April 15, 2007

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Jiemin: I can't just work another year like that. It's almost like retaining another year in GESS.
Shunhui: Yeah, it's freaking f__ked up!
Zhengyee: Thanks for the encouragement! You've been the best adviser so fat!
Weeleng: Too much stress already..

Yesterday's campfire preparation was a bad one for me. Screwed up during the flagbreak, that's the key to trouble. We had to re-build the flagstaff time and time again. We also had to do shed PT under Ganesh. Everything was very rush and very tiring. I suddenly had a loss of mind. I started going berserk and almost hit Swee Hong's face. Dang, it's the first i experience this. Suddenly, i received a call from my mum that my dad is having some heart problems. F__k, i'm like f__ked up already and then another problem arises. Had to leave the campfire preparation at 6pm.

And i forgotten that i gave my passport to Mr Pari, so i can't travel to Malaysia to meet my dad. Fortunately, the Malaysian doctor said that my dad is fine and recovering slowly. Get well, dad and have a speedy recovery.

Today, i did nothing but just playing games. Today is also my final day to use the computer, as 14th April had already passed. I could no longer be the PLC's secretary, my mum's decision is final. Played a new game called Scions of Fate. It's quite fun and the oriental music just keeps you playing on!

Here's the web:

If you find it interesting, play it! Come look for me in Earth 4. Playing only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

FYI, i can only use the computer on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Sad for me though. I will still try to blog in the school library!

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

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