April 1, 2007

Haha, went to play basketball with Justin and gang. Cannot watch movie because too much people.. So in the end.. Yeah.

Nothing much to blog about today. Nobody had gave me any pranks today. Except for some photo album sending in MSN today. Seems suspicious, so i did not click it. A lot of friends clicked it and got some virus, or maybe a prank virus.. A lot of people kept on sending me the same stuff, and typing me some weird message. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!

Played MU almost the whole day.. Then slept. Yesterday's Scout meeting really tire me out. I was like chopping logs the whole day, making firewoods. About producing about 30 firewoods, my hands start to tremble and my head got dizzy.. That's "holding a 20kg axe" for you.

Guess there's nothing much left.
Goodnight and have a good rest!

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