August 14, 2008

Social Studies paper.

Good evening y'all.

Mr Sandhu said that a Formal format for yesterday's letter writing is ACCEPTABLE. People who are grieving over the format, you can ROAR FOR JOY NOW! Oh and he said that I written a bad piece of letter. Ouch. Arrow pierced through my heart much?

Today was the Social Studies paper. I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad. I finished the whole of SBQ and SEQ's first question. The time was insufficient! I did not managed to finish the SEQ's second question, I only wrote a few lines and that's it! All I'm aiming for is just 25/50. If I get those marks, it will be the greatest achievement I had so far! But now, it sounds almost like a dream..

After the paper, I went to Tiong's Subway with Chungaik, to study for 3 hours, until the Chinese students have ended their paper. Honestly, I had not visited Tiong Bahru Plaza for ages, hence I did not know that Subway and some other shops were implemented (I can't find a suitable word for this..). I guess I'm too old already, oh wait, I AM OLD. See, I have white hair! My body aches occasionally, like backbone or chest pains. Signs of ageing? LOL. Oh yeah, thanks Chungaik, for teaching me some Maths problems which I didn't understand.. Can you smell CHEESE? ROFL.

I went to buy a new set of headphones, cus' my old headphones got busted by either myself or someone. Not totally busted, but the hearing is only working at one headphone. Whatever. At least my new headphones play songs at a much higher volume, I LIKE! Oh yeah, thanks Chungaik for recommending me this set of headphones.. Why am I feeling so thankful? Rofl, reminds me of a song by Kelly Clarkson.

Anyway, tomorrow's papers are History and Maths paper 1. History is kinda like the grandparent of Social Studies.. Gonna get prepared for more essay spree. And Maths, I hope I'll have no problems in it. My target is at least, B3. Like 61 and above? Maybe.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Tags reply:

Shuting: I see.. One complicated word? That's good! Check the dictionary then! Learn a new word everyday. Oooo, so you want REAL huh? Heh heh heh.. *evil thoughts*

Jiemin: The Cloze Passage is so confusing! And I don't even know whether a word can be used twice or more.. Aw man. Examination paranoia is killing me. -.-"

Mengci: Of course my Hanyu Pinyin is good! Because it's in English words! LOL.

Chungaik: Yo man. Thanks for the clarification! Lol, highlight only.. I don't know why examinations got such lame rules.. No correction tape/liquid, no highlighter.. Are these even signs of cheating? Rofl. Can you smell CHEESE?


I'm gonna study now.
Esp. Maths. B3, I'm coming for you, baby!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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