August 11, 2008


Good evening y'all!

You guys must be wondering, "Where did John died to?". Rofl. I usually don't update during the weekends, because it serves as a "holiday" from blogging. Besides, due to unexpected events.. I'm kinda losing my passion for blogging gradually. Fret not, after the examinations are all over, I'm going all out again!

Before I start, there's a hell lot of tags I need to reply to. Replies will be shown at the bottom of this post.

The past few days have been fun! 9 August was Singapore's birthday! Haha, I can't imagine a cake for Singapore, would seem unreal. Initially, I was supposed to go out and workout in the gym with Hock and gang, but I remembered at the last minute that I was supposed to do something extra for my NS registration. I headed to the nearest community center, and finished my stuff. Hell, it took long enough, and by the time I reached home, it was already 2 pm. Man, I had nothing to do at all, I rather not watch the NDP alone in my room! So Justin called me unexpectedly, and asked me to join him and his friends in his mini NDP celebration, rofl.

So.. I went to Justin's house at 6 pm. NDP had already started, we took out the tidbits we bought from 7-eleven. NDP was kinda boring, with the sing-song and all.. In fact, we were waiting for Calefare and First Class to begin, time seems to past by slow when you least expect it. Man, Calefare was humorous! We burst out laughing like hell, and even I, fell down on my butt. God damn, my butt hurts and I'm still laughing.. Rofl. First Class was okay, all the teachers seemed pretty unrealistic. I even thought I heard the word "f*cking" said by the vice-principal while he was checking the new teacher at the main gate. Overall, very unrealistic but yet funny!

That pretty much wrap up National Day for me. I played a bit of Granado Espada with Justin's computer (Goddam 256 RAM, shitty). After that, went for evening basketball, and then went home.

On the 10 and 11 August, I was at home all day, either studying, playing Granado Espada or just sleeping. Of course, studying was my first priority. I studied Physics and Chemistry, I have no problems in English, and I need to brush up on my Algebra, Coordinate Geometry etc for Maths.. ALGEBRA SUCKS OKAY. I racked my brains umpteen times, until I got it. Seriously, I wonder how is Algebra gonna help me in the future.. Like, express b in terms of r and a? Man.. Pesky little letters that could make you bash your head on the wall. BOOO TO ALGEBRA, AND AND, ALL HAIL MENSTRUATION.. *oops I meant Mensuration*

I cleaned up my room a bit, just to make it a little less than a "rubbish dump". But my room always gets dusty after like 2 or 3 hours. And my mother kept on complaining why didn't I clean up my room.. Sucks to live on the top floor of a building, always exposed to the "fresh air" outside. Wished there was a dust sucking mechanism..

Well, that's all for my weekend and Monday. School resumes tomorrow, shit. And the English prelims are on this Wednesday! OH NOES. *bangs wall twice and drop dead*


Anyway, tags reply. (From oldest)

Pamela: It's okay if you don't say hello at all. In fact, I'm rather anti-social, I don't know why, maybe it's because of my indecent appearance, rofl. Anyway, I visited your blog, finally. Took me a while, since I was having problems with LiveJournal, loads really slow. I saw your post, and I'm grateful. You don't have to remove it, it's good to let out your feelings. This fat and ugly "stranger" will thank you for your work! Thank you!

Jiemin: ROFL. You fail. Wahahahahaha. I wonder what we boys are good at..

Derrick: The producer only just finished 6. So.. I guess it may took a few weeks, or months before he creates another one. To add on, making a movie is really hard!

Jeremy: Of course I remember you. I'll remember you for eternity, man. I heard a lot about you through Jiemin. Hey thanks, just hope that she rests in peace. I finally understand your pain, Jer. It's very hard to pull myself together.. Everything just seems to fall apart, and life doesn't seem to work fine.. I appreciate you taking the time to tag my board. Thank you and good luck in life! Peace!

Chungaik: Yeah man, RARE TAGGER. I remember his mini mission of random tagging. Rofl.


That's all.
Not gonna tag today. Gonna sleep soon.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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