word? That's good! Check the dictionary then! Learn a new word everyday. Oooo, so you want REAL huh? Heh heh heh.. *evil thoughts*

Jiemin: The Cloze Passage is so confusing! And I don't even know whether a word can be used twice or more.. Aw man. Examination paranoia is killing me. -.-"

Mengci: Of course my Hanyu Pinyin is good! Because it's in English words! LOL.

Chungaik: Yo man. Thanks for the clarification! Lol, highlight only.. I don't know why examinations got such lame rules.. No correction tape/liquid, no highlighter.. Are these even signs of cheating? Rofl. Can you smell CHEESE?


I'm gonna study now.
Esp. Maths. B3, I'm coming for you, baby!

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August 13, 2008

English Paper 1 and 2.

Good evening y'all.

The English Papers today were pretty hard, but I'm able to finish everything on time. I didn't have time to check my papers, because I spent quite a while on those UYOW questions.

For letter writing, above the 5 pointers shows a clue of what kind of format is to be written. But heck, I ignored it. Others may treat it as a blessing, but for me, it's more of a curse. Haha, I chose to be stubborn and wrote my letter in a proposal/report format. I'm not demoralizing anyone, but I honestly feel that the letter should be in proposal/report. Now, I want to know who set this paper!

And for paper 2, damn, it's about the learning of Chinese. Overall, it's pretty easy, except for Passage B, where it's practically flooded with complicated English. I got really lucky for the summary part. I was left with only 15 minutes to finish up the summary, because I took a long time to highlight pointers from the passage. I rushed and fit all my pointers into one, and managed to get a 130 word count! Talk about sudden luck.. But downside is that I had no time to check my papers, man!

For those who felt that they didn't do well, fret not. There's still time for recovery, once we get back our papers, rectified mistakes, we'll be more than ready for the N levels!

Tomorrow's the Social Studies paper.. Man, I slept the whole afternoon because I felt exhausted. Maybe I'll go through Jieying's notes once again. Sucks to be good in English but bad in Humanities.

Oh before I forget.. Can anyone clarify with me whether a word can be used twice or more on a Cloze Passage? Thanks!


Tags reply:

Boon Keat: Thanks, must buck up for tomorrow's paper too!

Shuting: NO! That's not a fact, because I say so! Oh and that "bee", I rather sit on it than sleep with it. No no, I will capture it and show it to you. Hope you scream and run! Hahahaha!

Fengying: Thanks, my happy cousin! Good luck for prelims as well!

Mengci: I know lah! You think my Hanyu Pinyin so lan? Haha! You also jiayou for prelims!

Jiemin: Hello! Good luck to you too!

Chungaik: Don't type in short forms! GL can mean anything! Rofl. Anyway, I know what it is. Good luck for your prelims too!

Hock Zheng: Yeah, I agree! But.. I'm pretty sure that it did not rain before the insect came about.. Ironic!


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August 12, 2008

Last day of luxury.

Good evening y'all.

Some pics.

A huge bee or some sort hovering outside my room window.. It's BIG alright.

Close up view.


And since the prelims are here.. (Pics from Granado Espada, they got a hell lot of emotions)

"OH NO! John don't leave us! We need your mouse!"

But heck, I need to fight with numbers, words, life and society. So..

"MAN, cool! Go for it! V for Victory!"

And finally, a comic.

That's all for today!

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August 11, 2008


Good evening y'all!

You guys must be wondering, "Where did John died to?". Rofl. I usually don't update during the weekends, because it serves as a "holiday" from blogging. Besides, due to unexpected events.. I'm kinda losing my passion for blogging gradually. Fret not, after the examinations are all over, I'm going all out again!

Before I start, there's a hell lot of tags I need to reply to. Replies will be shown at the bottom of this post.

The past few days have been fun! 9 August was Singapore's birthday! Haha, I can't imagine a cake for Singapore, would seem unreal. Initially, I was supposed to go out and workout in the gym with Hock and gang, but I remembered at the last minute that I was supposed to do something extra for my NS registration. I headed to the nearest community center, and finished my stuff. Hell, it took long enough, and by the time I reached home, it was already 2 pm. Man, I had nothing to do at all, I rather not watch the NDP alone in my room! So Justin called me unexpectedly, and asked me to join him and his friends in his mini NDP celebration, rofl.

