March 31, 2007

Yo guys! Long time never blog already, actually it's only 2 days.. LMAO..
Anyway, to start it off, reply of tags!
Kimberly: Yeah, updating now.. RELAX! You sounded stiff..
Carmel: Hi Carmel! You too, take care!
Justin: Set lah! Tomorrow! Watch movie first then basketball! Steady boh!
Jiemin: I dont even know PS well enough. I'm the type who always stays at home, not exploring the world outside..

Just to write about what happen two days ago..
I'm jumping ahead to the Sports Fiesta.

Yeah, the sports fiesta was freaking fun. But unfortunately, me, Weeleng and Arthur did not win our basketball match, which was against 3A. There was Jack, Guohao, Junyang and another person whom i do not know. They were good, and managed to cap it at 15-12.. Then hanged around with Arthur, Weeleng, Danilo, Kaijie, Hock Zheng and Mun Tat in the school, seeing people fainting, road relays and other stalls! Then watched a Floorball match at the 3rd level. It was Pupils versus Teachers, in the end, the pupils won. Danilo had to go for Friday prayers, i was bored until Mr Pari and Edwin told me that i need to go up to the classroom to get the new time table.

When we received the time table, the class burst out arguments and vulgarities. I took a closer look at the time table. I was quiet but my mind went "WTF?". School start at 8am+ is good lah but ends at 5pm+ is HELL NO! In the end, it was all a false alarm and we are supposed to follow the normal school times and follow the new time table.

About today..
Woke up at 5am.. Prepared my Scout stuffs and went to school. Actually i didn't feel like coming for Scouts, because i had minor sprain on my left ankle.. Since it's minor, i didn't cared about it.. Today is campfire preparation cum dry run.. The campfire layout was nice! I have a feeling that the campfire will be a success!

PLC 06/07, let's bring down the house this campfire! This is the only way to show how much we done as PLs for SCOUTS! LET THE DRAGONS ROAR!

That's all..

March 28, 2007

First and foremost! Reply of tags!
Jessie: Hey thanks! And another thanks for linking and tagging me!
Jiemin: PS where got boring. This year CIP, i agree with ya! It's kinda boring.. Zzz..
Kimberly: Ya.. Don't know why also. Well, i've always blog for fun, not for attention..
Justin: HEY SURE! Maybe during weekends? Like Saturday or Sunday?

Today, first thing in the morning, no key to open class again.. Then me and Danilo went down AGAIN to the general office to take the key, along with Siraj. This time, we took Mr Giam's master key. LOL, can you believe that? Anyway, Mr Lim Kian Hoe told us that the door lock would be fixed by today. Well he's not too sure about that..

Yeah. One period of English wasted. Then next was Physics, and Ms Leng told us that today, the class will be having extra lessons. Oh well, better to play safe than sorry. Somemore she said that the makeup lesson will be on the same date. I'm like having CLB every Wednesday. LOL.

Chinese was next. Yay, Ms Foong brought her laptop into the class. Unfortunately, she wanted to use it after i set it up. Argh! She even want me appointed as her Chinese E-Learning Rep.. Luckily i do not have an account for Chinese E-Learning =PP!

Maths was next. It's very obvious that Mr Kung is damn "kan chiong". You see his chest and his back sweating like mad. Woah, i wonder if that's how teachers teach..

Recess. Need i say more?

2 periods of History. Yeah, we did some exam questions for History. I was asked to do Question 3. Got blur in Question 3 and so i asked Edwin for hints!

Another 2 periods of CME! Slack-edd! Edwin did his pupil to teacher interaction. I listened to Danilo's PSP for songs. How i wish i OWN A PSP!

After that, Ms Leng came pretty early and started off by making us do the workbook. Unfortunately, i did not bring my workbook and my textbook. So Ms Leng had to photo copy the pages for me. Thanks and sorry Ms Leng! Jasper and some others did it freaking fast and left already. Mine ended around 3.30pm.

Went home and slept.. Too tired. Actually, everyday's a tiring day. Sometimes after you get back home from school, you feel like sleeping for the whole day and do not want to do revision.

Well, that's all.

March 27, 2007

Went to school as usual. Sat on the arena and after that, went for D&T period. 3 periods!

I merely fooled around during D&T. Then the boys sort of drool over at the girls at the arena, who were having PE. I feel like redoing my mould for my project, but it was too freaking troublesome..

Then had Maths, getting the hang of Pythagoras' Theorem already. Hopefully, i can pass Maths this Mid-Year for the first time! LMAO!

Recess. Played DJ Max on Danilo's Playstation Portable (PSP). Then Derrick come and snatch it away from me. Walao..

English was next. Did another exposition again. Nothing much..

Chinese. Slack period. Set up radio for the Chinese teacher. Basically slacking!

After school, went to the foyer after eating lunch at the canteen. The class left school at around 2pm. Nothing to do though. Just some singing and some interacting with the old folks.

After the CIP, me and some guys played wrestling.. And ya, Mr Lim's shoulders are freaking stone cold! His shoulder hurts..

Some random pictures..

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* In this picture, there are highly censored stuffs, such as pinching of balls etc. As a result, the picture will be blurred! NC16 pl0x!

