April 30, 2007

Hey all! Finally blogging today, with a fresh new look!
Isn't the blogskin cool? Yeah!

Anyway, as usual. Reply of tags!
YIREN: Sure! Send me whenever you are free! Thanks a lot!
ZHENGYEE: Walao! You never tell me that the school library doesn't allow blogging or logging into Friendster accounts. Luckily my eyes super sharp, saw the notice near computers!
JIEMIN: I know why! 'Cause Mr Kung did not inform the class about it. He told one of the guys who are still in the class when recess started. I guessed that guy did not want to tell the class! And yeah, his old marker stinks like mad. At least he changed it!
SHUNHUI: PSP only if 4 or above subject passes for Mid Year! I doubt I can even make it..

Back to today!
It's been such a long time since i blogged. Eh, maybe only for a few weeks! But still, i missed blogging so much! My mother had to confiscate my mouse and the keyboard away from me as Mid-Year examinations are drawing near. Well, had to be obedient and i listened to her!

Well, it's MONDAY today and LABOUR DAY tomorrow! Meaning, tomorrow there will be no school! Woke up late and reached school damn early, like around 6.25 am or so. Reason being, the buses i'm supposed to ride kept on coming punctually, like when i dropped off bus 131, bus 139 was there already! It was a smooth ride, less traffic meaning lesser stops and more time to reach school.

I walked up to the 4th floor as it rained last night. Had to take an alternate route up, which is by the speaker's corner staircase nearby. Pretty eerie i would say, and at first, i even thought that i encountered a ghost which was actually one of the cleaners upstairs. My heart jumped though. Walking up, with all the lights switched off and hearing things which i shouldn't. Reached the 4th floor and i'm alright! So i'll just wait for the doors to open.

Danilo came. I went inside the classroom, messing around with my phone. It was boring, and there isn't much people around to talk to. Had to wait like 15 minutes until Derrick and some of them came. Finally, i can open my mouth!

And there was the national anthem. The song that nobody sings, not even a hum. Derrick was laughing in front of Mr Pari for god-knows-what.

First period was reading. Well, WHO CARES ABOUT READING PERIODS! Sucks badly. I just played my phone while time goes by. And next was PE. Played basketball with Derrick. I found out that i can score beyond 3-pointers using one hand only. Weird huh, but i tried many times and i scored most of it.

Next was English. Mr Chan assigned English examination papers for us to do. I was too damn tired to even write a word. Rested for awhile but still didn't have the mood to write. So i just slacked through the one period.

Physics was next. And yes, i was awarded 4 demerit points for not completing Pages 1 to 24 of the Physics workbook. Since when not doing homework became part of the demerit system?

Recess was next. Danilo and i had to rearrange the tables for the new seating plan. The new seating plan was kinda weird as there was a huge amount of space in the middle. Wonder what is it for? For Shan Yang to breakdance on it? LOL!

CME was next. Another slack period. Just went around, looking at PSPs, phones, whatever. Time passes very quickly during this kind of periods.

Maths was next. The class did the Paper 2 of last year's Mid-Year papers. It was damn tough! Out of the 12 questions in it, i managed to do only 4 of it! Man, if this is how the Paper 2 this Thursday is gonna be, i'll be damned!

After school, i went home and started some homework.

Some random pictures i took with my 6288..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 for the Playstation, which broke 2 years ago.. *cries*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Nice view outside my house window!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My space in my room! Messy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Wholemeal bread with butter. Quite tasty!

And a video taken during recess.. But it's quite short as my phone has low memory..

Some "Krum" Thing..

Anyway, that's all for today!

Mr Kung, i think, wrote to every single student in the call a short note regarding something.. Here's mine..

My Dear John,
You are doing this for the second time. I want you to prove all the teachers wrong that you are able to do very well. You are in control of your life. You, yourself can make a difference! Good luck for MYE!

Wow, this is like the first time a teacher wrote a note for a class, for every single student some more. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Mr Kung for caring for 3D so much!

April 21, 2007

Good evening!

First things first. Reply of tags!
Shunhui: Zzz, until July only? I still got the whole year. =X
Zhengyee: I guess I won't be blogging for awhile. I will be using the library to blog, hope that i won't meet you there!

I woke up quite early today. Around 5am. Don't know why i woke up so early for. Played basketball at the community center, so fun! Nobody at there, meaning I got the full court all to myself! Went for a morning run, it's been ages since I ran in the morning. I can feel that my physical fitness is still as constant as before, even if I did not attend any of the TAF sessions. But still, I have to get rid of my tyre.

