April 30, 2007

Hey all! Finally blogging today, with a fresh new look!
Isn't the blogskin cool? Yeah!

Anyway, as usual. Reply of tags!
YIREN: Sure! Send me whenever you are free! Thanks a lot!
ZHENGYEE: Walao! You never tell me that the school library doesn't allow blogging or logging into Friendster accounts. Luckily my eyes super sharp, saw the notice near computers!
JIEMIN: I know why! 'Cause Mr Kung did not inform the class about it. He told one of the guys who are still in the class when recess started. I guessed that guy did not want to tell the class! And yeah, his old marker stinks like mad. At least he changed it!
SHUNHUI: PSP only if 4 or above subject passes for Mid Year! I doubt I can even make it..

Back to today!
It's been such a long time since i blogged. Eh, maybe only for a few weeks! But still, i missed blogging so much! My mother had to confiscate my mouse and the keyboard away from me as Mid-Year examinations are drawing near. Well, had to be obedient and i listened to her!

Well, it's MONDAY today and LABOUR DAY tomorrow! Meaning, tomorrow there will be no school! Woke up late and reached school damn early, like around 6.25 am or so. Reason being, the buses i'm supposed to ride kept on coming punctually, like when i dropped off bus 131, bus 139 was there already! It was a smooth ride, less traffic meaning lesser stops and more time to reach school.

I walked up to the 4th floor as it rained last night. Had to take an alternate route up, which is by the speaker's corner staircase nearby. Pretty eerie i would say, and at first, i even thought that i encountered a ghost which was actually one of the cleaners upstairs. My heart jumped though. Walking up, with all the lights switched off and hearing things which i shouldn't. Reached the 4th floor and i'm alright! So i'll just wait for the doors to open.

Danilo came. I went inside the classroom, messing around with my phone. It was boring, and there isn't much people around to talk to. Had to wait like 15 minutes until Derrick and some of them came. Finally, i can open my mouth!

And there was the national anthem. The song that nobody sings, not even a hum. Derrick was laughing in front of Mr Pari for god-knows-what.

First period was reading. Well, WHO CARES ABOUT READING PERIODS! Sucks badly. I just played my phone while time goes by. And next was PE. Played basketball with Derrick. I found out that i can score beyond 3-pointers using one hand only. Weird huh, but i tried many times and i scored most of it.

Next was English. Mr Chan assigned English examination papers for us to do. I was too damn tired to even write a word. Rested for awhile but still didn't have the mood to write. So i just slacked through the one period.

Physics was next. And yes, i was awarded 4 demerit points for not completing Pages 1 to 24 of the Physics workbook. Since when not doing homework became part of the demerit system?

Recess was next. Danilo and i had to rearrange the tables for the new seating plan. The new seating plan was kinda weird as there was a huge amount of space in the middle. Wonder what is it for? For Shan Yang to breakdance on it? LOL!

CME was next. Another slack period. Just went around, looking at PSPs, phones, whatever. Time passes very quickly during this kind of periods.

Maths was next. The class did the Paper 2 of last year's Mid-Year papers. It was damn tough! Out of the 12 questions in it, i managed to do only 4 of it! Man, if this is how the Paper 2 this Thursday is gonna be, i'll be damned!

After school, i went home and started some homework.

Some random pictures i took with my 6288..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 for the Playstation, which broke 2 years ago.. *cries*

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Nice view outside my house window!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My space in my room! Messy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Wholemeal bread with butter. Quite tasty!

And a video taken during recess.. But it's quite short as my phone has low memory..

Some "Krum" Thing..

Anyway, that's all for today!

Mr Kung, i think, wrote to every single student in the call a short note regarding something.. Here's mine..

My Dear John,
You are doing this for the second time. I want you to prove all the teachers wrong that you are able to do very well. You are in control of your life. You, yourself can make a difference! Good luck for MYE!

Wow, this is like the first time a teacher wrote a note for a class, for every single student some more. From the bottom of my heart, thanks Mr Kung for caring for 3D so much!

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