That's all folks!
Just received news that i'll become a Venture. Hopefully! Crossing my fingers again!


March 26, 2007

It rained badly this morning. The good thing is, we do not have to assemble at the arena. At first, i thought that there will be no PE since it's raining like hell. Lucky, the rain stopped before PE starts, only a bit of drizzling.

Ran 12 rounds around the arena. We are supposed to practice 2.4km today. But the terrain is not very good for running, there was even one part where i almost slipped and fall near the general office. My timing was 11 minutes+, to me it's considered FAIL already.. Then played basketball with Mr Lim and Weeleng. My shoes were wet and i'm totally drenched. My legs were squishy, LOL!

Went back for Maths and learned one of my favorite topics last year, Pythagoras' Theorem.

Recess, stayed in class again. I admit i'm too paranoid, i lost my MP3 once. Didn't want to repeat the history. Watched Weeleng and Danilo played Tekken: Dark Resurrection. It looked cool!

English was next. Did another exposition. Is it me, or the lessons of Mr Chan are getting more boring.. I do wish Mr Tan was back, man..

Chemistry was next, did some paper work and then went to the lab. Did some experiment to collect pure water from some delivery tube. Quite fun actually, well most of time, i was playing with Asha. LOL!

Went home and read the new school magazine in the bus. Felt a bit dizzy after that.. Yeah, it's some phobia or something.

Slept all the way to dinner time. Overall, today's freaking slack-ed..

Tomorrow need to pay $10 for broken door lock, pay $20 to one of my juniors, going old folk's home and must sing! DIE!

The usual phrase..
Goodnight, and have a good rest!

March 25, 2007

Today's a real boring day, well because it's SUNDAY!
And ya, it's freaking HOT too!

Woke up at 12pm. Pretty late for me! Then went for lunch straight away.. Started playing Audition with Weeleng and his friend, Kevin (Not 3D's Kevin). As usual, i'm always at the last position. I'm still very noob at Audition. LMAO. Played until Weeleng level-ed up. Both are freaking pros!

Slept for awhile in the afternoon. Then played Audition with Charlene. Man, she's another freaking pro! I got trashed by her, same goes for Weeleng and Kevin.. Aw man, i'm so easily trashed.. They all say that i'm improving, but i don't feel any difference.. Well, i could perform more perfects though.. There was one thing that Charlene mention, that Scouts are GOH for this year's Speech Day.. Oh godammit, i almost forgot that..

The Scout's discipline is WAY too low, too rowdy to perform footdrill.. I wonder how Scouts is gonna do the GOH this year. Is it better to practice now, or practice 2 months before Speech Day. I don't know.

I seriously want Hong Liang back to PLC. He's the only one who can control us. Please do not call Scouts, dogs, like what Zhixun said. Mention that once again, and i'll break your face, your body and your genitals. Calling Scouts dogs is as good as calling me one, so back off.

Well, that's it for today.. I have not even done my homework.. So much for "chionging homework tomorrow"..

Goodnight, have a good rest!

March 24, 2007

First of all.. Reply of tags.
Shun Hui: You didn't notice meh, most CCA teachers actually sabotage their own people!
Jiemin: LOL, what can i say, today's already over =X
Zhengyee: I know Seawater = Saltwater, but i wonder why the class wow-ed at that.. Ya, friends are the ones that helps you the most. Even the fact is, your friends are even more precious than your parents although in general, your parents are more precious.

Yesterday was one of the worst Scout meetings ever. Could this be retribution for not apologizing to Hong Liang? Maybe, because the sky started to rain on us DURING the activities. There goes my swinging rope.. Then PLC, including me, got punished by Prash and did quite a lot of push ups. Ran like mad to rush people and got drenched as a result. Just one word to describe it all, "SUAY!"

So tired, woke up at 5.00am and washed myself. Trying to stay awake so i drank some coffee. Today, me, Derrick, Kaijie, Weeleng, Jasper along with 3 other girls, Jiemin, Shuting and Ming Xian, went to watch Mr Bean's holiday! LMAO, it's my first time going out with girls and a big group of boys. Oh well, i'm sort of the type that always stays at home, never exploring the world outside.

Mr Bean's holiday was great! I admit that i'm the one who laughs the loudest in the cinema. Well, i'm just being myself and nobody else. The ticket cost $9.50! I was like stunned. I never watched movies for like 6 months and the price of tickets gone up? Actually, it's worth it. The movie was freaking hilarious! And, i chewed on the straw throughout the movie, a bad habit eh? And ya, thanks to the girls for sharing their tidbits with us! Once again, thanks!

After the movie, we went to PC Bunk only to know that it's full. And there wrote, "Please come back after 1hr". I predicted that we won't be able to get place in there, no chance in hell. Then the girls wanted to take neoprints. I backed out, first time taking neoprints, i'm feeling too ugly and fat so i didn't want to destroy the prints. Well, if the all the boys are willing, i would take. But in the end, Derrick and Weeleng took with them =P

Then Derrick and Jasper got to go. Weeleng suggested that me, Kaijie and him accompany the girls for awhile. Went to a musical instrument store, and explore the musical "weapons'. I wanted a drum set, because i like rock songs. Guitars are cool too! Then went to a piano store, and messed with the keys. After that, the boys chit-chat-ed with the girls and then got "separated" in the end.

