March 7, 2007

Reply of tags. Tagboard too crowded LOL!

fabregas aka cheechong: wah, i so old already then got this weakness SIA..

shunhui: nvm, 38 days left.

jiemin: ya lor, my first tremor experience was damn scary la.. almost cried..

gary: yeah, hopefully i would get rid of this weakness..

zhengyee: linked you!

jiemin (again lols): lol, you say until like my head is made of memory sticks!

Okay, enough of that.

Back to today!
During assembly, me and Danilo talked a lot, lucky never got caught by a teacher. Zhixun was making fun of a person named "Chua Chu Neo" which i didn't know who at first. Heard from Mun Tat that it was someone's grandmother. Wow, all like to call parent's name eh?

D&T was next. Create my mould template but it kinda failed. This year's D&T topic is on Electronics, different from last year.. Oh well, this ain't important, right?

Maths! Mr Kung seems to be in a good mood today, although he has that face almost the whole day.. Learnt the third "weapon" to kill that "quadratic equation" monster totally! Well, i kinda got owned by the "quadratic equation" monster BECAUSE i still don't get it.. Need more practice!

Recess was next, didn't want to run. My pants was loose and drops easily if it goes up and down. Ran one round and saw Mr Low, my former Form Coach last year. Yeah, chat with him and ask how was the class. Then i suddenly brought up one topic; "How was the class' POA result eh?" He gave that expression and i kinda know what's the answer already.. Went back to class early and blasted music to my ears.

History was next. Mr Edwin Lim brought along a guitar to the class. It looks nice although the guitar is still inside the box. Copied some history examination format from Mr Lim. Actually, i still remember the lessons last year. I was taught by one of my favorite history teachers, Mr Gary Lam. Too bad he left the school for-god-knows-what. Too bad, i failed almost all my history tests..

After History, Mr Lim asked the class to choose songs for the CIP.. A lot of people came up with nice songs, really nice ones. I was chosen along with Shan Yang, Kaijie and Mun Tat to sing "Collide", a super nice song!

Went home super early to change and go to my mother's shop. She was short handed and yeah, came to her rescue.

When some "reinforcements" came, i go for my rest and walked around Parkway Parade. Saw nice camping bags, water bottles and went to E-Zone to spend my $5.

Went home pretty tired..

Well, that's all. Goodnight all!

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