So.. I went to Justin's house at 6 pm. NDP had already started, we took out the tidbits we bought from 7-eleven. NDP was kinda boring, with the sing-song and all.. In fact, we were waiting for Calefare and First Class to begin, time seems to past by slow when you least expect it. Man, Calefare was humorous! We burst out laughing like hell, and even I, fell down on my butt. God damn, my butt hurts and I'm still laughing.. Rofl. First Class was okay, all the teachers seemed pretty unrealistic. I even thought I heard the word "f*cking" said by the vice-principal while he was checking the new teacher at the main gate. Overall, very unrealistic but yet funny!

That pretty much wrap up National Day for me. I played a bit of Granado Espada with Justin's computer (Goddam 256 RAM, shitty). After that, went for evening basketball, and then went home.

On the 10 and 11 August, I was at home all day, either studying, playing Granado Espada or just sleeping. Of course, studying was my first priority. I studied Physics and Chemistry, I have no problems in English, and I need to brush up on my Algebra, Coordinate Geometry etc for Maths.. ALGEBRA SUCKS OKAY. I racked my brains umpteen times, until I got it. Seriously, I wonder how is Algebra gonna help me in the future.. Like, express b in terms of r and a? Man.. Pesky little letters that could make you bash your head on the wall. BOOO TO ALGEBRA, AND AND, ALL HAIL MENSTRUATION.. *oops I meant Mensuration*

I cleaned up my room a bit, just to make it a little less than a "rubbish dump". But my room always gets dusty after like 2 or 3 hours. And my mother kept on complaining why didn't I clean up my room.. Sucks to live on the top floor of a building, always exposed to the "fresh air" outside. Wished there was a dust sucking mechanism..

Well, that's all for my weekend and Monday. School resumes tomorrow, shit. And the English prelims are on this Wednesday! OH NOES. *bangs wall twice and drop dead*


Anyway, tags reply. (From oldest)

Pamela: It's okay if you don't say hello at all. In fact, I'm rather anti-social, I don't know why, maybe it's because of my indecent appearance, rofl. Anyway, I visited your blog, finally. Took me a while, since I was having problems with LiveJournal, loads really slow. I saw your post, and I'm grateful. You don't have to remove it, it's good to let out your feelings. This fat and ugly "stranger" will thank you for your work! Thank you!

Jiemin: ROFL. You fail. Wahahahahaha. I wonder what we boys are good at..

Derrick: The producer only just finished 6. So.. I guess it may took a few weeks, or months before he creates another one. To add on, making a movie is really hard!

Jeremy: Of course I remember you. I'll remember you for eternity, man. I heard a lot about you through Jiemin. Hey thanks, just hope that she rests in peace. I finally understand your pain, Jer. It's very hard to pull myself together.. Everything just seems to fall apart, and life doesn't seem to work fine.. I appreciate you taking the time to tag my board. Thank you and good luck in life! Peace!

Chungaik: Yeah man, RARE TAGGER. I remember his mini mission of random tagging. Rofl.


That's all.
Not gonna tag today. Gonna sleep soon.
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August 8, 2008

National Day Eve.

Good evening y'all.

Today's National Day Eve.. Well, it's kinda boring except for some performances, like the trash percussion by the military band and the Live Your Dream performances.. But overall, it's okay. Somehow, I missed screaming with the Scouts.. I missed marching too. Gosh, I missed everything. Meh, I pretty much spent half of my life in Scouts. Oh well..

I felt really tired today, so I did not went to study with Kaijie and gang. Instead, I visited places with I spent time with Suying. The void deck, the grassy areas, the playground and so much more. I was indulging myself in reminiscence. Sucks to be me eh. Time to move on with life!

Anyway, here are some videos that I enjoyed. Haha, Maple Story ones. You know I'm the gamer type of person..

(Videos not embedded because it causes lagness =D)

Maple Kombat 1
Maple Kombat 2
Maple Kombat 3
Maple Kombat 4
Maple Kombat 5
Maple Kombat 6
Real life Tekken
Final Fantasy Real life cosplay battles (For FF fans)
Beautiful Song by Faye Wong
FPS Doug!

Harem No Jutsu!
Harem No Jutsu 2!
George Sampson
George Sampson final

That's all I guess..
Can't find ways to make my post interesting.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 7, 2008

Let it rain.

Good evening.