Ate breakfast as the usual Saturdays. I did not want to attend Mr Kung's extra lesson today, reason being, I'm too lazy! And everytime Mr Kung uses that smelly marker, I will get a headache! It stinks horribly and hopefully, he will not use that marker.

Derrick, Mun Tat and Kaijie went to my house today. Derrick came for some songs to be transfered into his phone, Mun Tat and Kaijie wanted to play computer games. They came at 12pm and left at 4pm. Btw, I didn't really much hospitality to them, LOL. It's been ages since anyone came to my house.

Mid Year is starting next week already. I don't really think I'm quite ready for it yet, still slacking and doing homeworks at the last minute. I did not do any revision AT ALL! My mum had set me a target. If I pass at least 4 subjects, namely; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and D&T, she will purchase a PSP for me, plus two other games! I had better mug hard from tomorrow onwards!

Anyway, good luck for MYE if you are reading this. YOU WILL NEED IT!

April 19, 2007

Nothing nice to post today.
It's just a happy day though.
Just got information that i'm a half PL and a half Venture.
Well, might as well live by it.
Glad that today's free of fights.
It's much more peaceful yeah.

Anyway, gotta go now.

April 18, 2007

Reply of tags.
(Due to flooded tags =P)
Kimberly: Wow, i actually found your idea quite interesting!
Justin: Well, as an assistant team captain, i can't really do much for the class. Might as well study hard and meet you hopefully. But i'm aiming for JC!
Jiemin: Ya, hopefully that brand new day would be free of fights, whatever. Today's lightning during the rain was kinda gay.
Weeleng: F__k sia, i only keeping my MP3 and he ask me to hand over to him. Shout at me some more, he better give back or else sure kena by me.

Today is one of the worst days i have ever had.

I do not wish to elaborate further, just in case i get beaten up in school. I just want to say, violence isn't going to solve any freaking matter or problem. I kill you, you kill me and you want to call that fair game?

All this fights in the toilets gave me flashbacks about my dad. I was like P4 and my father almost got killed by an axe. I still remember that fucker's face. Banging on my doorstep, saying vulgarities and pouring red paint. Yeah, one of my most frightening moments of my life. In the end, my father had to leave me and my mum so as to keep both of us safe. I'm glad that my mum enlightened me about this, otherwise my imagination would have gone wild.

And now, my dad is still at the hospital in some country having heart problems. Get well soon, want to see you back to normal!

All in all, i just wish that the class would be to normal. Please study hard, and promote to Sec 4. If not, be mentally prepared to regret it when the exam results come out.

That's all.

April 17, 2007

Good evening!
Btw, i stole the keyboard and mouse from my mother's hiding place. LOL.

Firstly, reply of tags!
Jessie: Good morning!
Zhengyee: Walao, don't like that lah. I also good boy one.
Weeleng: Wah, so early tag. Thanks for tagging! I think my test fail liao le..
Gary: Thanks! Btw, he's recovering already. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Anyway, back to blogging.
First period of the day was Chemistry. F__k, i didn't know that there was a test today! I guess that i'm gonna fail the Chemistry test badly. I did it so fast, and obviously, i rushed through the paper. My paper would be an easy one to mark for Ms Mah..

Next was Maths. The only period where everyone in 3D keeps quiet. Did some work.

Next was English. I'm beginning to find Mr Chan's lesson boring. Well, most of the time is just work, work and work. I actually thought that English is meant to be interesting, but not now. I'm not saying that Mr Chan's a lousy teacher, it's just that his method of teaching does not suit me. In the end, i still finished his class work.

Recess was next, listened to my MP3. Feeling guilty for not going TAF. Going for it starting from tomorrow. My MP3 got freaking confiscated by Mr Derek Tan. I was like "WTF?", even i can't even keep my MP3 is it? Seriously, you do need to find some concrete evidence before you even open your mouth. Well, as Derrick said, it's just "suay". But, i'm not happy.

History was next, sat with Kaijie and Derrick. Kaijie and Derrick kept on psycho-ing me of losing my MP3. Argh, almost beat up Derrick man.. He lucky only, LOL!

Chinese lesson was next, Ms Foong asked the class to go out and sit down, while me and some other guys went back to the class to arrange the tables in exam order. Ms Foong asked Kenneth to write down the names on the white board and said that they will be given merit points. As always, we get blamed for doing the correct things. What to do, this is life.

