August 27, 2008

What a painful day.

Good evening y'all.

I had a really eff-ed up day. My back's aching. I had leg cramps. I had a terrible headache. And for the past few days, I have been drowning myself in cold water. I don't know why I refused to use the water heater. Great, John, you're making yourself look like a complete fool here. Somehow, it's hard to live life with the way I am right now. You guys should understand my feelings, if not, the least you guys could do is put yourself in my shoes.

I wish I could be a wandering spirit, hovering every street, every estate and everywhere. I just want to protect my loved ones without them knowing that I existed. Mum's pretty sick now. This morning, she was coughing non-stop, but she still had to work day to night. And the amount of medicine I saw on her table, I felt like crying. I thought it was just a common flu, but there were really a lot of tablet packs and bottle of tincture. And no doubt, she's turning 60 soon and she will be retiring. I can't possibly let her rot at home while I'm serving my National Service. I wish I could find my faithful companion right now, and she could take care of my mum. That was what I thought before until she left the world. It's just so hard to let nature take its course, I just have to use my own hands and speed it up.

Some of you guys may wonder, why am I caring so much for my mum? My mum works everyday, from day to night. Everyday, she reached home with a smile, when in fact, she's feeling so tired inside that she could ask for a holiday immediately. My mum loves me for whoever I am. Although my mum is a bit gullible at times, I recognized her kind intentions but it makes me upset sometimes, haha. Without my mum, I wouldn't be what I am today.

So guys, give each of your parent a big, cuddly hug. Make them feel happy every single day, and most importantly, make them feel that we are one, big, happy family!

Lastly, for my beloved class of 4D and as well as 4E, please work hard for your actual N level examinations next week. We only have a few days left, make this days worthwhile. A few days could easily make a difference out of you. All you have to do is believe, and have faith in yourselves that you CAN DO IT! Good luck everyone!


Tags reply:

Chungaik: Haha, it's okay. Anyway, it doesn't matter whether I get A1 for English. I'll be realistic for once that I can never get an A1 in my whole Secondary life, the least would at least B3. But I always say, I'll try my best. Whether my "best" would earn me the A1 depends totally on my own hands and brain. I hope you will do well for your English. Work hard, man! You can do it!

Timmy: Wowz0rz! Spoken like by true expert (Not professional hahah!). Yeah, I saw your blog and the picture posted was nice! I compared the reflections with Justin's and yours, yours is definitely better. And nope, he wasn't using a tripod. He's merely using his hands to support. He's quite an amateur in photography. Heh. Oh and I linked you, because your blog seems very interesting, hahah. Hope you don't mind eh?

Justin: Don't "Rofl" like me please! Nah, kidding. I thought you were interested in photography? Or is it something else. Lemme see, prawn0graphy eh? HAHA!

Rachel: It's good evening to me, my pretty lady. And good morning to you! Haha! Whew, you can read my mind virtually? Or is there a spycam somewhere.. And NO! I don't want a spank from you, it hurts.. virtually. Heh!

Boon Keat: Hey man! Thanks! Just a little correction. It's spelled as "Continue", not "Contince". Work hard okay? You must pass your English! If you need any spelling tests or whatever, please do look for me or the English pro, Jiemin! Haha! Good luck!


That's all for today!
It's pretty chilly tonight, so I would probably sleep late again. Oh well, it's *winter* anyway.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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