August 5, 2008


Good evening everyone!

I just came back from the enlightening tuition by Jieying, Jiemin's sister. Really, I've to thank you so much for everything you taught. Right now, I really feel that I could confidently get at least a L3 or above. But now, I have to memorize the book..

So I came back home.. And read someone's blog.
It was.. a rather ugly sight. Fact is I hate it when friends argue.. Especially, long term friends.

But you know what? If anyone is reading this, be sure to open your eyes.

These few days, I'm not in a good mood. I'm like a volcano that can erupt anytime. It's due to some personal matters. Currently, people are disturbing me for no reason. I can take it, I would not get angry although I have my limits. And after reading someone's blog about another person, I feel that something is gonna happen. I wish it will not happen at all, but it's inevitable.

This is the thing. If anyone starts an argument tomorrow of any sort, I'll scream and show the bad side of myself. You will not like it, trust me. If you seen me gone berserk before, you would understand. I hope I make this clear to everyone. If you hadn't read this, too bad.

I honestly feel that vulgar verbal arguments are absolutely immature. If you want to settle it, settle it face to face, and not blow up the matter to the teachers.

That's all.
I'm gonna sleep now.

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