The assembly was next. Once again, i got "paiseh" and went to the stage to speak Malay. I was greeting a girl from the Sec 4 express classes. I guess i'm used to it already, since i did not sweat at all, only when i got back to the class and many guys started saying out my name.

Went to see that Derek Tan. He talked to me in some manner which i do not like. He said he will give it back to me this Friday. F__k, if he do not give it back to me this Friday, you all see what i do to him. Better be a man of your words.

Had to go for a scout meeting with the new PLC today. My new secretary is Tavence and my PL of course is Swee Hong. Good luck to them in the future.

Anyway, gotta go now.

April 15, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin: I can't just work another year like that. It's almost like retaining another year in GESS.
Shunhui: Yeah, it's freaking f__ked up!
Zhengyee: Thanks for the encouragement! You've been the best adviser so fat!
Weeleng: Too much stress already..

Yesterday's campfire preparation was a bad one for me. Screwed up during the flagbreak, that's the key to trouble. We had to re-build the flagstaff time and time again. We also had to do shed PT under Ganesh. Everything was very rush and very tiring. I suddenly had a loss of mind. I started going berserk and almost hit Swee Hong's face. Dang, it's the first i experience this. Suddenly, i received a call from my mum that my dad is having some heart problems. F__k, i'm like f__ked up already and then another problem arises. Had to leave the campfire preparation at 6pm.

And i forgotten that i gave my passport to Mr Pari, so i can't travel to Malaysia to meet my dad. Fortunately, the Malaysian doctor said that my dad is fine and recovering slowly. Get well, dad and have a speedy recovery.

Today, i did nothing but just playing games. Today is also my final day to use the computer, as 14th April had already passed. I could no longer be the PLC's secretary, my mum's decision is final. Played a new game called Scions of Fate. It's quite fun and the oriental music just keeps you playing on!

Here's the web:

If you find it interesting, play it! Come look for me in Earth 4. Playing only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

FYI, i can only use the computer on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Sad for me though. I will still try to blog in the school library!

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

April 12, 2007

This just have to be one of my closest shave ever!
I was like walking on the streets, walking towards my block. Suddenly, i heard a female voice coming from behind. She was screaming, and i did not know why. When i looked in front, a car dashed across me! I was like about a few inches away from the car, it's that little! And suddenly, that girl cried. She looked like a typical Secondary 2 student. Didn't know why she cried, but i said sorry to her and she smiled. Btw, that car should have honked to warn me, but that ass did not.

Nothing special about today's lessons though. I kinda rocked the house during recess time. Especially when i played Ricky Martin's La Copa De La Vida, the world cup theme song for "don't know" which year. I was happy yeah.

As for the scout stuff.
I decided to follow whoever's decision.
As long as i continue.
I will be contented.
But the feeling of serving another year in scouts.
Kinda reminds me of how i retain.
It brought back a lot of bad memories.
And now.
I praying for a miracle.

April 11, 2007

I'm still lamenting today.
The feeling in me just wants me to punch the freaking wall.
I should not have retain, whether for a good or bad cost.
If i stayed on, i could have become a Venture and continue my studies.
Yeah, i really feel like slapping myself now.
Hey, actually, i already did it.
I deserve it.
It's all my fault, all my wrong doings, all my laziness.
Why can't i just wake up last year.

And now, i tried my best to fight for becoming a Venture.
The expression on Hong Liang's face just killed me.
I do not wish retain another year.
My foundation for almost all my subjects is so low, that i can even fail a Sec 2 Maths exam.
My hope in getting into Ventures is so that i can concentrate on my studies and have more time to tutor Swee Hong as a PL.
Hong Liang, if you are reading this, although you will not, i really want to be a Venture.
Please don't compare me with Weijie, he has not even perform his term of office and i already done so.
If Weijie complains, i'll compensate him for sure.
All i need is more free time, more time to study, more time to rest.

I'm still scared.
My brain's still racking.
My heart is beating slowly.
I'm not calm.
I'm not happy, that's for sure.
I'm feel like there are thorns stuck all over my head.
You try to pluck them all, but to no avail, it's impossible to pluck them all without a mirror.
That mirror, is my only hope.
That only hope..
.. has just vanished.

April 10, 2007

Don't wish to talk about school today.
Every thing's just fucked up.
I prayed so hard to become a Venture.
Some how, i just feel that Hong Liang's toying with me.
I do not like it.
I want a definite answer.
An answer that would solve all my sorrows and pain.
You can't expect me to drag this long.
A straight answer is all i need.

Btw, this is about Scouts.
Anyway, bye guys.

April 9, 2007

Yo! I'm blogging today!

