August 15, 2008

History and Maths paper 1.

Good evening y'all.

Short update kay?

History paper is..
total fail,
epic fail,
absolute fail,
extreme fail.
In short, fail fail fail fail. xD

Maths paper 1 is..
maybe can pass..
maybe cannot pass..

Okay, that's all.
I need my weekend break.
See you next week!

Oh I'm in no mood to tag anyone, so don't get the wrong idea. I'm gonna study hard for my Maths paper 2 to fill up the gap!


Boon Keat: Can say next week the paper will be easy? Man, you said that today's paper will be hard, and it DID came out hard for us! Please say that next week's paper will be easy! =D

Derrick: Okay, thanks for correcting my mistake! Good luck for your prelims!

Shuting: Don't be so lazy! Laziness will give you extra fats! English must brush up! Algebra spelled as Alegraba.. Rofl. Hahahahahaha!


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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