August 7, 2008

Let it rain.

Good evening.

Man, I always wanted it to rain ever since this week's incident. Too much events are happening, but I hope we all learn a lesson from this. We must treasure our loved ones, do not let go of his/her hands, hold it tightly and treat everyday like it's your last. Anything can happen, the fact that death is inevitable. To everyone out there, every couple especially the long lasting couple in my class, please remember my words. I've learned a valuable lesson from this. I must learn to love anyone, be it family, friends, teachers or whoever is closest to us. And because the hardest words to say to anyone is, "I love you".

Life is full of obstacles. Why let the obstacles pwn us, when we can pwn them!
Lastly, love everyone! Don't wait for the last moment to start caring for them!
(Loving.. as in, not gay-ing nor lesbian-ing, but gay-ing is SICK)

OKAY! Enough of all the emotional distress..

4D actually won the cleanest class award today! I was like, "OMFG, YOU EFF-ING SERIOUS?". So it was true, Asha was there, ready to receive the prize and the $30 NTUC vouchers. I felt really happy, but the whole class wasn't clapping.. Next time, when our class wins an award, we must clap loudly, because we do not have a class cheer, unless you remember the cheer we shouted back at the Sec 3 ACE camp.. Anyway, I would to thank the whole class for contributing to the cleanliness of the class, and Chungaik, who helped me SOMETIMES (LOL) in cleaning up the class before CLB lessons! This won't be recognized as a solo effort, but a class effort! Good job guys! Now.. We have to think of a way to get rid of the vouchers.. *smiles*

OMFG YAY! (Screw you if you feel excited about the prelims xD)
Yes yes yes. Chungaik have drawn on the board, how many days, how many hours, and how many minutes we have left for the prelims. But still, the number looks too big so the people aren't pressured at all! It's ONLY NEXT WEEK MAN! Although prelims means nothing but shit, we must test ourselves and rectify all mistakes before the N levels!

Still.. The papers I look most forward to is.. The English paper, Mr Kung's paper and Mr Chan's paper! Yeah, these are the only papers I'm looking forward to. Please do not set it too hard, k? HAHAHA.

Anyway, I kinda took too long to complete this post. I had many conversations in MSN, and I can't multi-task like the girls. Pardon me for that eh!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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