April 7, 2007

Yo all!
Happy Good Friday to all of you!

Anyway back to topic.
I was playing MU today morning since i had to leave at 5pm for the PLC farewell dinner. I was kinda pissed while playing MU today. There was this guy named ESPERE who pk-ed me just because i looted his 2m. It was just when i picked up the money then he pk-ed me. And then pk-ed me the second time when i'm at the entrance.

Kaijie wanted to plvl me today when i'm lvl 80. We went to LT6. There was this irritating no life fucker who kept on saying, "hey noob ass, my spot. get lost". I feel like slapping his face in real life. There were noobs trying to ks me, and so i pk-ed them. My name got red, and then i got pk-ed by a dark horse rider. Fuck him man, he made me drop my Adamantine Armor +9, Option and Luck. Freaking extra.

To relieve that anger of mine, i went to sleep and woke up at 4pm. Went to groom myself for the dinner. And went to Suntec City with Sufi.

The dinner was filling and delicious, although i preferred Seoul Garden.. We took pictures, had a PLC meeting together at Starbucks and went home. Some of the PLC members wanted to go OCH. I didn't want to go. I went once already and it was frightening. I feel that life is more precious and the more we should treasure it. We all, have only one life.

Anyway, that's all..
Gotta sleep now.

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