August 19, 2008

Physics and Maths.

Good evening y'all.

Today's papers were HARD! From school to home, I felt negative. Thinking how will I fare for the preliminary examinations. You know what, I rather not think about it.. Being complacent sucks, cus' you'll never know your results until the day arrives. Well then, I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope everything's fine. I can picture myself grieving over the N levels already..

Tomorrow's the last paper! We can celebrate already! But when I heard that the D&T paper has a totally new syllabus, I don't know how I could pass. 3-4 essay questions, choose 2 out of it, seems like a Humanities duplicate to me. Whatever it is, I had better give it my best. And after that, I'll be joining my friends for a game session on Counter Strike. It's been months since I ever played it, I hope that my skills have not turned rusty yet.

Dad gave me a call just now. He was talking to me about Suying. He told me that I'll find a better girlfriend than her.. Honestly, there's no girlfriend nor female friend I had that could match up to her. In fact, she was extraordinary. She's the type who goes for the heart, caring, encouraging, does not criticize and especially, humorous. And that she's gone, I can't find a way to make my day. I arrived at school, and first thing I hear, is nonsense. I went back home, and just sleep in the afternoon which I usually don't. So Dad, if Feng Ying is delivering the message to you, I just wanna say that.. It takes a lifetime to forget someone. It's really hard, but hopefully I'll find another girl like her.. Or rather, I'll just let nature takes its course. Oh yeah, don't tag about this in tagboard. Just want my tagboard freed of distress. If you want to show your concern, please email me at my Yahoo! mail, Google mail or MSN mail. I visit Yahoo! more often, but it's your choice. =P

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I'm gonna put it up somewhere on my left panel.

Well.. Enough of emotional distress, once again.

I just don't understand why students in my school are abusing toilet papers. I went to school yesterday morning, while my friends are at the hall having their examinations, I was in the toilet, looking for toilet papers. It's really damn irksome, when you're passing motion and there isn't any paper around. I had to use my own tissue papers. I hope the toilet paper abusers gets screwed over. Seriously, nothing else to do but just wetting toilet paper into a pulp and toss it at the ceiling? That's very childish of them. And meddling with the hand dryer, until the livewire is exposed? They must be mad.. Any unlucky soul who touches the hand dryer accidentally will have an electric shock. I don't know what people are up to these days. Is vandalism a trend? Is it so fun to destroy and break stuff? Complicating life as usual I guess..

And I'm just as worried for the Indoor Sports Hall, which is in development stage right now. Are students gonna abuse the beautiful surroundings inside the hall? I don't know.. The school paid money for these and they have to pay for repair costs every now and then? Now I truly understand why our school is government-aided and not independent, like SJI and RI. I honestly think that the principal could just forget about the dream of our school being independent status. Ruckus, vandals and havoc here and there, I can't even see a slight chance. Good luck, Gan Eng Seng school..

Life just gets more complicated day by day.. Worried for the future.


AP: Does that mean you are our form teacher next year as well? *grins*

Boon Keat: Please elaborate on your "lol". No emotions, no punctuations, no situation, no understand you. >_>

Mengci: You first time know me? Chinah Hotdog! LOL.

Chungaik: It's easy peasy lemon squeezy.. Not lissy. Heard it from Timmy before, rofl.

Jiemin: Just face it, you love my blog. LULZ. Just kiddin'.


That's all for today!
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