August 4, 2008

A good day to start with.

Good evening y'all.
It's been so crazy during the weekend. I cleaned my entire house by myself and threw bags of rubbish away. Yeah, I was really bored and since my maid was in the church. That fully wraps my weekend!

Anyway.. Why did I state that today is a good day to start with? For once, I'm really proud of my class. During Miss Pang's lesson, you guys managed to keep quiet and make neccessary remarks. The lesson was very smooth, compared to past lessons where you guys just didn't behave. So yeah, it's a pretty good way to start a week, especially since this is the last week before the start of our N level preliminary examinations. Let's keep it this way, okay guys? Work hard!

Before I forget.. I read Jiemin's post of encouragement to everyone for the N levels. It's well-written and I felt really encouraged and determined to aim for Secondary 5. Thanks!

Just to add-on.. Mr Kung gave us a really encouraging speech in class today. Our class have only 19 people left. Jasper and Yen Weng, well.. I don't know, it's either they come to school to waste their time or just go out with their friends. Well, it's their life, I can't change it. And Peng Zhen, he's been absent for weeks and weeks, I even wondered whether he knows about his critical situation right now, which is English. I mean, even Mengci is able to speak English better as the day goes by, why can't he? Man..

So we only have a week left for preliminary examinations and around 3 weeks for the real deal. Seriously, I hadn't got the confidence to make it to Secondary 5 but, I'll try my very best. These few weeks before the real deal, I'm gonna mug like mad. Oh and since Mr Kung says he doesn't believe in burning the midnight oil, I shall not do so too!

My wish is for the whole class to go up to Secondary 5. I believe in the phrase, "Nobody will be left behind". I'll assure that the class will own next year, be it Sports Fiesta, Class Competitions whatever. I'll do my best.

Do your best, guys! There's no time left. Stop playing your PSP and start cracking now!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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