August 13, 2008

English Paper 1 and 2.

Good evening y'all.

The English Papers today were pretty hard, but I'm able to finish everything on time. I didn't have time to check my papers, because I spent quite a while on those UYOW questions.

For letter writing, above the 5 pointers shows a clue of what kind of format is to be written. But heck, I ignored it. Others may treat it as a blessing, but for me, it's more of a curse. Haha, I chose to be stubborn and wrote my letter in a proposal/report format. I'm not demoralizing anyone, but I honestly feel that the letter should be in proposal/report. Now, I want to know who set this paper!

And for paper 2, damn, it's about the learning of Chinese. Overall, it's pretty easy, except for Passage B, where it's practically flooded with complicated English. I got really lucky for the summary part. I was left with only 15 minutes to finish up the summary, because I took a long time to highlight pointers from the passage. I rushed and fit all my pointers into one, and managed to get a 130 word count! Talk about sudden luck.. But downside is that I had no time to check my papers, man!

For those who felt that they didn't do well, fret not. There's still time for recovery, once we get back our papers, rectified mistakes, we'll be more than ready for the N levels!

Tomorrow's the Social Studies paper.. Man, I slept the whole afternoon because I felt exhausted. Maybe I'll go through Jieying's notes once again. Sucks to be good in English but bad in Humanities.

Oh before I forget.. Can anyone clarify with me whether a word can be used twice or more on a Cloze Passage? Thanks!


Tags reply:

Boon Keat: Thanks, must buck up for tomorrow's paper too!

Shuting: NO! That's not a fact, because I say so! Oh and that "bee", I rather sit on it than sleep with it. No no, I will capture it and show it to you. Hope you scream and run! Hahahaha!

Fengying: Thanks, my happy cousin! Good luck for prelims as well!

Mengci: I know lah! You think my Hanyu Pinyin so lan? Haha! You also jiayou for prelims!

Jiemin: Hello! Good luck to you too!

Chungaik: Don't type in short forms! GL can mean anything! Rofl. Anyway, I know what it is. Good luck for your prelims too!

Hock Zheng: Yeah, I agree! But.. I'm pretty sure that it did not rain before the insect came about.. Ironic!


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