April 21, 2006

Haix.. This is one of the worst week i have ever experienced.. Todae cos of the class behaviour.. Then stand in the sun.. Brings back memories of the past.. But this was worse.. I really feel that class 3b is damn hopeless.. Unless there's a miracle that happen.. I really hope it..

Secondly, my right pinkie got injured.. Accidentally done by Zhaobin, but i already forgive him =p.. Haix.. damn suay.. Then when playing basketball, kena headache and felt like vomitting.. Wth man.. Cant take it and stopped to rest..

Well, hope that next week would be better..

But i noe that..



April 1, 2006

Haha.. Todae was such a nice day.. Although it was April Fool's Day..

This morning, i, Juihao, Zhaobin and someone called "CuteCute" (LOL), gathered and play basketball till afternoon.. It was so fun.. And i learn new tricks.. =p.. But i sprained my ankle and feeling a bit tight in the heart maybe cos i do not exercise often.. Hahaha.. It was fast-paced and action packed.. We played matches, horse, bullet etc.. It ended at 1pm.. I was going home, dirty all over, quite paiseh leh.. I feel smelly too.. Haha..

I reached home.. Took a bath.. And chiong MAPLE! Haiz.. Once i got my computer and my internet modem, nutin goes in my mind other than maple.. I'm kinda addicted huh.. Anyway, i leveled up todae and i got my Drain! xD

Well.. Todae was nice..

Thx for visiting my blog!

May God bless you and have a nice day! xD