Man, I always wanted it to rain ever since this week's incident. Too much events are happening, but I hope we all learn a lesson from this. We must treasure our loved ones, do not let go of his/her hands, hold it tightly and treat everyday like it's your last. Anything can happen, the fact that death is inevitable. To everyone out there, every couple especially the long lasting couple in my class, please remember my words. I've learned a valuable lesson from this. I must learn to love anyone, be it family, friends, teachers or whoever is closest to us. And because the hardest words to say to anyone is, "I love you".

Life is full of obstacles. Why let the obstacles pwn us, when we can pwn them!
Lastly, love everyone! Don't wait for the last moment to start caring for them!
(Loving.. as in, not gay-ing nor lesbian-ing, but gay-ing is SICK)

OKAY! Enough of all the emotional distress..

4D actually won the cleanest class award today! I was like, "OMFG, YOU EFF-ING SERIOUS?". So it was true, Asha was there, ready to receive the prize and the $30 NTUC vouchers. I felt really happy, but the whole class wasn't clapping.. Next time, when our class wins an award, we must clap loudly, because we do not have a class cheer, unless you remember the cheer we shouted back at the Sec 3 ACE camp.. Anyway, I would to thank the whole class for contributing to the cleanliness of the class, and Chungaik, who helped me SOMETIMES (LOL) in cleaning up the class before CLB lessons! This won't be recognized as a solo effort, but a class effort! Good job guys! Now.. We have to think of a way to get rid of the vouchers.. *smiles*

OMFG YAY! (Screw you if you feel excited about the prelims xD)
Yes yes yes. Chungaik have drawn on the board, how many days, how many hours, and how many minutes we have left for the prelims. But still, the number looks too big so the people aren't pressured at all! It's ONLY NEXT WEEK MAN! Although prelims means nothing but shit, we must test ourselves and rectify all mistakes before the N levels!

Still.. The papers I look most forward to is.. The English paper, Mr Kung's paper and Mr Chan's paper! Yeah, these are the only papers I'm looking forward to. Please do not set it too hard, k? HAHAHA.

Anyway, I kinda took too long to complete this post. I had many conversations in MSN, and I can't multi-task like the girls. Pardon me for that eh!

That's all for today!
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August 6, 2008


Rachel.. Never mind, it's okay.
Have you guys read Rachel's tag? It concerns Suying.

5 days ago. Suying was robbed, raped and murdered. If you guys think I'm bull shitting, I'm not. I talked to her mum over at Skype, she was crying buckets. I only found it out at the start of this week. Before then, Rachel was using Suying's MSN to chat with me, as she did not want me to worry, but too late, it was too weird and I found out soon after. Suying passed away at Sunday, due to loss of blood. I didn't want to tell anyone about this, since this is a very sensitive matter.. I had to say it out sooner or later.. It's hard to keep everything in my heart.

The past few days, I've been feeling remorse. I felt that I should have forced her not to leave Singapore.. But, it was too late. She was having lots of fun after I had introduced her to Rachel. But of all times.. Why did that bastard have to rob her.. Just take her damn money, man.. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RAPE HER AND MURDER HER AS WELL!? Seriously, I really hope that your penis gets fucking rotten, your death be very gruesome, your family gets fucking killed, your whole life gets drown to hell. Hope you rot in hell. You fucking piece of shit. You do not deserve a place in this world, fucker. Go to hell.

I can't describe the feeling I have right now. She was the only girl who acknowledged me even though I'm not good looking.. She was the only girl whom I hold hands with.. She was the only one I shared my true personal feelings with.. I wish I could never let go of your hand, ever since that day.. But why her life have to end this way.. Man..

Sorry guys. I won't be updating further. I need time to pull myself up. I'm in a bad mood for a long time. But finally, I let this matter out of my heart. And now, time will heal all wounds inflicted..

Suying. Please rest in peace. I love you.

Sorry guys.. I won't be replying to any tags.
Good bye.

August 5, 2008


Good evening everyone!

I just came back from the enlightening tuition by Jieying, Jiemin's sister. Really, I've to thank you so much for everything you taught. Right now, I really feel that I could confidently get at least a L3 or above. But now, I have to memorize the book..

So I came back home.. And read someone's blog.
It was.. a rather ugly sight. Fact is I hate it when friends argue.. Especially, long term friends.

But you know what? If anyone is reading this, be sure to open your eyes.