We decided to go back home yeah. Kaijie went back home himself and i accompanied Weeleng to the bus stop. Talked about some history of 2D and he went home in bus 65. I walked home since PS was kinda near my house. Listened my MP3 on the way back.

Reached home and took a bath. I slept for awhile since i did not slept well yesterday. Sent a lot of Techno songs to Weeleng and slept again while the songs are transfered to him. Played Audition and trying everything just to reach Lvl. 7! F__k, i'm like Lvl. 6 for 3 months already!

I don't know why, but i got this feeling of guilt. I don't know what i have done, but my heart just feels tight. Punch me, kick me, throw me or whatever. I just want this feeling off of me.. Maybe i just need a good rest.

Ya, sleeping early tonight and chiong-ing my homework tomorrow!

Thanks for organizing the movie outing today. The movie is what i need to get some stress off of me!

Well, to end it all. Goodnight!

March 23, 2007


March 22, 2007


Everything's normal today. Maybe a bit too normal.. Ya, too normal already.. Well, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Anyway, back to topic. Assembly, yayapapaya.. Then went with Danilo to look for Master Key auntie again. The auntie super complain queen, complain like there's no tomorrow.. What in the blue hell..

First period was maths. Then Mr Kung brought the wrong set of answers to class and we did not do much the one period. Then Mr Giam came into our class and started addressing us. He said mostly on how lucky is our class to have a smaller size population than the other classes. Don't you guys feel lucky to have a small class, rather than a big class where most people can't study?

Next period was 2 periods of English. Didn't know why Mr Chan did not came into our class. In the end, some malay female teacher came to relief us. Talked with Kaiz and the others. Talk about gaming and stuff. We also talked about this Sat for the movie. I feeling sian now, got 3 girls come, i'm sure to get nervous LMAO. Ya, whatever.. My weakness yeah..

Then next was Chemistry. Did a bit of paperwork and then went down to the Chemistry lab and will be making sea water. OMG, Ms Mah is like the most grand one around here.. She merely just mixed salt with water and it come out "SEAWATER"! The class went "WOW" and me too! Simply hilarious..

Recess.. Stayed in class until the class key is remade.. It's so goddamn dangerous to put your stuffs in class. I already lost 6 of my fully filled Pilot G2 pens.. That's like $16 wasted already..

Then it was Chinese.. Really nothing to do at all. The class is doing some sort of paper work so didn't want to disturb them.

SS was next. Heard that Ms Joseph didn't want to teach us anymore.. I was like "WTF".. Danilo already put in so much effort in the SS PowerPoint and she just leaves us like that? I know that the class cannot be tolerated, but at least let those who wanna learn do the presentation dude..

Mr Lim came for the last period to relief us. Listened to groups singing Chinese songs. Kinda nice and smooth. I didn't want to sing Collide.. I'm more of a Green Day fan.. I like fast songs and some RNB.

After school, carried Mr Lim's guitar all the way to the staffroom. Then Ms Shirley Tan gave me something encouraging.. She has been helping me since i was Sec 2.. I was a chairman back then and the class is super rowdy, the kind of class you wouldn't want to take when your a teacher. I cried on the second of me being a chairman, and ya, i was a bit timid that time. The guys roared "WAH CHAIRMAN BIG F*** AH?", cannot be controlled.. We had "regular" visits by Mr Mui and i had to sacrifice a lot for the class. Which brought in my studies, and it dropped a lot.. I had a lot of stress too. Well, all teachers except Ms Tan and maybe a few others like Ms Chui, Mdm Foo, Mr Low etc, always gave the same answers like managing your time properly..

Enough of that, now to Scouts.. Had to finish an obstacle course for tomorrow's friday meeting. Mine was a rope swinging obstacle where the person had to cross a river by using only the rope and nothing else.. Hope tomorrow's meeting would be a success!

Looking forward to this Sat for the movie and 2 hours in PC Bunk. Hope that more people will come for the outing yeah. Hopefully, i will make new friends! I'm friendly, okay..

Okay, goodnight and have a good rest!

March 21, 2007

Super enthusiastic today. Don't know where i got this energy from. LOL!

Anyway, today at least not boring. Woke up and was delighted to see that it's raining. Means, we do not have to assemble on the arena! Went to school early, and there's no people at all. Went up to the classroom and listening my MP3 all the way. Had to accompany Danilo to get that freaking master key from that lady. Took over 25 minutes just to get that key. She kept on complaining why we lost the key. F__k, it's not as if it's our fault right? Finally opened the class before the anthem starts.

First lesson of the DAY! English o.O
Saw Mr Chan and ANOTHER trainee teacher. Are trainee teachers the trend nowadays? Anyway, Mr Chan spoke to the class about his feelings. Nothing to comment about that. Basically, almost all teachers said that they are from Normal Academic or Technical.

Second and Third lesson of the DAY? Physics!
The Physics periods were kinda screwed up. Ms Leng thought that the Physics lesson starts at the second period. As a result, we got a free period and guys kicking bottles everywhere. MS Leng didn't have much to teach after she came for the second period. What to do? Blame on the teacher who GAVE you the time table!

