August 24, 2008

Housekeeping Day!

Good afternoon y'all. (FINALLY, an afternoon post!)

Well. I just finished my housekeeping chores. It was damn tiring, because my body is still aching from yesterday's birthday celebrations. As usual, I threw out lots of rubbish. One thing in particular, my keyboard, which is not cleaned for years.. Quite possibly the worst pile of dust and dirt I seen in my whole life. Just two pictures of my 2 year old keyboard.

See the keyboard? Yeah, I kinda plucked out every single key to wipe them out of dirt completely. It was seriously a tedious job, and plucking them out was like hell. I do not have a special keyboard duster, but I doubt that duster would do much at all. I was using a sort of traditional method used by Justin.. I used two unused toothbrushes, one damp and one dry. So I scrub in between the key holes and dust would stick onto the bristles. Trust me, the dust and dirt accumulated on the bristles were absolutely disgusting. I almost felt like vomiting.. Yuck.

I also used q-tips (Aka cotton buds) and clean the keys with ordinary toilet paper. Didn't want to use tissue papers cus' they cost a lot. It's just too tedious.. Not to mention, there were even strands of hair too! Oh my God, sorry keyboard, I'll take good care of my hair from now onwards.

And here's a closer view of the number keypad. Disgusting isn't it? There were like dust and dirt stuck onto the key holes. Be glad that I didn't show you the QWERTY keypad. You would be surprised by the piles of dust and dirt everywhere.

Anyway, it was difficult to remove the harder-to-reach areas like the corners and the insides of the key holes.

Well, enough of all that dust madness. At least now, my room is fresh and tidy again, or rather, spick and span. I'm left with only a week to study for my N levels. I'm definitely gonna study well, since my room is so fresh! All thanks to myself! xD


Oh and some fireworks display from the Singapore Fireworks Festival. I wasn't there, Justin was. He sent me these few pictures to mesmerize..

The Singapore Flyer is so pretty at night!

..the river looks so calm too.


...and more.

This was my absolute favorite!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Tags reply:

Mengci: HAHAHA! Fire? No need liao. Yesterday you are so wet! HAHAH! Haha, hope you enjoyed yesterday's celebration!

Jiemin: Haha, yes! This skin rocks! And yesterday rocks! Wooooot!

Chungaik: Haha, maybe after the N levels then you teach me GunZ. And don't tag for the sake of tagging!

Shuting: I won't be disheartened! Good luck for you O level prelims and don't grow fat! Hahaha!

Derrick: I see.. Anyway, I changed the skin!

Boon Keat: YEAH! The more I should go to Secondary 5! And you are so evil yesterday! Hahaha! Fancy putting cake onto Mengci's face.. Rofl!

Charlene: Hello Charlene! You take care too! And good luck for your O levels!

Hock Zheng: LOL! I think Boon Keat will say, "Aw.. You smell so sweet..". Hahaha!


That's all for today! Revision starts tomorrow! MUG HARD!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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