These few days, I'm not in a good mood. I'm like a volcano that can erupt anytime. It's due to some personal matters. Currently, people are disturbing me for no reason. I can take it, I would not get angry although I have my limits. And after reading someone's blog about another person, I feel that something is gonna happen. I wish it will not happen at all, but it's inevitable.

This is the thing. If anyone starts an argument tomorrow of any sort, I'll scream and show the bad side of myself. You will not like it, trust me. If you seen me gone berserk before, you would understand. I hope I make this clear to everyone. If you hadn't read this, too bad.

I honestly feel that vulgar verbal arguments are absolutely immature. If you want to settle it, settle it face to face, and not blow up the matter to the teachers.

That's all.
I'm gonna sleep now.

August 4, 2008

A good day to start with.

Good evening y'all.
It's been so crazy during the weekend. I cleaned my entire house by myself and threw bags of rubbish away. Yeah, I was really bored and since my maid was in the church. That fully wraps my weekend!

Anyway.. Why did I state that today is a good day to start with? For once, I'm really proud of my class. During Miss Pang's lesson, you guys managed to keep quiet and make neccessary remarks. The lesson was very smooth, compared to past lessons where you guys just didn't behave. So yeah, it's a pretty good way to start a week, especially since this is the last week before the start of our N level preliminary examinations. Let's keep it this way, okay guys? Work hard!

Before I forget.. I read Jiemin's post of encouragement to everyone for the N levels. It's well-written and I felt really encouraged and determined to aim for Secondary 5. Thanks!

Just to add-on.. Mr Kung gave us a really encouraging speech in class today. Our class have only 19 people left. Jasper and Yen Weng, well.. I don't know, it's either they come to school to waste their time or just go out with their friends. Well, it's their life, I can't change it. And Peng Zhen, he's been absent for weeks and weeks, I even wondered whether he knows about his critical situation right now, which is English. I mean, even Mengci is able to speak English better as the day goes by, why can't he? Man..

So we only have a week left for preliminary examinations and around 3 weeks for the real deal. Seriously, I hadn't got the confidence to make it to Secondary 5 but, I'll try my very best. These few weeks before the real deal, I'm gonna mug like mad. Oh and since Mr Kung says he doesn't believe in burning the midnight oil, I shall not do so too!

My wish is for the whole class to go up to Secondary 5. I believe in the phrase, "Nobody will be left behind". I'll assure that the class will own next year, be it Sports Fiesta, Class Competitions whatever. I'll do my best.

Do your best, guys! There's no time left. Stop playing your PSP and start cracking now!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 1, 2008

Final words.

Good evening.

I'm here to clear matters up.

Really, all I'm asking for was just simple respect to Miss Pang and other teachers. Is it so hard to just show some respect? We have barely less than 4 weeks to N levels and less than 2 weeks to the preliminary examinations. So, how to show respect? I'm sure you learned respect in Primary schools before, need I say more? And to add on, we're already Secondary 4 students, aged 16+, almost adults soon. Seriously, you can do your part by asking your friend to stop what he is doing, like using the handphone, obstructing the lesson etc.

I agree with what DUDE [: said in most of his/her words. Although PSP isn't the main issue here, but we should learn to put ourselves in other people's shoes. What we are doing here isn't right, we are pressuring Miss Pang and other teachers with our disrespect and ignorance. Moreover, we're so close to the examinations already, the teachers would want to encourage you guys to buck up. I honestly feel that the teacher's success towards a class is not how he or she handles the class, it's how the students LEARN to appreciate the teacher. Without the student's respect, how can the teacher continue teaching effectively?

So my point is clear, all I want is just simple respect to every teacher! It isn't that hard. Or is it really that hard, that it kills?

Before I end here, DUDE [: and Anon, I would like to thank you personally for helping out! If both of you don't mind, could you send an email to, and telling me both your real names. It's okay if you don't want to reveal your name to me. I just wanna thank you guys personally.

Please. No more arguments in my tagboard. Just fulfill my simple request, it could be the last few days of my secondary school life and I want it to be the best. There's no guarantee that I could go on to Secondary 5, but I'll do my best.

Case closed.
If anyone still argues about this, you deserve a jackass stamp on your head.

Naw, please. Lemme enjoy my weekend. You guys had better start studying soon. 30 days isn't long. If you want to enjoy the fruits of success, better start mugging hard now.

Peace out, guys.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.