Slept all the waaaaaaaay............................

Fifth lesson of the DAY?!? MATHS!
Mr Kung once again, have not gone through the holiday assignments yet. And ya, i freaking loving the 3rd formula taught by him. So easy to do, and it kills any equation that comes in your way! LOL, Mr Kung's fantasies..

Stayed in class.. And listened to my MP3 for 30 minutes.. And the battery died.. In front of me.. OMG! R.I.P! BOOHOO! CRY ME A RIVER!

Sixth and Seventh lesson of the DAY! HIS STORY!!!!!!!!
Mr Lim gave the class some history questions. We did it and i'm supposed to do question 8. Did not know how to do. Lucky, Mr Lim gave me some hints. Thanks man!

Eighth and Ninth lesson of the DAY! SEX! (Actually, it's sexuality education.. =x)
Everyone's most fave-d period. SEX! Anyway, we're not talking about sex today. The speaker today touched on BGR. We're like suppose to fill up a form and pass it up at the end of the period. There was one part where we must close our eyes and see someone? Some people were like, "Omg, i see people f__king each other up!" , "WAH, ORAL SIA!". I, myself, did see a girl.. She was smiling eh.. Did not catch the face.. Oh well, how could i even believe this kinda stuff.

After school, went home straight away because there will air con service coming to my house to fix my air con. It's always dripping water, no idea why.

Anyway, that's it for today!

Have a good night's rest and seeya tomorrow!

March 20, 2007

Usual stuff eh. Waking up, taking buses to school..

Then after assembly, got three periods of D&T! Great man! During D&T, the boys are looking at the girls who are playing netball as PE. I presume that they are from 3C. Too much eye candy will spoil your eyes!

Then it was Maths. I can't believe that we actually spent two periods doing only 4 QUESTIONS! Haha, one of the weirdest Maths yeah.

Recess. It started raining and i went "WOOHOO!". Stayed in class and used Danilo's laptop which he brought to school. Soon after, Bengshiang plucked his mp3 to the speakers and blasted them. Chinese songs fanatic, haha!

English was next. Mr Chan didn't look too happy, or maybe that's just his face. The article which Mr Chan gave the class last week, i kinda hate it. The article is totally biased. If it were true, that's even worse.

Chinese was next. Slept all the way.

Then got assembly. Boring shit, everything is all about the school.



March 19, 2007

Oh man, i missed blogging about school days.

Just to start it off.
Today seems pretty rush for me. Woke up very early, like 4.30am. Don't know why but i just pack up my bag and ate my breakfast early. Do you know that your body also reacts like a clock? When you are sleeping, there are parts of your body where you do not feel comfortable with, as a result, you sleep late. Haha, i got it twice already.

Took two buses, the usual 131 and 139. Saw friends from other school, i know them but they do not know me. Guess that i have changed a lot in my physical appearance. The buses were pretty empty, kinda eerie i would say. 139 had only me and one female student in it. Don't get the wrong idea!

Reached school super early too! Around 6.30am. Kinda surprised when i saw Win Zaw arrived even earlier then me.. I guess i'm not the early bird anymore! Then more people came, and then chit chat till assembly starts. Assembly blah blah blah.

First 2 periods were Chinese, meaning my slack periods! I did my Maths, as usual last minute. I always slack during holidays. Gave up halfway and slept for awhile.

Physics was next. Ms Leng's VAIO laptop still cannot work on the teacher's console. Have to bear minimum and use the visualizer to see the laptop.. LOL.

Maths was next. Doomsday for many ya! It WAS doomsday for me. Luckily, he never scream at me. He kinda blew it off when a few people never passed up the Maths 2. It's like, he suddenly screams and my heart jumped out! I got 2 shocks already. Feeling kinda weak now.

Social Studies. Viewed the PowerPoint file with Danilo and the others. It was nice and neat. Not wordy and stuff. Fully summarized. By the way, Danilo did all the stuffs. His group, including me, should thank him for the things he had done. We were like leeching "EXP" from him LOL.

Recess. Me and Edwin were captains for basketball. My team owned him! Wahaha! I feel extra heavy now because of the lack of sleep. Feeling dizzy while running about. But we still managed to pull through! Thanks Hock Zheng and the others in my team!

English was next. Mr Chan teaches very slow and talks freaking soft. He has a kind heart, which is obvious since he does not shout at the class even though no one's listening. Just hope to learn more from him ya!

Reading period aka FREE PERIOD was next. Today was the last day to have the reading periods and then next week, the reading periods will be changed. And ya, reading period as the first period really sucks.

Had to see Mr Kung because i did not understand the questions provided by him. Weeleng was with me too. Had to tutor him on General Formula and freaking hell he learns FAST.

Went home and sleep. Tired.

That's all for today. Seeya guys tomorrow!

March 18, 2007

Finally, i can blog again! I didn't blog because i got some family matters over the past 5 days right after Jobweek. I guess this blogskin rocked my ass off!

Just to start it off, it's already midnight.. For the past few days, i been doing nothing but just using the computer all day long. There's really nothing to do, no mood to do homework and stuff. To add on, there's that freaked up family argument which boils me up. Do not want elaborate further. Just wanna spend my holidays in peace!

