August 6, 2008


Rachel.. Never mind, it's okay.
Have you guys read Rachel's tag? It concerns Suying.

5 days ago. Suying was robbed, raped and murdered. If you guys think I'm bull shitting, I'm not. I talked to her mum over at Skype, she was crying buckets. I only found it out at the start of this week. Before then, Rachel was using Suying's MSN to chat with me, as she did not want me to worry, but too late, it was too weird and I found out soon after. Suying passed away at Sunday, due to loss of blood. I didn't want to tell anyone about this, since this is a very sensitive matter.. I had to say it out sooner or later.. It's hard to keep everything in my heart.

The past few days, I've been feeling remorse. I felt that I should have forced her not to leave Singapore.. But, it was too late. She was having lots of fun after I had introduced her to Rachel. But of all times.. Why did that bastard have to rob her.. Just take her damn money, man.. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO RAPE HER AND MURDER HER AS WELL!? Seriously, I really hope that your penis gets fucking rotten, your death be very gruesome, your family gets fucking killed, your whole life gets drown to hell. Hope you rot in hell. You fucking piece of shit. You do not deserve a place in this world, fucker. Go to hell.

I can't describe the feeling I have right now. She was the only girl who acknowledged me even though I'm not good looking.. She was the only girl whom I hold hands with.. She was the only one I shared my true personal feelings with.. I wish I could never let go of your hand, ever since that day.. But why her life have to end this way.. Man..

Sorry guys. I won't be updating further. I need time to pull myself up. I'm in a bad mood for a long time. But finally, I let this matter out of my heart. And now, time will heal all wounds inflicted..

Suying. Please rest in peace. I love you.

Sorry guys.. I won't be replying to any tags.
Good bye.

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