It rained today. Kind of happy since we do not have to assemble on the arena for that crappy reading period. I stayed at the 4th floor till the doors open. When the doors are opened, just went inside and act normal. Listen to MP3 and wait till the anthem starts. Derrick asked me to imagine if the anthem is changed to The Anthem by Good Charlotte. LOL!

First period was PE? I almost forgot that the time table have changed once again. Mr Yooooohan took over the PE period. Hey, his name is cool, way cool! Then he talked about the Physics stuff which we are supposed to do like 2 weeks ago. Nothing to do in this period though, talked about Sec 3 camp with Swee Hong.

Second period was English. Mr Chan handed back the spelling test which was done a few days ago. I got about 5 wrong ones and we are supposed to re-write the sentence twice and the word once. Swee Hong's paper got all wrongs and i've got nothing to say but GOOD GAME!

Third and Fourth period was Physics. Ms Leng revised on the Speed Time Graph to the class. Just full concertration in the lesson, didn't want to make trouble for her as she always picks on me!

Recess, stayed in class and listened to MP3. Didn't slept well last night so i slept in the class!

CME was next. Btw, Edwin left school already? Man, he rocked but it's all too fast. Anyway, Ms Leng took over our lesson and insists that we do our revision. The next relief teacher goes by the name of Ms Tho. At least, i can talk with Kaijie and Muntat about MU online. Boring all the way.

Maths was next. Mr Kung was sweating like hell. During the lesson, Zhixun got sabotaged by one of his friends and accidentally went into the class. Mr Kung screamed at him and got him to stand at the back of the class. Zhixun's subject teacher had to fetch him from Mr Kung's lesson. LMAO. I noticed black ink spilled on Mr Kung's right arm. I wonder how he did that!

After school, went for International Friendship Day rehearsal, which is coming this Friday. Acted as flag bearers and watched international dance club danced their way in the arena. They were cool, man!

After that, had PLC about the next batch of PLC. I was kind of shocked as Choon Lian told me that i may not become a Venture. Hey, i'm like "WTF?". Please man, if i'm staying in PLC for another year, then say man! Don't keep it in your darned hearts. The longer you keep it, the more pain i'll get.

Got screwed by Hong Liang as we left school late. Me, Choon Lian, Shunhui and Qihao were caught. Qihao was caught half-naked, dont know how the hell he got half-naked. We were supposed to run 10 rounds around the field, but in the end we did not. Hong Liang let us off with that "happy-but-angry" face expression. Seriously, i can't understand him. I don't know what he wants.. He's like always using SUC as a threat. WTF.

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

April 7, 2007

Yo all!
Happy Good Friday to all of you!

Anyway back to topic.
I was playing MU today morning since i had to leave at 5pm for the PLC farewell dinner. I was kinda pissed while playing MU today. There was this guy named ESPERE who pk-ed me just because i looted his 2m. It was just when i picked up the money then he pk-ed me. And then pk-ed me the second time when i'm at the entrance.

Kaijie wanted to plvl me today when i'm lvl 80. We went to LT6. There was this irritating no life fucker who kept on saying, "hey noob ass, my spot. get lost". I feel like slapping his face in real life. There were noobs trying to ks me, and so i pk-ed them. My name got red, and then i got pk-ed by a dark horse rider. Fuck him man, he made me drop my Adamantine Armor +9, Option and Luck. Freaking extra.

To relieve that anger of mine, i went to sleep and woke up at 4pm. Went to groom myself for the dinner. And went to Suntec City with Sufi.

The dinner was filling and delicious, although i preferred Seoul Garden.. We took pictures, had a PLC meeting together at Starbucks and went home. Some of the PLC members wanted to go OCH. I didn't want to go. I went once already and it was frightening. I feel that life is more precious and the more we should treasure it. We all, have only one life.

Anyway, that's all..
Gotta sleep now.

April 5, 2007

Good evening!
Firstly, reply of tags!

Kimberly: What the hell? Please do not quit!
Justin: Hey thanks man!
Zhengyee: Well, i can see the shiny bit in his eyes. It's not much tears, only a bit. And thanks!
Jessie: Oh ya, you haven't heard my weakness against girls yet. I don't really to talk to girls though, maybe a "Hi" would be ok.. Btw, sorry!
Shunhui: LOL, maybe he's not la.. Not too sure also..
Jiemin: LOL dead.

Back to topic!