Well, didn't went out with friends at all. So bored, used to have class outings with a small group of friends to catch a movie or anything. Now? Nothing.. Damn, i missed those days where we went bowling, watch movies, play arcades and etc. Guess that people changes, tremendously or slightly. I didn't like playing the computer games at home, it's like i'm forced to stay at home and get addicted to it. I'm trying to make myself scram from the gaming and relax outside.. It's over already, the holidays are over.. *sigh*

My report slip got signed already. Luckily, i only failed my Science. When i say i failed Science, i do mean Chemistry AND Physics. Dammit, i need more practices on it. At least i doing much better now, unlike last year where i only get like 2 subject passes.. Mid-Year is coming soon, better buck up.

Stepping Up Ceremony (SUC) is coming this 14th April. It's a ceremony where the Scout Patrol Leaders get promoted AKA step up to a Venture. The thing is, i do not feel confident about becoming one. Maybe because Chee Weijie didn't get promoted when he is in Sec 3? FYI, he's a retained pupil, just like me, and currently he's in Sec 4. I do not know whether it's the age, the rank or the education level which allows you to get promoted. Hopefully, i will get promoted. Mr Kung kept on scaring me that i'll become a SPL. Alamak, if i become SPL, the DSG unit will definitely close down. Maybe because of the fact that i'm not fierce enough. I do not have that kind of ghastly face like what the Army does. Well, crossing my fingers till the SUC!

*For FlyFF-ers*
One final thing, i need you guys to choose a job in Flyff for me =P Haha, i know this sounds awkward. But i will label the pros and cons for each job!
2nd Jobs:
1)Knight - Two-handed sword, with support skills. Low accuracy!
2)Blade - Dual Sword wielder, with offensive skills. Low accuracy!
3)Psykeeper - Uses dark magic like Satan, Crucio. Freezes enemy and attack. Pretty cheap eh?
4)Elementor - Uses all kinds of elemental magic and lotsa AOEs. Probably the highest dealt damage 1v1.
5) Ranger - Uses elemental bow skills, damaging job. Mediocre accuracy.
6) Jester - Uses a Yoyo, some spiked gloves. Highest critical rate and speed. Fastest class.
7) Billposter - Uses supports skills from the 1st job and lotsa punching skills in the 2nd job.
8) Ringmaster - Uses advanced support skills. Considered the Priests of Flyff!

Vote for the job that i should create! I'm doing this because i do not have anymore ideas on which job to make. Need your help, peeps!

Anyway, school's starting today! It's past midnight already.
Goodnight and have a good rest!

March 14, 2007

Just changed my blogskin.
Tag me with any problem you encounter in this blog!

Just level-ed my Flyff character to Lvl. 40! Yeah, i'm kinda happy despite being a first-timer in this game. All my cousins are Lvl. 50+ already and hopefully i could catch up with their level.

Kinda bored today. It seems like it's gonna rain sooner or later.. Oh well..

It's Wednesday already, how time flies so quickly.. Just wanna go out with anyone to catch a movie, play LAN or whatever. I just wanna enjoy this 1 week holiday before it ends! Anyone please, just SMS me at 93612279. Thanks!

I remember the vow the class made to Mr Mui. The class said "YES" when Mr Mui asked the class whether they could change for the better in the upcoming term.. Well, maybe we are all just trying to enjoy life to the fullest.

I think i should sleep eh!
Thinking too much already!


March 13, 2007

Reply of tags~
kim: GREAT!

justin: I only earned like $200 plus only. LOL!

jiemin: Dang, should have asked for your address! LMAO.

a guy: oh well, he's the self-proclaimed TAGGING KING! so yah, you got your answer!

zhengyee: thanks for the encouragement! anyway, i did not perform my job very well though, later you can see my summary of my jobweek days!

jiemin (LOL, again, twice!): lazy go ask. ya lor, that Pari anyhow mark attendance. you suay lor!

Yeah, i'm back from my jobweek camp! Unfortunately, i earned very little. It's about $200+ while the others got over $700+! Anyway, just to summarize my days in the camp!

Day 1:
  1. Earned about $40+.
  2. Got manhandled by a dog which is almost about my size!
  3. Two scratches on my left leg done by the dog.
  4. My patrol member lost a card. Gotta report it to the police..
  5. Ate apple pie for supper.
  6. Watched Howl's Moving Castle for the movie screening! It rocks!
  7. Total earnings for the day is about $8000+
  8. Got a purple carabiner as a lucky draw prize!

Day 2:

  1. Earned about $100+
  2. Today was my highest earnings so far.
  3. Went to comb almost the whole of green MRT line.
  4. I get $30 by just wiping the kitchen floor with a damp cloth.
  5. My patrol member got lost for two hours.
  6. My scout leader reprimanded me!
  7. Ate BBQ food at school for dinner!
  8. Ate cocktail for supper!
  9. Watched Howl's Moving Castle which was continued from yesterday!
  10. Total earnings for the day is about $8000+ also.

