August 29, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day!

Good evening y'all.

Yes. It's Teacher's day today! I was especially happy today. Because I dreamed of Suying last night, I remembered how we enjoyed our moments together, not a single sorrow. And yes, this dream is trying to tell me something.. I must be optimistic, not pessimistic. I must always look on the bright side of life. Thus, I'm quite happy today!

This post is specially for me to thank the people around me!

I want to thank the class for participating in the skipping competition. You guys pushed yourselves to do at least 2-3 rounds, while other classes had more people. You guys rock!

I want to thank everyone who helped to decorate the leaves and fold the windmill. There are two people I wanna thank the most, Boon Keat and Kaijie! You guys helped to fold the windmill despite not having a pair of scissors! I must say, it's still a job well done! Thank you guys!

I want to thank Miss Pang for enduring our nonsense since the day one you stepped into 3D! I have to admit, there are ups and downs. People hate you sometimes for you nagging. But you'll always be our dear, form coach! Keep smiling and don't always keep a frown on your face! You'll grow wrinkles! Heh!

I want to thank Mr Joseph, our buddy-form coach as well, for enduring our nonsense for SS lessons. Although your lessons are kind of boring, I still managed to digest and still get 21/50 for SS. Thank you!

I want to thank Mr Kung, for your motivational speeches and your never-say-die attitude! You are by far, the best teacher whom ever taught me for Maths. Because of you, my Maths which was hopeless, and now, I'm passing my Maths all the time! Mr Kung! We love you, and we hope you'll stay with us again next year for Secondary 5! But still, I hate Algebra..

I want to thank Mr Chan, for your detention classes and awesome attitude! I'm sorry for quitting Scouts. I know it's a very harsh decision, but I had to do it. I'll always look upon you as a role model, and thanks for everything in PLC 05/06! And because of your detention classes, I woke up my idea and decided to study. Really, thank you!

I want to thank Ms Mah, for enduring our nonsense and still kept on teaching! I love the never-say-die attitude of teachers! And again, because of you, my Chemistry gradually improved and thus, I finally passed my Chemistry paper for the prelims! Thank you!

I want to thank Ms Foo and Mr Leong, for the History lessons. Although I hate your lessons a lot, there's perseverance in you guys. You guys never fail to nag at us. Which is why, we NEED TO WAKE UP! I'm gonna freaking pass the History papers, you'll see. Thank you! HAHAHA!

I want to thank Mr Teo, for being our caring PE teacher and allowing us to play our own sports! You really got the traits of a body-builder, maybe you should go lift weights! HAHAHA! Thank you!

Finally, I want to thank Mr Kwan, for assisting me in my project work and teaching for 3 years! I'll always remember the way you treated me in front of the girls during Secondary 1. HAHA! Unforgettable moments.. Thank you!

And to every teachers out there, THANK YOU FOR TEACHING IN GAN ENG SENG! YOU GUYS ROCK!


Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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