April 4, 2007

Hello guys! First of all, reply of tags.
Jiemin: Lol, but the sport fiesta damn boring.. So many "dead" people..
Gary: Wow?
Cheechoong: Wah, is it wrong to listen Chinese songs?
Zhengyee: Lol, i bet this year's campfire would be top-notch!

Yeah, i'm still harping on the basketball match during sport fiesta. We lost to 3A, and it's kind of my fault. I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to both Arthur and Weeleng, although they might not read this. As they said, one for all, all for one.

My days in Scouts are getting lesser. I'm going to be a Venture in no time, but still, there are mistakes that we, the seniors, have not remedy. I can honestly say, we failed as leaders. We played a fool, scolded names, spoke vulgarities and do not get the job done on time. I'm only a leader who have served for 6 months and i'm already becoming a Venture. And yeah, Hong Liang screamed at us yesterday. I feel his frustration, roaring through me. If you look closely, he was shedding small drops of tears. I guess he really puts his heart and soul into Scouts.

Everyday in school had just been fun. Especially with my new friends, over the 3 months. Before coming to 3D, I predicted that i will get bullied by the guys in the class. Although my old friends said that they'll protect me, i didn't want to disturb them. Sizes does not matter, whether you are big or small. Even an elephant can be terrified by a rat. But i'm glad that the guys are friendly and easy-going. Thanks guys.

Well, that's all i have to say..


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