Today was so called the last day of the week because tomorrow's Good Friday. Everything seems normal. During assembly, Mr AJ once again, roared and together with the NCC and the basketball team who had won a match with some school. It seems embarrassing but good job to the basketball team! Teased Danilo like mad. He kept on whacking my back like there's no tomorrow. Heh, i used my fist and he's gone, in the wind. LOL.

English was next. I find the English lessons too freaking normal. Everything Mr Chan teaches goes by the syllabus. He never talks off topic. We did class work everyday without fail. I have no problems with him, it's just that, his lessons are just too boring!

Maths was next. Mr Kung roared again today. "STANNNNNND UP! STANNNNNNNNNNNNND UP!", yeah i was like "WTF" when he screamed. My heart almost stopped. Mr Kung likes to scare people eh?

Social Studies was next. Mr Ganesh took over the lessons for today. He said that he's a first timer in SS and he hopes that the class co-operates with him. In my opinion, he has potential in teaching SS! His lessons are interesting and he shared many facts and experiences of his own with the class. The good thing is, he doesn't go by the book, which is in fact, boring!

Recess was next, watched Weeleng and Danilo play Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection. It's damn cool and i'm tempted to get it! Played music on the console. Guess that not many people like Techno..

And it's DOUBLE SCIENCE DAY! Chemistry was next, did some filing up in the purple file. Ms Mah even said that the file is your so called "passport" into the Chemistry lab. LMAO. Watched Ms Mah perform an experiment of acquiring pure alcohol from a mixed up alcohol and some other stuff. Yeah, we had fun in her lesson while some peeps outside were playing around.

Physics was next. Ms Leng was absent and Ms Tay took over. Her lessons were good too. She doesn't go by the book and uses slide shows to teach. That's all for school day!

Had to stay back to see Hong Liang as a PLC. I was actually thinking of what words to say to him. It's been like 1 month since Hong Liang ever talked to us. I already knew something was going wrong, but i did not take any actions as i was paranoid. Hong Liang is the kind of person who is simple, like what Ganesh said. As long as you are doing your role as your appointment, he can see that you are working hard.

And then, we met Hong Liang in the Physics lab. We had a heart to heart talk together for well over 1.5 hours. He has ended the cold war between us, but he still doesn't want to turn up for the dinner tomorrow.. Well, there's actually no point for him to come. Since PLC have not grown up as he said, he feels that there's no need for him to show up. He rather reflect on what he has done and remedy the mistake. Good luck to him anyway.

That's all for today!
Good Friday's tomorrow!
Have a good day!

April 4, 2007

Hello guys! First of all, reply of tags.
Jiemin: Lol, but the sport fiesta damn boring.. So many "dead" people..
Gary: Wow?
Cheechoong: Wah, is it wrong to listen Chinese songs?
Zhengyee: Lol, i bet this year's campfire would be top-notch!

Yeah, i'm still harping on the basketball match during sport fiesta. We lost to 3A, and it's kind of my fault. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to both Arthur and Weeleng, although they might not read this. As they said, one for all, all for one.

My days in Scouts are getting lesser. I'm going to be a Venture in no time, but still, there are mistakes that we, the seniors, have not remedy. I can honestly say, we failed as leaders. We played a fool, scolded names, spoke vulgarities and do not get the job done on time. I'm only a leader who have served for 6 months and i'm already becoming a Venture. And yeah, Hong Liang screamed at us yesterday. I feel his frustration, roaring through me. If you look closely, he was shedding small drops of tears. I guess he really puts his heart and soul into Scouts.

Everyday in school had just been fun. Especially with my new friends, over the 3 months. Before coming to 3D, I predicted that i will get bullied by the guys in the class. Although my old friends said that they'll protect me, i didn't want to disturb them. Sizes does not matter, whether you are big or small. Even an elephant can be terrified by a rat. But i'm glad that the guys are friendly and easy-going. Thanks guys.

Well, that's all i have to say..


April 1, 2007

Haha, went to play basketball with Justin and gang. Cannot watch movie because too much people.. So in the end.. Yeah.

Nothing much to blog about today. Nobody had gave me any pranks today. Except for some photo album sending in MSN today. Seems suspicious, so i did not click it. A lot of friends clicked it and got some virus, or maybe a prank virus.. A lot of people kept on sending me the same stuff, and typing me some weird message. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!

Played MU almost the whole day.. Then slept. Yesterday's Scout meeting really tire me out. I was like chopping logs the whole day, making firewoods. About producing about 30 firewoods, my hands start to tremble and my head got dizzy.. That's "holding a 20kg axe" for you.

Guess there's nothing much left.
Goodnight and have a good rest!