April 9, 2007

Yo! I'm blogging today!

It rained today. Kind of happy since we do not have to assemble on the arena for that crappy reading period. I stayed at the 4th floor till the doors open. When the doors are opened, just went inside and act normal. Listen to MP3 and wait till the anthem starts. Derrick asked me to imagine if the anthem is changed to The Anthem by Good Charlotte. LOL!

First period was PE? I almost forgot that the time table have changed once again. Mr Yooooohan took over the PE period. Hey, his name is cool, way cool! Then he talked about the Physics stuff which we are supposed to do like 2 weeks ago. Nothing to do in this period though, talked about Sec 3 camp with Swee Hong.

Second period was English. Mr Chan handed back the spelling test which was done a few days ago. I got about 5 wrong ones and we are supposed to re-write the sentence twice and the word once. Swee Hong's paper got all wrongs and i've got nothing to say but GOOD GAME!

Third and Fourth period was Physics. Ms Leng revised on the Speed Time Graph to the class. Just full concertration in the lesson, didn't want to make trouble for her as she always picks on me!

Recess, stayed in class and listened to MP3. Didn't slept well last night so i slept in the class!

CME was next. Btw, Edwin left school already? Man, he rocked but it's all too fast. Anyway, Ms Leng took over our lesson and insists that we do our revision. The next relief teacher goes by the name of Ms Tho. At least, i can talk with Kaijie and Muntat about MU online. Boring all the way.

Maths was next. Mr Kung was sweating like hell. During the lesson, Zhixun got sabotaged by one of his friends and accidentally went into the class. Mr Kung screamed at him and got him to stand at the back of the class. Zhixun's subject teacher had to fetch him from Mr Kung's lesson. LMAO. I noticed black ink spilled on Mr Kung's right arm. I wonder how he did that!

After school, went for International Friendship Day rehearsal, which is coming this Friday. Acted as flag bearers and watched international dance club danced their way in the arena. They were cool, man!

After that, had PLC about the next batch of PLC. I was kind of shocked as Choon Lian told me that i may not become a Venture. Hey, i'm like "WTF?". Please man, if i'm staying in PLC for another year, then say man! Don't keep it in your darned hearts. The longer you keep it, the more pain i'll get.

Got screwed by Hong Liang as we left school late. Me, Choon Lian, Shunhui and Qihao were caught. Qihao was caught half-naked, dont know how the hell he got half-naked. We were supposed to run 10 rounds around the field, but in the end we did not. Hong Liang let us off with that "happy-but-angry" face expression. Seriously, i can't understand him. I don't know what he wants.. He's like always using SUC as a threat. WTF.

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

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