Day 3:

  1. Finally the last day of jobweek!
  2. Sucks though, only earned $40+.
  3. Went to the terrace houses at Pasir Ris and none opened.
  4. Trying to force my patrol member to earn money.
  5. No confidence in earning money already!
  6. Went back home and played CS!
  7. Ate ice cream for supper!
  8. Cookies & Cream! My fave ice cream flavour!
  9. Watched finished Howl's Moving Castle.
  10. Then watched Final Fantasy Advent Children!
  11. Total earnings for the day is about $5000+
  12. Although we never meet our target, we beat last year's record!
  13. Went to sleep very early.

Day 4:

  1. Home Sweet Home! Err, not so fast!
  2. Arranged tables in the classroom!
  3. Ate breakfast.
  4. The whole unit did 60 push ups as punishment for littering.
  5. Last de-briefing by Mr Kung.

That's about it! Slept all the way till 6pm. Tired.

The holidays are damn boring lah. Movies? Arcade? Outing? Anyone?

Oh well..

Gotta go already. Seeya all!

March 9, 2007

Awww man, today's the last day of school.
But the last day of school is kind of the worst.

Mr Mui came to our school and lectured the class. He also mentioned that the class should start afresh when term 2 begins. I wonder if the class would really change for the better.

Mr Edwin Lim seems moodless today. Maybe because of 3D? Ran 3 rounds around the arena and played basketball. Teamed up with Zhao Hong, Arthur and Calvin. I think we won yeah, not really concerned on the score. Just wanna have fun!

Another bad thing happened. Peng Zhen lost his handphone. The class now is definitely not safe already. The class key got lost. Then our bags got checked just before recess. The guys kept on complaining that they are hungry. Mr Edwin Lim screamed. It's the first time he screamed in my opinion. Why can't you guys give him an easier life since he is leaving the school in May? Ah fuck, i'll save my words.

Cleaned up the class with Danilo. Just want to make it look nicer after i leave for D&T. My heart broke when i saw a plastic bag which just lay on the floor not long ago. Argh, i don't want to clean the class already. Make it into a rubbish dump, i simply won't care anymore.

D&T was next. I was glad to see Peng Zhen looking calm. I hope that he will find his handphone back. The D&T was exceptionally quiet, but of course, a lot of things happened beforehand.

I got this from Mr Lim. (Click on the picture)
Free Image Hosting at

The result slip was a bit weird. It did not record my marks for Maths. o.O
When did i get 2 merit points?

Tomorrow is my Jobweek camp. Not gonna blog for 3 days.

See you all later!
Good day!

March 8, 2007

Went to school very early. For no reason.

Haha, Charles had to recite the pledge this morning. He looks calm though, i was expecting some shaking here and there. Muahaha, Alger is gonna recite the pledge tomorrow! PRESSURE HIM!

First period was Maths. Mr Kung gave the class the holiday homework. Quite little though, but maybe they are hard questions!

Then next was P.E, ran 2.4m today. But today we only ran 4 rounds, which is only about 1.8m. I'm kinda slow in my timing, need to slim down and exercise more if i want to achieve my Silver NAPFA award.

Next was English! The class got back their English comprehension test. AND I GOT A 7/25 FOR THE COMPREHENSION!

*bangs head on the wall and drop dead*

OMG LAH, this is like the second time i failed an English test already. What is this, some kind of swoop over? I been failing my Maths test like mad last year and passing almost all my English test. Now, i failed two tests in a row and passed 2 Maths test in a row.

Chinese was next. Yay! The teacher brought in her laptop, which means i can slack on the teacher's console. But the freaking problem was that, there was no internet connection! The cable got busted! Zzz, the class had to go over to 3E to watch some Chinese thingy.

English again. Almost finished the corrections for the English test. After that, took two class photos with Mr Tan. On behalf of the class, i'll wish you all the best ahead in life!

Recess eh. Running.

Chemistry was next. Did a class test and it was an open book test! I was a bit lost in the questions and got screwed while sourcing for information. Well, i hope that i'll pass since i failed the previous test.

Social Studies was next. The worse lesson of them all yeah. The guys were like throwing paper balls at each other. Some threw piles of paper balls to the fan and it will spread to the others. It was like some paper war or something. It was certainly crazy. Suddenly, BengShiang took a chair and glared at Jasper for-god-knows-what. I did not know what happened between them. BengShiang then threw the chair at him but missed and it shattered two window panels. Yeah, my particles flew to my hair and luckily, not my eye. Oh well, the class is experiencing a catastrophe!

After school, went to Suntec City, along with Mr Kung and Garrick to purchase the Jobweek prizes. Bought a lot of camping equipment and some carabiners. The prizes looked great and i think that all the guys out there would wanna chiong their Jobweek to get them!

I can feel that 3D is experiencing a lot of problems. Like people not coming to school often, skipping lessons, paper wars, etc. I can really feel that 3D is a lot similar to my previous class, 3B. Well, all i can do now is to wish the class all the best in the future. Hopefully, we would start anew and study hard.

That's all folks! Goodnight everybody!

March 7, 2007

Reply of tags. Tagboard too crowded LOL!

fabregas aka cheechong: wah, i so old already then got this weakness SIA..

shunhui: nvm, 38 days left.

jiemin: ya lor, my first tremor experience was damn scary la.. almost cried..

gary: yeah, hopefully i would get rid of this weakness..

zhengyee: linked you!

jiemin (again lols): lol, you say until like my head is made of memory sticks!

