August 20, 2008

Finally it's over, and it's a boring day.

Good evening y'all.

When will I say "Good afternoon y'all" eh? We'll see about that.

Anyway, back to what the title says. My preliminary examinations are finally over! We can jump for joy, hop around like little bunnies.. BUT WAIT! Today's the end, tomorrow's the day we'll be getting back our results! So much for celebrations..

Besides, it's just the preliminaries. It's not the actual examination! So my next concern, in fact, BIGGEST concern is my N level examinations. After I get back my papers, I'm gonna rectify every kind of mistake I made, and make sure I'll never, ever commit them again. I'm that crazy now I guess.

Oh and guys, don't procrastinate! I read a newspaper article about studying tips, by radio DJ Utt. Anyone who has this week's Monday newspapers, read the "IN" magazine and you'll find it. I found it rather useful and gonna use it to my advantage.

Well so, after the D&T paper (which was freaking difficult), I went into the gym to do nothing. Around 11.15 am, we headed to the Henderson Market bus stop to hitch a ride to SAFRA. SAFRA's arcade was not open until around 1pm. I guess that the lady had some sort of a date, or maybe not.. The CS session was pretty boring.. The first map we played was fy_poolday. Total boreness, weapons scattered all over the floor, people practically just spraying with their weapons. The next map was de_ratz. It was okay, although my biggest weakness is dealing with AWP-ers. I was aiming for headshots all the time, failed a lot though. They had only played for an hour, where initially we agreed on 2 hours play time. I guess it's because of that lady's punctuality problem.. In the end, me and Chungaik were left behind with 1 hour left of play time. We just played CS together, with bots added.. Bored.

Chungaik and the others left for IMM (I think that's what he said) while I went home. Took a 1 hour ride from SAFRA's bus stop straight to my home's bus stop. Very boring.. I decided not to go home for awhile, and walked around my neighborhood. The breeze was very refreshing and the clouds were very fluffy. Gonna chill out sometimes at the beach with Justin and gang, maybe do some crapping, sharing dirty jokes and most probably, our daily outdoor routine, evening basketball.

Oh and I despise people who always think that they are right, when they are in the wrong initially. Encountered some pesky adults who are fighting over rights. Very childish of them to misbehave in public, people were like glaring at them, wondering whether their brains are pure peas or just pure brainless.

I reached home and stretched myself on my comfy bed. There's no place better than home!

Having finished the examinations, I reached out for my computer and starting listening music. I was also searching for some new MMOs to try out. Nowadays, all MMORPGs are practically the same. You grind, you level, you upgrade, you PvP, there's no end to it! But one MMORPG which I find very special and unique, is none other than Granado Espada. With it's Multi Character Control (MCC) system, you could train 3 characters at once, rather than one character in other games. Its skills are beautiful, wonderfully performed and huge AoEs to spam on creeps. With the added Trance, Rock and Instrumental music ambience, it just creates a whole new atmosphere and new experience to the world of MMORPGs. I would glue myself to Granado Espada for awhile, until a different kind of MMO gets released.


Tags reply:

Chungaik: Man, you sounded sick. Unfortunately, there's no waiting period, rofl. Results are get gonna released by this week or so. *grins*

Rachel: Hey sis. I'm coping well. I'm looking forward to the game which you have bought for me. Sucks to wait for two days for it to arrive.. Glad to have you as a friend, at least I know that I'm never alone. I will definitely visit you when the time comes. Yeah, I like Final Fantasy! But their wallpapers are a little influenced with Hentai. And your last post, ROFL. =D

Passerby: Hi, I don't know you. But when I visited your blog, yeah, I see that you're a polytechnic student and a pretty good person. And your English writing skills are superb! I'm gonna read your blog daily, for new English words!

Hock Zheng: I prefer the old court.. Too much memories. I hate it when new stuff develops out of nowhere.. Zzz.

Fengying: Haha, it's okay. You did nothing wrong. =D

Mengci: Also never invite me. Invite me at the last minute I also won't go lah. xD


That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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