April 21, 2007

Good evening!

First things first. Reply of tags!
Shunhui: Zzz, until July only? I still got the whole year. =X
Zhengyee: I guess I won't be blogging for awhile. I will be using the library to blog, hope that i won't meet you there!

I woke up quite early today. Around 5am. Don't know why i woke up so early for. Played basketball at the community center, so fun! Nobody at there, meaning I got the full court all to myself! Went for a morning run, it's been ages since I ran in the morning. I can feel that my physical fitness is still as constant as before, even if I did not attend any of the TAF sessions. But still, I have to get rid of my tyre.

Ate breakfast as the usual Saturdays. I did not want to attend Mr Kung's extra lesson today, reason being, I'm too lazy! And everytime Mr Kung uses that smelly marker, I will get a headache! It stinks horribly and hopefully, he will not use that marker.

Derrick, Mun Tat and Kaijie went to my house today. Derrick came for some songs to be transfered into his phone, Mun Tat and Kaijie wanted to play computer games. They came at 12pm and left at 4pm. Btw, I didn't really much hospitality to them, LOL. It's been ages since anyone came to my house.

Mid Year is starting next week already. I don't really think I'm quite ready for it yet, still slacking and doing homeworks at the last minute. I did not do any revision AT ALL! My mum had set me a target. If I pass at least 4 subjects, namely; English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and D&T, she will purchase a PSP for me, plus two other games! I had better mug hard from tomorrow onwards!

Anyway, good luck for MYE if you are reading this. YOU WILL NEED IT!

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