Okay, enough of that.

Back to today!
During assembly, me and Danilo talked a lot, lucky never got caught by a teacher. Zhixun was making fun of a person named "Chua Chu Neo" which i didn't know who at first. Heard from Mun Tat that it was someone's grandmother. Wow, all like to call parent's name eh?

D&T was next. Create my mould template but it kinda failed. This year's D&T topic is on Electronics, different from last year.. Oh well, this ain't important, right?

Maths! Mr Kung seems to be in a good mood today, although he has that face almost the whole day.. Learnt the third "weapon" to kill that "quadratic equation" monster totally! Well, i kinda got owned by the "quadratic equation" monster BECAUSE i still don't get it.. Need more practice!

Recess was next, didn't want to run. My pants was loose and drops easily if it goes up and down. Ran one round and saw Mr Low, my former Form Coach last year. Yeah, chat with him and ask how was the class. Then i suddenly brought up one topic; "How was the class' POA result eh?" He gave that expression and i kinda know what's the answer already.. Went back to class early and blasted music to my ears.

History was next. Mr Edwin Lim brought along a guitar to the class. It looks nice although the guitar is still inside the box. Copied some history examination format from Mr Lim. Actually, i still remember the lessons last year. I was taught by one of my favorite history teachers, Mr Gary Lam. Too bad he left the school for-god-knows-what. Too bad, i failed almost all my history tests..

After History, Mr Lim asked the class to choose songs for the CIP.. A lot of people came up with nice songs, really nice ones. I was chosen along with Shan Yang, Kaijie and Mun Tat to sing "Collide", a super nice song!

Went home super early to change and go to my mother's shop. She was short handed and yeah, came to her rescue.

When some "reinforcements" came, i go for my rest and walked around Parkway Parade. Saw nice camping bags, water bottles and went to E-Zone to spend my $5.

Went home pretty tired..

Well, that's all. Goodnight all!

March 6, 2007

The reason for the small tremors we encountered this morning.

Well, it's not my first time already. I felt my first tremor in Primary 6 while i was in Malaysia visiting my mother's relatives. I stayed in a hotel which was near the connection road to Singapore. Around 1am in the morning, my bed started to move left and right. Very scary. Then me and my mother went down, to be surprised that many people were down too!

Well, nothing to talk about today. Just a typical school day.

Went home and then it rained. Aww man, the bus was crowded too!

Then suddenly a school girl stood closely next to me, when i was reaching my destination already, i started to sweat.. Why do i always have this nervousness when standing next to girl, talking to a girl or whatever. That's kinda the reason why i don't really hang out with girls like what other people do.. Oh well, maybe i'm born like this..

Just to end it off, i'm feeling okay since yesterday's incident eh.. Don't worry..

Goodnight all!

March 5, 2007

About Scouts.

Everything is screwed. My Yahoo Mail is lagging like fuck. I cannot handle my patrol. Consent forms could not be returned punctually.. Attendance list must update by tomorrow PLC when i just received the file at 9pm. I'm the OIC for jobweek, the prizes are not bought yet. PLC are mostly individuals, we do not work together. One PL does something wrong, all go disturb that PL already. Don't want help as a group, as a PLC, cannot think of solutions. Expect that PL to think everything. In the end, the PL laments on his own. Got what USE?

Ah fuck me already..
Why am i saying this..
Since i write so much already, might as post it..
Let everyone feel my wrath.
Please flame me or concern me..
I just need a MIRACLE!
Don't know why today, my face is like dull.. Didn't feel like coming school actually..

First period was Mother Tongue. Felt like sleeping but didn't in the end.. What was this feeling i having right now.

Then next was Physics. The new Physics teacher came and her name was Ms Leng. Then she ask me setup the computer to the console, my eyes opened. She owns a VAIO and the carbon fibre texture on the computer was totally cool! But too bad, it doesn't really support the console.

Then Maths. Mr Kung gave us back all the test papers from last week. I got a 15/30, nothing to be proud of, even Danial agrees. I also heard that there are only 5 passes and the rest failed. I just hope that the class will progress well for the Mid-year Exams.

Social Studies, needless to say. JUST SLACKKKKK.

Recess; played basketball. I noticed that one of the basketball board's ring got detached! Wow, i wonder who slam-dunk-eddd that!

English. Awww man, Mr Tan ain't teaching anymore i guess. Mr Chan took over us. In a few days, Mr Chan got a few nicknames. Like, The ROCK! LOL! Speechless man, imagine him as the rock, and he will give ya a ROCK BOTTOM and end off with PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Haha, watched too much WWE..

Ah fuck the reading periods, boring as hell.. I would definitely appeal for extra Maths or English lessons. Since the class doesn't want extra lessons, i might as well "mai cha!".

Went for tuition later on. Revised on my Quadratic Eqs and my Manipulations.

Went home with a dull face, looking like someone who had murdered some hobo..

Maybe i need more sleep..

However, i feel that most of my friends are drifting away from me.. It's like they don't even give me a SMILE.. I said "hello" and it's like they treat me as a stranger.. Maybe i retained, but i'm still JOHN.. JOHN never changes, the same old fat ass who retained cos he got like 2 subject passes.. Please la, if you think that way, you don't even deserve to be my friend. If you look at my qualifications instead of my character, oh well.. Maybe this is the retained side effect ehh? Maybe..

