April 12, 2007

This just have to be one of my closest shave ever!
I was like walking on the streets, walking towards my block. Suddenly, i heard a female voice coming from behind. She was screaming, and i did not know why. When i looked in front, a car dashed across me! I was like about a few inches away from the car, it's that little! And suddenly, that girl cried. She looked like a typical Secondary 2 student. Didn't know why she cried, but i said sorry to her and she smiled. Btw, that car should have honked to warn me, but that ass did not.

Nothing special about today's lessons though. I kinda rocked the house during recess time. Especially when i played Ricky Martin's La Copa De La Vida, the world cup theme song for "don't know" which year. I was happy yeah.

As for the scout stuff.
I decided to follow whoever's decision.
As long as i continue.
I will be contented.
But the feeling of serving another year in scouts.
Kinda reminds me of how i retain.
It brought back a lot of bad memories.
And now.
I praying for a miracle.

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