August 18, 2008

Examinations are coming to an end!

Good evening y'all.

Man, these past few days have been raining. Someone's been crying and stopping frequently, I presume? Anyway, the preliminary examinations are coming to an end this Wednesday, with D&T being my last paper. I can finally rest in peace and laughter, man!

So back to today..

I went to school despite having only one paper at 12 pm. I hate staying at home, cus' the computer distracts me from studying. The school starts at 8.45 am, which means I have to assemble on the arena alone. Seemed pretty weird, and friends from 4F said that I'm a one man army, rofl. Anyway, gonna skip the rest of the morning as it's just pure studying.

Physics paper was hard! The thing I'm happy about is that I'm able to finish the paper, except for one question on frequency. Compared to last time, where I did not finish it at all, gave up and slept on the table. Just hoping for a pass, perhaps around 25-27? I'm not setting a high target for Science anyway..

Tomorrow's the Chemistry and Maths paper 2. Let's all hope that the papers are easy! Good luck everyone!


Tags reply:

Hock Zheng: Unfortunately, I can't find a cool looking Ichigo hollow wallpaper.. Ichigo's hollow mask is so cool that it's scares me sometimes. ROFL!

Chungaik: Spaghetti with Mozarella Cheese? CHEESY! I think I got the inequality question correct, thanks to you man! Teachers have high expectations for us, since we are the *destined* ones to go thru to Secondary 5. Quite expected though..

Mengci: LOL, little brother.. *got me thinking dirty for awhile* And thanks for the comment on my skin!

Jiemin: Thanks! I'll try my best to go into Secondary 5! You too!

Boon Keat: Maths paper 2 had better be easy! Maths paper 1 is quite hard man. Oh and today's Physics paper was hard, but mostly likely, I can guarantee a pass.. Probability 0.5. LOL!


That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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