Maybe i'm just thinking too much, just punch me yeah?

Thank you..

March 3, 2007

Boring day..

Went for Scouts early in the morning like 7am.. Used to it already.. Wake up and muscle aches everywhere, maybe even "there".. Feeling so cold and hands trembling slightly. Took my uniform and chiong-ed to school..

I do not wish to elaborate any further.. The Scout meeting is waaaaaay too long, hard to explain. And of course, i failed my summary skills..

Came home after the meeting with a present, a knee cramp. Thanks alot!

To make my day more boring, i sleep for 5 hours straight.

Woke up and played Flyff. Finally leveled to 28.. Tomorrow, i can smell 30..

I want to settle this fast. I want this message to spread throughout my past classmates in Sec 1 and 2. I do not like the girl already. Please stop fucking me up with this history. You want to fuck me up, fine. I'll just fuck you double the times harder. And one more thing, please do not associate me with any girl, like "wah! this girl sitting next to you, you like ah?". I'll would love to give you a face make-up.

Next week is the last week of the term already. Feeling kinda bored again since the first day of the holiday is my Scout Jobweek.. Go people house do housework and earn money.. There was a time when i was Sec 1 and i was solo, i went to a condominium and washed a car for one of my customers. Guess what, i got $2 from him. Fucking cheapskate.

If anyone of you all want me to work for you for awhile, please inform me which i think you wouldn't. LOL!

Oh ya, pardon me for those vulgarities. Just fucking pissed. Oops, i said it again!

Goodnight guys..

March 2, 2007

It's damn freezing cold in the morning!

Coughed like mad again. Got a little drenched from outside school. People will think that i'm bit crazy.. Maybe because i cannot control the impact of my cough and thus, the very loud cough!

Today's Chemistry was kinda fun! Separating sand and sodium chloride a.k.a table salt. Kinda fun when you do with Asha, he jokes a lot ehh!

P.E was next. Actually want to play on my own, but Mr Lim chose me to be in his team. Well, i have no right to reject ehh? My team was Mr Lim himself, Me, Shanyang and Jiemin, the other was Zhao Hong, Calvin, Kenneth and Hock Zheng. Hock Zheng's layout is kinda gay yeah, always tio in the basket one.. I feel lousy. Used to score a lot of 3-pointers last year but this year, always air-ball.. Bored..

English was next. English test today also.. Bored x 2.. Don't know why the comprehension tests are all about Egyptian Myths and Legends.. Maybe Mr Tan loves Egyptian history? Overall, the passage is easy to understand but the questions are hard.. I doubt i'll even pass..

Recess, didn't feel like playing basketball already.. Kinda pissed, the guys from 3A keep on snatching the balls away from others.. Feel like shouting at them.. Zzz..

D&T was next, finally finished my former! Did vacuum forming and it was a success! Oh well, that's only one step higher..

After school, went to build the flagstaff for Saturday for the Scout Meeting.. Did it for like 8 hours and it's only half completed.. Oh well, tomorrow had to be the day to complete everything or else Hong Liang a.k.a Mr Chan will scream at the PLC.. Noo, i don't want that!

I want go sleep early.. Later tomorrow encounter problems, don't want to be blur..

Seeya all!

March 1, 2007

What an awkward day..

It started off when i just reached school. Only to see that classrooms 3A to 3E are not locked. And 3D's classroom got busted up real bad. Papers were all over, tables overturned, paint on the cupboard and litters everywhere! Then Jasper saw a piece of paper, which showed Donny's handwriting. Then i know, yesterday, 4B had oral in our classroom. I was like, disgusted by the messy classroom. So i clean up the place a bit. Please don't do this again, Donny..

Yeah, it was raining profusely today. It was so damn cold, even my lard armor can be penetrated. Had Maths as first lesson, the completing the square method is still so confusing! ARGH!

P.E was next, obviously there is no P.E. It rained, and rained, and rained. Must be the raining season already.. Did Maths all the way, well at least i wouldn't have to do the homework at home!

Then came English, Mr Tan seems enthusiastic today. Imitating the way people talk eh.. "Walao eh.. Bodoh siyal.." LMAOROFL-ed at the way he talked, haha..

Recess, never ran today. Still having flu yeah, don't wanna worsen it..

Today's Chemistry was sooo slack. 1st period, Ms Mah made us do some worksheet. 2nd period, Ms Mah bring us to Chemistry Lab and did some paperwork. Zzz, make me take the evaporating dish and a piece of rough paper for nothing..

Social Studies.. Sigh, really no hope already. The guys were like throwing empty bottles and some with a few drops left. I kinda hate the sound of plastic bottles being thrown and hitting on the ground. I was at my limit already, then when the lesson was almost ending, someone threw a bottle, with some drops left, to my side. The drops wet my shoulder and my spectacles. Yeah, i kinda threw back the bottle back to them. Furious already.

After school, suddenly coughed like mad.. I guess my flu ain't recovering that soon. Since the rain making it worse, what can i do?

Went and home took some panadol.. Feeling ok yeah..

Well, that's all for today..

Bye guys and goodnight!